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or dan slott .. it was one of the funniest episode

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Ghosted is pretty awesome.

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@cyclopes_with_an_e: @scouts1998: I think the main reason they don't have those writers on the podcast because they're more busier than they were before. Scott Snyder and Dan Slott write two books now so that means less free time.

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I recently got caught up on Ghosted. On the surface there is a lot of familiar horror tropes but the overall mystery has kept my interest. Really curious about where this book goes after the initial arc. Joshua Williamson is a real talker with a lot of theories and opinions. That's the kinda stuff I comeback for every week. Good episode this week.

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Definitely gonna listen in to the "really really interesting"!

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I am definitely checkin out Josh's new "really, really interesting" book. It sounds "really, really interesting!" ;)

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I wish he would've talked more about Captain Midnight. Really love that book.

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I really enjoyed Prometheus and would welcome a sequel to further the storyline of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. Would it involve the predators? Hmm, that could be interesting. I'll definitely be on the lookout for the Aliens and Predators books planned by Dark Horse.

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@g_man While I didn't have any comments directly related to the Rose City Comic Con videos, I did want to say I really enjoy it when you guys make videos for the different conventions. I sadly don't get the opportunity to attend any but your video coverage lets me get a glimpse of what some of them are like and helps me feel like I'm apart of the fun.

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Wow gman! That podcast was amamzing! You and mr williamson make a great team. You two really put the fanboy in me into its place. I am really excited about Gotham Central after hearing you two talk abiut it. Cant wait to see commitioner Gordon's story.

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Great episode.