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Posted by KEROGA

Love Todd Nauck's art!!

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You're Welcome Todd!

Wow that was a weird ending to the podcast. There was no music at the end. Anyways, this was an awesome podcast! Todd seems like a nice guy, I have not met him yet. But if I don't move maybe I will still see him in NYCC and maybe commission some Transformers art. I really had no idea he was such a big of Transformers. I'm a big fan of them too, so maybe there will be interesting conversations if I ever meet him.

@G-Man: I really appreciate you shorting my question, because I'm pretty terrible at doing that. So, I really glad you did that and don't hesitate or feel free to do that from time to time. Also, you were right about the Captain America movie, Cap was dead in the comics during that time. So, I don't think deaths really affect anything in terms of comic books and movies. I don't think Superior Spider-Man will stuck for long ever after Peter is back because Otto is very rash with his ways handling crime and he is sometimes worst than Punisher. So, I can't see heroes letting that rock, knowing that he's Doc Ock.

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Looks like I'm gonna be broke this April. :o

Posted by ZbvmX

This new Nightcrawler book might just be my 1st X-Men-related book :D

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Can i get a head shot of the headless horse man?

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Listening at work so I might have missed it, but did Todd confirm if he will be continuing on Invincible Universe? Or does he have to drop that job to do Nightcrawler?

Posted by YoungDoctor

The producers of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures had DC put back Lois & Clark's wedding in the comic (and Superman was killed) so it coincided with the TV shows wedding!!!

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Hey G-man, you mentioned the fan expo in Ontario ever thought of checking out Vancouver? This year is only the second expo we've had but last years was awesome! Tell Todd Nauck to come too!

Posted by mak13131313

Todd Nauck is awesome!

Posted by wundagoreborn

Listening to this, I was amazed by how tireless Nauck seems to be. Draw and ink all day to make deadlines, then travel to cons and draw and color for maybe an even longer day, then to kick back and relax ... draw some more. That's passion for your work. Rock on, Todd.

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im new to this, so how do i change my profile pic, and background.