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Man, I haven't been reading Nightwing . . .

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@Press Oblivion said:

Man, I haven't been reading Nightwing . . .

I've been in and out on it.

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@G-Man: Tony, showing off you natural rippling physique in that nightwing suit I see.

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lol at G-wing.

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Jason Todds character hasn't really grown since his resurrection. Scott Lobdell run on Red Hood and The Outlaws is about moving past the same story being told about Jason fighting batman or "DICK" over his personal feelings over his death and not being avenged, so he can focus on his mission to really make a long lasting change against criminals.

P.S Kyle listen to Sarah and bring back Cassandra Cain.....Please!

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it seems like cass is gone forever if lady shiva is dick age. i much perfer jason a villain as kyle mentioned

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I agree, Jason makes a much more fitting villain. I don't care for the antihero persona.

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@longbowhunter said:
I agree, Jason makes a much more fitting villain. I don't care for the antihero persona.
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& Wow! You two do not pull any punches when interviewing your guests. I thought we were getting close to full interrogation mode there for a second. Ha! I'm just kidding, but you've got to give Kyle some credit. He slipped his way out of giving a definitive answer to some of those questions far better than I expected. If he ever needs a second career Kyle might be apt for politics. But seriously, great interview... love the behind the scenes look at how Kyle works with the other writers like Scott Snyder and Tom to story board these events. Very entertaining podcast!

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@longbowhunter said:
I agree, Jason makes a much more fitting villain. I don't care for the antihero persona.

I say a reinvented Shrike would be a archenemy for Nightwing or bring back Blockbuster.

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You guys kind of busted his chops a bit too much for stuff that was Scott Lobdell and Tom Defalco's fault, but he handled it pretty well. These podcasts are quickly becoming my favorite content on the site though, so keep it up (maybe with a little less ball breaking next time).

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5 minutes in and DOTF hype has made me uncontrollable!!

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I think Deathstroke can still be a Nightwing or Titans villain. I mean, it was established in Red Hood and the Outlaws that Dick, Starfire, and Roy were on a team once. Maybe Deathstroke was one of the guys that they fought.

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Can't Jason Todd still be a villain to Dick? Just because he is an ally of Batman doesn't mean that Jason Todd can't be out for Dick's blood. He still uses guns and shoots people. I think the tone of Lobdell's book makes it seems like Todd is less harmful, but he is still the killer that he was.

Look at Geoff John's Aquaman and his relationship with Black Manta.

But I guess if Todd is really out for redemption.... Plus the two have already been seen together in Batman and Robin with the whole Robin story.

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If Deathstroke isn't his nemisis then make it William Cobb.

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1 I met Kyle Higgins and he was nice enough to sign my first 3 issues of Nightwing for me.

2 He is writing my favorite character's comic.

3 His favorite character is Nightwing.

4 He is a Bears fan.


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I love the Red Hood in Morrison's Batman & Robin. Well, apart from the costume, that wasn't that great.

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Kyle Higgins on Iron Fist? Hell yea

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LMFAO  i loved when he picked hawkeye over green arrow   and then followed it up with   swamp thing vs animalman  and says " i dont like any of those writers, so can they both lose "   priceless     

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This was really good. Thanks for doing these.

Like Kyle and Sara, I'm also in my 20s, but the New Teen Titans stuff is well-worth reading. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's not good!

I was pleased Kyle acknowledged that was an important era, but I think it was important not just for fans but for Dick as a character. His relationship with Starfire helped him grow. I don't think he could have had the quality relationship he did with Barbara without dating Starfire first.

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@dicksihavestudied: Hey, maybe I'm in my 20s as well.

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Kyle Higgins is cool. Hopefully he didn't wear a Comic Book Resources shirt to the podcast :)

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I get alot of this when i wear my Liverpool Fc coat...sigh

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Kyle Higgins is cool. Hopefully he didn't wear a Comic Book Resources shirt to the podcast :)

I wish I would have thought of that! I TOTALLY would have rocked it ;P

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If you ask me Dick, Roy and Star should have had a team and it could've been called Young Justice I dont think many people would mind that and its better than no previous team at all

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Wow, Mr. Higgins replied, that's very cool!

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Am pretty sure Greem Arrow would win .... He invented trick arrows and he could take on Hawkeye with or without trick arrows even with out a bow.

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Wow, I'm sorry I missed this last week. Kyle Higgins is right about Jason Todd. Higgins should take Red Robin and Red Hood away from Lobdell and make Red Hood a Nightwing and Red Robin villain. You have to ignore all of New52 just about because nobody has written them correctly, except maybe Peter Tomassi in Batman and Robin 10 & 11. I have strong feelings about Jason Todd and Kyle Higgins is the first person at DC who seems to share them.