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Holy shnikee! Scott Snyder on the podcast again? Yeeessss!!

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This made my day.

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Wonderful podcast with Snyder! :)

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Wow! I'm so excited for Snyder's upcoming Riddler story. He's a tragically underused character. It's odd Nightwing has never had much of a rogues gallery. That's one thing I'll miss most about pre-new 52 Tim Drake. He actually had his own villains and supporting cast.

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I'm really looking forward to read  Snyder's take on Superman.  Unfortunately there hasn't been a good supes story lately, so I'm quite excited to read his work with Jim Lee. :)

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bout time Scott Snyder in podcast

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Another great Podcast. Awsome you got Scott to take part.

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That dude speaks so much sence!!!

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@gotwillpower said:

Holy shnikee! Scott Snyder on the podcast again? Yeeessss!!


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It still is listed as ...... Episode 3 Why????

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Scott Synder sounds like one of my managers at work haha

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@crazyflashfan11: Uhm, no it's not... ;)

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Scandal Savage did actually return in Dc universe presents.

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OHHHHHH!!! This was great, one would even say "nothing less than epic".

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I would be okay if he killed of all the bat family :-)

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That was awesome. I really hope the Riddler story is as good as Court of owls and death of the family,

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Love when you talk to Snyder. You have some of the best interviews with him. His love for batman is awesome! haha

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I like the new Mr. Freeze. I always felt that Batman should have been helping the old Mr. Freeze when his wife was dieing. Now I don't feel bad when Batman kick his butt.

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Scott Snyder is an Invincibly Super Massive Comic book writer.

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No Swamp Thing!!!!

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@G-Man said:

@crazyflashfan11: Uhm, no it's not... ;)

It's episode 4, and it says it is episode 3 on the site and on itunes.

UPDATE: Wait... nevermind. It did this morning. That is totally weird...

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In the first Batman Inc there was some mention of the connections between the Kane family and Batwoman.

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Great podcast G man, Thank you Scott for dropping by.

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Mr.Snyder seems like an awesome person, his inspiration behind "Death of the Family" is so true. Creepy, but always nice to know when someone else has thought about something you have. I love everything that I have read by him.

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Always awesome to hear Scott Snyder.

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Snyder just gets it. Listening to this makes me to want to read the rest of Death of Family right NOW.

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Man, I just love Scott Snyder. He just really gets these characters. Well, at least Superman and Batman. I can't wait for his Superman series. I need a good Superman story. And he's absolutely right. The best villains are the ones who not only challenge the hero physically, but also psychologically. I mean, why is Lex Luthor considered such a great villain? Because he's been able to challenge Superman not only in a physical, life-threatening way, but also has made Clark doubt himself. And I loved how when Scott listed off some of his favorite Superman stories, most of them were mine as well, especially 'What's so Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way'. I freaking LOVE that story! Mostly because the villains introduced in that issue were able to hit Superman where it hurts...his ideals. They weren't just incredibly powerful, they made Superman just doubt the entire way he went about doing things.

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Great episode!

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I really like this format of podcast, but I am honestly only really interested in the first part where you talk to creators. I like when you go over the questions with the creators though.

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Totally loved having Scott Snyder on (and answering my question, yay!). Great podcast.

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this is great interview.great quotations