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Yes!! I like that these come up late (for me anyways on the east coast). I'm a night owl so it's good to have an awesome podcast playing. :)

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A fair and honest question to debate on the podcast! I'm ready!

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EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@g_man, You are so biased of yourself saying that your cameo appearance in Batman Lil' Gotham is the best issue. lol *rolls eyes*

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@iceslick: guess your sarcasm detector is on the fritz. Seems you've been kind of a downer lately with your comments. Cheer up, bro.

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@g_man: Nah, I'm not be sarcastic at all. I'm actually in a good mood today. I'm just being a joker (no pun intended). I'm joking kind of guy. So, I tend to joke around alot. Sorry if it was taken the wrong way. By the way, I saw your deviant art. It really isn't that bad. I like this one the best.

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I came to the website to see some of the news and one the things I see, Tony's li'l Gotham counterpart getting slashed on the side before revealing what the sketch challenge is. That's just mean.

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About picking a writer an artist and a character for 8 issues, how about Gaiman on Superman with an artist with more of a static art, like Williams III, Maleev, Ross etc? I think it would be awesome.

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Can't wait to find out why that Blade Of The Immortal image was used.

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Lil Gotham is a helluva lot of fun. I totally forgot about Nguyen doing Heart of Hush. I should dig those issues out for a reread.

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I Pre-Ordered the first Lil' Gotham trade back in July, very excited to get it. I bough the first issue me and the kids really liked it. Great guest, loved hearing about his process.

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OH YEAH! Dustin Nguyen! One of my favorite artists of all time (only second to Frank Quitely)!!! He is so underrated, its crazy! For me, he is the definitive Batman artist!

Man, sometimes I wish you would give us a heads up a week before the podcast, so we could send in specific question for the guest, @G-Man !

Anyway, I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but am looking forward to it! As much as I like lil Gotham, I really hope he will come back to a main Batbook soon! He belongs to the Bat!!!

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@shallbecomeabattoo: I'd like to but sometimes things fall apart literally at the last minute. If a creator can't make the show for whatever reason, I don't want it to make them look bad. I always put the emphasis on them getting their work done and taking care of those priorities first. Sometimes guests aren't confirmed until the day of. Etc.

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@g_man Hey G-Man. What comic shop did you go to in Seattle while you were there for PAX?

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@g_man I like that shop. I go to Golden Age Collectibles in the Market. Its hella busy at times but you can find some neat gems in there.

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@g_man: During the podcast, two different yet somewhat related questions were asked that got decidedly different responses. Should comic publishers ease new readers into title reboots? Should comic-based movie reboots feature an origin story? Different questions but similar issues. How do you entice new readers to subscribe to rebooted titles like Avengers or X-Men, rich in decades of canon, without alienating long-time readers who don't need or want an "origin" or rehash of events they already know. How do you generate moviegoer interest in a superhero to a new generation?

As a returning comic reader, the New 52 reboot of Batman and Detective Comics allowed an easy jumping-on point. The previous 10-15 years of canon hasn't been necessary to follow what's going on. On the other hand, try reading the Marvel Now reboot of Avengers that Hickman is writing. The slew of characters and reference to past plotlines seem more suited to a title with 500-700 issues versus one with 20.

Do I want to see another Batman origin story? No, the Nolan trilogy provides a solid foundation for any near-future films. Do I want "reboot" comics that enable new readers to easily follow what's going on? Yes, otherwise don't call it a reboot because it's simply renumbering.

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Oh YEEEESSSS!! Dustin is my all time favorite artist! I'll buy anything with his name on it!!

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I got around to listening to the whole podcast, and the manga crossing over with comics like Marvel sounds like a cool idea. My only problem is that some of the manga characters are too powerful. If anyone has read the current Naruto chapters, Naruto has become a really powerful character. Naruto has a powerful beast sealed inside him and he has learned to access the Nine-Tail Fox's (the beast he has inside him) power. Heck, some of the techinques the characters use are really deadly, like unleashing a black flame that can't be extinguish, using an illusion that will make a few seconds feel like days or years, unleashing a powerful energy shaped shuriken that can tear a person to shreds.

It's a cool idea, but it has to be the right combination. There is a website called screwattack.com, which is a video game website, has a thing called Death Battle. Death Battle puts two characters in a fight to the death. The characters they pin against each other usually have at least one thing in common and they see which character would win a fight. Example, they put Samus Aran from the Metroid series against Boba Fett to see who was the better bounty hunter. They have put comic book characters against each other like Wonder Woman vs. Rouge, Batman vs. Spider-Man. They even out comic book characters against video game characters and manga characters like Thor vs. Raiden from Mortal Kombat and Goku vs. Superman. I recommend checking them out their very interesting fights. I HIGHLY recommend Goku vs Superman, there is some controversy but it is an awesome fight between those two.

One match up I would like to see in the future L from Death Note go up against Batman to see who's smarter and who's the better Detective.

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Love Dustin Nguyen, there are very few artists who can be so versatile in their style. It was a nice surprise to see him on the show. And it's awesome that there was actually a picture of Tony drawn be Nguyen that could be used in the podcast art.

Also, it was nice to see Tony's original art. Who knew?