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Looks like another good one.

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@g_man: Lmao..I think the bathroom conversations are gonna be a ongoing thing. That was pretty awkward to talk about how Mat uses the bathroom, lol. Nice to hear about Max Steel, I haven't watched the cartoon yet. But I am sort of interested to what is like, so I might check it out soon and I barely even remember the original. It was great to hear about Generator Rex too. Because I loved that cartoon series, it's sad it got cancelled in the 3rd season. But I hope it can expand to comics again. I didn't Tom did videos for AnimeVice. I gotta get the habit of visiting that site often. I keep forgetting it exist. I really enjoyed the videos from that site from time to time. Good podcast by the way, Tony. I really enjoyed the conversations about Guardians of the Galaxy and I hope you release that Spectacular Spoilers video soon. Tom seems to be a really awesome guy. I think I might try to see him at the con. He seems so laid-back just like me.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did have a character from the comics and the movies. The 2nd episode had Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

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Anime Vice in da HOUSE!

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@g_man I'm surprised none of you guys haven't mentioned the Vision getting cast in Avengers 2 get.

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Great Podcast! Thanks!

People need to remember how expensive comics are and maybe others don't want to wait a month to get bits of a story and have to wait a year or maybe years to complete it. The stories also might have a lot of history behind them, and if makes you feel like you're missing out when you see the note saying "See issue-whatever-for.....". Books also much more convenient to put on a shelf and look pretty classy.

I would actually pay less for comics, to get them in black and white, and on cheaper paper, to save money, because all I really care about is the story. I don't like paying for these issues that take 5 minutes to read because of decompressed story telling. There's so many issues I don't care to see a dialogue-less panel! Unless it's free, I'll be happy to take it!

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Rat-n-Roll baby!!

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@g_man Thanks for answering my question. I think you should give Astro City another shot. There are a couple of one issue or two issue stories in the current Vertigo series that don't require knowledge of the Astro City universe to be enjoyed like the one about the old lady who tried to use her powers to fight crime but wasn't cut out for it so she used them in Hollywood for stunts/special effects.

Listened to the podcast on my way too and from work. Probably going to download and start listening to the very first episodes of the weekly podcast soon. Yeah for cutting edge newsa nd commentary from 2009!

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Gamera > Godzilla's flying turtle neighbor

Gomorrah > Biblical city of sin

Gamora > "Most dangerous" woman in the 616


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@baneofdemon22: yup that's why I think 3.99 is to much for a comic 9.99 gets you Netflix for a month it's not exactly good value per dollar ratio the trades are better 10 to 15 for an actual paperback book is pretty good value.

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@g_man: how do I spell it? sameria flimiko? samerai flimigo?