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Thanks for answering my question. I'm fairly willing to spend a good amount of money on some kind of comic organization system, especially if it was a good long term solution that does not involve cardboard boxes. I've seen videos of people using a legal size filing cabinet with a divider down each pullout shelf, i.e. each drawer had two adjacent rows of comics separated by a divider. It looks ok in some of the videos, eventually I'll grab an old one from work and see if I can make it work.

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Can't wait to listen to this after I get home from work. Finished reading chapter 7 of Beyond 2.0 a couple days back. This entire Rewire arc has felt like a classic episode ripped straight from the animated series and I can't get enough of it. The heavier involvement of Dick Grayson within the series adds another dimension to the storytelling which we lacked from previous writers and the city itself is beginning to seem more like the Neo-Gotham I remembered from the show.

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@g_man: Do you know how many of the regular episodes you have done?

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@g_man: @inferiorego: I seriously think going full-on digital was one of the best choices of my life. I really don't understand the fear of it. It's easier to read especially the guided view which I love, easier to buy because you don't have to waste your time going to the comic book store and find out the issue is sold out, you just go online and buy the book, boom it's there, cheaper deals on digital title sales, and less space piling up in your room. Ever since I went digital I have less space piling up in my room. I now only buy printed volumes, omnibus or TPB's and put them in my bookshelves. It's easier to just stack or organize in a bookshelf (They also feel like actual books to me) instead of a falling apart box which the downside of printed issues. You have to rely on putting on boxes which take up space, mind you my closet is filled with comic books in boxes. Thank God with my strategy, I was able to manage of keeping the single issues in that one closet only and never let it piled outside of it. Also, you can still have writers or artists sign your volumes, it's really no difference, I did it with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman books.

Tony I think you should listen to Mat. lol It's the best way to organize your books by alphabetical order with each box having a letter or just organize them by characters like for example have a box with just Spider-Man issues. Seriously, if I ever get to know you as a real friend and not just as an online friend, I would spend one day organizing your books if I ever go to California since my boyfriend has family there. It really isn't that hard if you focus one day or two on it.

I also agreed on the subject of delayed book. I rather have books delayed than released rush in with multiple writers and artists. Look at what happened to X-Men: Battle of the Atom 2, the art and writing on that book was ATROCIOUS. It was an absolute disaster on an event that started out good and ended up being really bad and the worst. So, for now if you can't get it done on time, delay it! I'm pretty sure real fans will still buy it. lol

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@iceslick: but half the fun is going to my LCS each week to grab my comics have a chat with the person behind the counter and checkout whats new on the shelve, granted if the store is sold out I take pride in the fact other people are buying the book and I get to support another store with my sales instead

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@g_man If it wasn't for digital I wouldn't be reading comics to day. I read them first on Comixolgy then if its a series I really love I will pick up the trade.

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@g_man: Why the new recording set ups? Did the recording booth get upgraded?

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@kantrip: This was recorded to make up for a technical glitch last week. It wasn't recorded in the normal studio. Everything should be back to normal moving forward. But it's good to know I have this back up option when needed.

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How did batman get harley quinns costume?

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Thanks for the answers,I really wish kyle would've been there for my questions......next time.

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I can hear it on safari browser however it works fine in iTunes.

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How did I not know that Kyle recorded this episode?

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@missj: Guess you don't know everything about Mr. Higgins, huh?

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@g_man said:

@missj: Guess you don't know everything about Mr. Higgins, huh?

This made me laugh a little to hard.

But love the podcast. and the friday one but miss having Jen, I think after the time she,mat and corey took over for one week she decided to not come back.

g-man have you considered talking to Jonathan Hickman?

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@thefirstlantern: Ha! I didn't decide not to come back on purpose -- I teach on Fridays when they record, and can't just ditch lecture to podcast :(