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Welcome back Brian! Happy New Year Tony, Sara, Corey and the rest of the Comic Vine staff!!!

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Some of the Legionnaires come from planets where the inhabitants have the same powers. There are a few Legionnaires who are more unique : Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass, and Lightning Lord are from Winath and they got their powers from the lightning beasts of Korbal, Colossal Boy from earth got his power from a meteor, the Invisible Kid Lyle Norg from earth got his power from a formula, Brainiac 5 is smarter than others from Colu altho Colu is known for having many smart ones, Bouncing Boy from earth got his power from a formula, Sun Boy from earth got his power from a nuclear reactor, Star Boy of Xanthu was born in a satellite observatory, Ultra Boy of Rimbor was swallowed by an energy beast, Val Armorr of earth got training, Sensor Girl of Orando got her power from her witch grandmother, Ferro Lad of earth was a mutant, Shadow Lass of Talok VIII got her power from a cave with the spirits of her ancestors, Timber Wolf of Zuun was given powers by his scientist father, Chemical King of Phlon was a mutant, Wildfire of earth got his power from an anti matter accident, Tyroc of Marzal is a mutant, etc. The list is quite long but all the information is in wikipedia list of legion of super heroes members or in legionworld.net message boards encyclopedia galactica section. For legionnaires from planets where everyone has the same powers, the earlier ones are Cosmic Boy (Braal), Saturn Girl (Titan moon of Saturn), Chameleon Boy (Durla), Phantom Girl (Bgztl), Luornu Durgo (Cargg), Shrinking Violet (Imsk), Mon-El (Daxam), Matter Eater Lad (Bismoll), Element Lad (Trom), Dream Girl (Naltor), Dawnstar (Starhaven), etc.

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I'm surprised this is up so early, I'll actually have something to do at work today. Thanks Tony!

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Didn't think a podcast would be on this week. This is a great "pick me up".

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Hi gman. Just heard your fraction podcast. Way to nail the question about wolverine stabbing superman and the question of one hero each from marvel and dc exchanging companies. I look forward to listening to this podcast too. Brian did great last one. I especially loved his line on answering fan questions. H we said he would answer anything based on no actual knowledge or data to support his answers if he has to. Lol

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I totally agree with you Tony on the whole beliefs idea in entertainment. Shut up and write entertainment. Wolvie dissing George W Bush in one panel knocked me down a notch in the "like" column for my favorite character. Thanks Bendis! Asshole. I quit listening to Green Day for their posturing about liberal crap on stage. No thanks. Shut up and play. It's sad. Thank you for your discretion in areas of hot button topics.

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Maybe they could just do a switch and Bret Booth can go over to Nightwing. That pic that posted of Bret Booth's bat-family drawing was incredible.

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Boxing Day is the day you return gifts you don't like after Christmas. Because you put the present back int the boxes.

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Boxing Day is the name of the day after Christmas... and in a lot of countries, like Canada and the UK, there are MASSIVE sales. We don't do Black Friday.

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I will remember Wave 15, as long as I am a character in Dr. Guerrero!

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I asked about super heroes' identities and their body types, yet I used the one example in which Doctor Strange cast a spell on the world to protect Spider-man's identity. D'oh!

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Checkmate has appeared in Omac. It is an international organization led by Maxwell Lord. Sarge Steel is in Checkmate and his team has fought Omac.