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You can ask questions on the "Ask G-Man' thread or you can at reply me on Twitter: @GManFromHeck using #AskGMan.

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Nice, Fraction! Writer of 3 of my fave Marvel books on the shelf at the moment.

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Man I love this additional podcast. Every week a different creator??!!! I think I can speak for most comic book fans and say THANK YOU for giving us even further insight into our favorite creators! Thanks for putting the time in Tony. Well done!

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I'd really like to see the trade reviews you and Sara used to do return. I bought Pride of Bagdad on your recommendation. Fraction's Iron Man was one of my favorite titles for years, but I think his Hawkeye is gonna top it.

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I think Matt Fraction can write some incredible stuff, but the dude can't write Emma. However in his defense, very few writers can, so I can't hold that against him too much. I'd say the same for a lot of people. I just can't stand that Emma and Namor connection that was created. It was nice to hear him in the podcast. I do hope things go well for him in his other series. Also lots of support for his wife's work on CAPTAIN MARVEL.

To what he talks about people repeatedly denying that Marvel NOW was a reboot. That's becasue DC also swore up and down that The New 52 wasn't a reboot, and Marvel has repeatedly said they wont do more events. The audience is cynical of the official word.

I've already gone into detail about the gender demographic issues in a blog. What you all believe to be the truth is false.Challenge of the Demographics! Men and Women!. Women will read comics if they are made to feel welcome, and it can be great for sales. I don't see how you expect to grow when you are going to just write off half the population.

Ah, no 28th podcast. That's my birthday. =(

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Dick racing!!

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There will be another Super Massive podcast next week.

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@ComicAddict2814: Dido.

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@G-Man: any guests? If so, clue?

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Hey Tony, Any chance of getting Dennis Hopeless on this Podcast? I'd really like to hear some insight into both of his books.

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@Tyrannotaur: Tell him to call me. I've never spoken to him. I'll work on it.

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This is one of my favorite podcasts ever man, great insight by Matt.

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I want my Justice League\Transfromers crossover!

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@ComicAddict2814: Hear, hear!

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Matt was saying that Vertigo titles aren't creator-owned, but Scott Snyder says on his twitter that American Vampire is creator owned...is Scott being mislead to think he owns it? Or was Mr. Fraction incorrect on that one?

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Matt Fraction says a word at the 18:20 mark of the interview that made me stop the podcast, rewind and listen again... then stop the podcast, rewind and listen again... then stop the podcast, rewind and listen again... (Back and to the left. Back and to... Sorry.).

"Democity"? Spelling? Is it domocity? Dumocity? I have never heard of this word, nor can I find any word in the dictionary that comes close to sounding like the word that he used no matter what spelling I use. Did he mean 'domesticity'?

Just wondering.

Posted by Overlander

Finally made it through an episode. These things are super massive...but lots of great stuff in this one.