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whoopy kyiya yae! Podcast time!

Oh god look out!!!! Its joygirl!!!!

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@g_man: They are such a cute couple on this podcast! I'm so glad they were able to be on the podcast. I love Jimmy Palmiotti as a writer and I always had a pleasure reading his books. He's doing a phenomenal job on both All-Star Western and Batwing. There's really nothing wrong on what he is doing in those books. The things that disappoints me the most is that we live in a character bias society where people only want to buy comic books that have A-list characters. They need to look at the writers instead of the characters. There's so much books with obscure characters with great stories that are much better than some A-listers even. So people need to give them a chance!! It breaks my heart when these series end. People need to start caring about the stories and not the characters that these comic book companies give. I love Amanda Conner's art especially in Painkiller Jane and Daredevil: Dark Knights. I'm looking forward on to what they do with Harley Quinn.

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Really good show you sold me on Harley Quinn going to have to check it out now. Tony you should try and get duos on more often makes for a really fun show.

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One of the best podcasts in recent memory. Got a kick outta Harley Quinn #0. It was a lot of fun, especially if your someone who stays in loop as far as creators go. Been a fan of Amanda's since the Pro. I still have the oversized hardcover in my collection.

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I liked the pair of them. I definitely plan on giving Harley Quinn a read because the 0 issue was fun and if it keeps that way it will be the one Fun book DC has.

Also definitely bring in more creative teams for this podcast. The additional banter and input made it a fun one to listen to.

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Man he's passion towards his books really gets me ;~; now i really want to read All-Star Western!!

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@kantrip: Larfleeze is also a comedy book, and i think green team is as well, but idk didn't read that one.

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Love this. Man... Got a vibe that Jimmy's really hard of himself. He must really be churning out great stuff. Gonna get back with All-Star Western. I really liked #1, so I'm gonna collect it in trades instead. The art was just great from what I can remember.

Already love Harley Quinn but will see for the first arc but #0 got me hooked even if the tone if is gonna be different.

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These two seem like a bunch of fun! I'm considering picking up Batwing and/or All-Star Western now!

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Westerns interests me, that's why I used to read Hex and All-Star, now it's not a western it no-longer interests me.