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For info on Sean's art apprenticeship, click HERE.

You can ask questions on the "Ask G-Man' thread or you can at reply me on Twitter:@GManFromHeck using #AskGMan.

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Yeah! Another Sean Murphy podcast!

His apprenticeship opportunity sounds awesome. Wish I was an art student.

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Nice, I loved the first one he did.

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Right on!

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@g_man Great Podcast. The Sean Murphy part was nice. When you and the guest start talking solicits I tend to stop listening (traits of a Trade Waiter). Just not as interested in that, I'm sure other people are. Liked hearing about his process in creating the statue. Keep them coming.

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IIRC It was Hope (with the Phoenix Force) and Wanda that worked together to lift the "No More Mutants" thing.

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@g_man RE: Wolverine and the X-Men
I don't think Amazing is replacing W&TX. November Solicits for Marvel show that W&TX has an Annual and new story arc starting that month as well as the first issue of AmzXM. I am not seeing an Astonishing X-Men issue that month so maybe it is replacing that until Astonishing gets Marvel Now'd.

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Stoked to see Sean Murphy's name listed, this is gonna be good.

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How do you get signed up for the apprenticeship!? This guy is literally my favorite artist on the planet i got the cash

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In the fishing section, it sounded like GMan was...floundering.


I totally agree with you about Legion. How he has his own book, I don't know. The covers are interesting, but the character peaked in the 90s.

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Thank you for making my commute more pleasant with these podcasts. I'm genuinely envious of the talent that dudes like Sean Murphy have. Keep up the great work always.

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Thanks for answering the Q, @g_man! The thought spun out from a podcast review of Batman & Red Hood #20 where instead of Batman taking Todd to his death site, they could just ask Zatanna and work some magic on him to reveal what that looked like.

Whether it be Zee or a Mind Reader/Telepath, I wondered if Jason would still somehow experience/recall the emotions and memories of his death and resurrection when they're sifting through his mind. Like Zatanna would be viewing Jason's life but somehow he's also strapped in for the ride. Like how in inception, the dreamer still feels and sees their dreams/memories even with an external audience.

To keep it short, I thought that having Zee wouldn't have helped...because Jason, not by his own will, would then still experience, subconsciously and emotionally, what he's been trying so hard to move on from

If there's somewhere else to post this, somebody help.

also, 1st post! awwwwyeah

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I wish I could afford the Apprenticeship... Probably could learn a lot from this man. He's on top of my list

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I LOVE the Director's Cuts, or the Rough Art pencil versions of all the comics. Its so awesome when they do that. I got the Fantastic Four one by Alan Davis, the the Jim Lee Superman Unchained, the Ivan Reis Justice League one, and I still need to get the rough art of Marvel's (can't remember now, I want to say Spider-Man) by Joe Madureira, and the Batman Zero Year by Greg Capullo. The rough art stuff is ALWAYS worth it and awesome.

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If I remember correctly, Amazing X-Men & Wolverine and the X-Men will go hand and hand. Amazing X-Men showing the staff members at the school having an X-Men adventure while Wolverine and the X-Men will be focused on the school. Don't think Wolverine and the X-Men is ending anytime soon, although I could be wrong. Will have to wait for January's solicits to see if it says otherwise.