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Bout time

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Metal heads for life !! !m/

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Wow this my favorite podcast Tony @g_man!!! I love the debate between you and Sterling Gates on Man of Steel. By the way, I agree I love Superwoman too. I actually loved Lucy Lane as Superwoman and I kind of wish they did something more with her. I kind of felt disappointed when I read that issue of her death. I just looked at her wiki I noticed she was found alive later on but they arrested her for killing someone. It kind of bums me out that it ended that way and they never used her ever again. I loved that costume too and I hope Lucy Lane eventually becomes Superwoman in The New 52 someday somehow. I know she is a normal human being in the New 52. I've been reading Superman, but it not too late to have my wish come someday! :-) http://www.comicvine.com/lucy-lane/4005-4117/

P.S.- I also want to add that she always reminded me of the comic books version of Chole Sullivan because Chole was a girlfriend of Jimmy's and a cousin of Lois Lane and had blonde hair. So, I can see the resemblance with a few changes like being Lois Lane's sister and best friends with Supergirl instead of Superman.

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I need to start reading Vibe.

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I need to start reading Vibe.

It's pretty good and very fun I'm not sure why it's not more popular

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I like Sterling Gates!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing the movie experience. As an Oklahoman that meant a lot to me.

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This guy is under a lot of stress. Hope you pull through buddy ;)

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That experience in Oklahoma sounds very interesting, hadn't even thought about connecting current events in the U.S. to "Man of Steel" I can see how it was draining emotionally for Sterling.

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Great podcast. Thanks!

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Doomsday just returned in the digital Smallville comic and Superman had to finish the job he started, I think doomsday is now dead, lol.

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Vibe is great. Read it now.

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i know vibe is a great book

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I enjoyed what Sterling was saying about focus on the positive. Remender had comments to the same effect. I hope folks listen. Like Sterling, the most positive, enjoyable experience I've had on the web was on a hard rock site.

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kinda smug, this sterling fellow.

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Wolfman has nards?

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@g_man Thanks for the chat with Sterling Gates, it's true, Vibe is a wee gem of a book and I hope more people discover it.

And I hope anyone who missed SG's Supergirl run tries a trade, he and Jamal Igle gave us the best Girl of Steel in years. I miss that gal!