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Posted by G-Man

You can ask questions on the "Ask G-Man' thread or you can at reply me on Twitter: @GManFromHeck using #AskGMan.

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Best thing since sliced bread.

Edit: I really like Jim McCann's space casino idea lol. Sounds awesome.

Posted by comic_shaun

Mmmmm, sliced bread.

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I know the Ronald McDonald rape bench he's talking about. We got one in one of the McDonald's in my town. What's weirder is he has his legs crossed and to keep from holding rain water there is a hole in his crotch. Just begging to have fries shoved in it.

Posted by Toxinalolic

Saskatchewan is in Canada above the states Montana and North Dakota.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I need to get the Mind the Gap trade at some point

Posted by everyman1

Hey! I'm a newbie here... so i don't know what to do!

Posted by G-Man

@everyman1: Sit back, listen and enjoy the show! Welcome.

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Re: the question about Spider-Woman's venom blast. No, spiders don't do that - but they bite. it's just a comic version of that. Spider-Man's wall-crawling is different from a spider's wall-crawling & spiders don't have a precog spider sense either.

Posted by Press Oblivion

Man this was a tough one to get through. Jim is a tough listen.

Posted by CitizenJP

@Press Oblivion said:

Man this was a tough one to get through. Jim is a tough listen.

HAHA that's funny I was sorta thinkin the same. He goes on a bit of a ramble here lol. All good though. :P

Posted by Midnightdetectives

Tony does such a great job with Comic Vine, they're not afraid of mentioning other comic sites. This is so cool and CV is great for everyone, even small press comic creators like me!

Posted by ShadowMonkey

That had to be the easiest interview ever for G-Man.

G-Man "Hey Jim, what to you think about ______" and wait 10-15 minutes to ask the next question.

I do really like these podcasts for my ride to work

Posted by mostly_harmless

@G-Man: Listening to the podcast and you mentioned the site update and the question about letters in comic numbering: I know of at least one instance in the Outsiders 2nd series where they did issues labled alpha and omega no.1

Posted by SavageDragon

this was cool, stuff from JIM MCANN, seems like a cool guy.