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is this also Brian's 52nd episode?

@g_man i want Scott Snyder on it again

also why not have Francis and Brian in 1 episode

Posted by nappystr8

This is the best picture ever!

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

@g_man, did Francis draw you into a comic?

Posted by The_Vein

Tap tap tap tap tap

Posted by kilomac29
Posted by JohnnyJoker28

The tapping is driving me mad! =\

Posted by baneofdemon22

If Brian came back every week, I would not be disappointed! Thanks for another awesome episode! I kind of want to read Dr. Strange right now.

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

Comic hater's on the internet are just the vocal minority. It bother me too, but consider the ratio of upset commenters to people who bought the book and liked it. That ratio is far below 1.

Posted by SWagner017
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I saw Storm

Posted by timelord

As for starwars I though it was coming out in 2015 ? That's the future I want flying cars and hover boards like in back to the future. but I'll start geting pumped when we start seeing the trailers.

Posted by tupiaz

Who is the Brian Buccellato hater?

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@g_man Speaking of other comic book films Chris Evans was in he was also in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (along with Brandon Routh) .

Posted by jhazzroucher

Ororo Muneo aka Storm is awesome!

I saw Storm

That's the reason why I'm here. : )

Posted by Kelevra216

Podcast with Booch... hilarious as always. "Naysayer and poo-pooer"

Posted by RustyRoy

Booch is the best but seriously I want to know who hates Brian?