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Screw you allstarsuperman!

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@mucklefluga: delete that post before Gman bans you for spamming

Posted by dreamfall31

Mucho skype lag!

Posted by lifeofvibe

Yo g-man will you be reviewing this book?

Posted by jstarzyk

@g_man: Thanks for answering my question (and pronouncing my name correctly)!

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What are all those deleted message's that always show up on the podcast?

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@lifeofvibe: Spam posts. They get deleted asap. Not sure why the spammers continue.

Posted by lifeofvibe

@g_man: geez there very persistent...

Posted by cameron83

@g_man A bit off-topic,but When is the next time you'll have Scott Lobdell on?

I kinda want to know more about the future of the Titans....

Posted by orangelantern93

Yo Gman can larfleeze get a shoutout? it's honestly my favorite dc title besides whats going on in forever evil. thanks enjoy the podcast!!