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Posted by rob1157

Ok, looks like a good one.

Posted by Bigwalt

Alright, Alright, Alright

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Normcast! I wish he was around for more CV content, he's the best.

Posted by arkay74

Can't wait for the Note 12.1! Reading comics is gonna be a little more fun.

Posted by Dirk_Dexter

Normcast :-)

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

Arrow does fan service right, you should catch up @g_man. Its definitely worth your time.

Posted by SynCig

This might have been my favorite episode of this podcast. Love the candid conversation about everything. Especially the Star Wars talk.

Posted by Mars8254

Wish i can afford a tablet. I don't mind reading comics on my phone and i don't mind digital comics. I prefer print, but if a certain issue isn't available at my comic store i won't hesitate to get it digitally.

Posted by Ashr

I agree with Norm, paper stock makes a world of difference. The paper Image uses in titles like Velvet and Ghosted is a higher quality and are therefore less susceptible to fluting and smudging. I also prefer matte finish versus glossy which reduces glare from lamps when reading at night.

Posted by timelord

I buy the trades and get individual issues on my ipad I don't have to worry about storing them that way. DC's hard covers look great on a shelf.

Posted by csl316

Alright, Chan!

Posted by Hassun

Ray Stevenson WAS the best Punisher. I mean the film was bad but Stevenson was PERFECT as Frank Castle. Much better than Thomas Jane.