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I'll be honest I'm more likely to listen to this then watch a vid when it comes to Ask, and Ye Shall Receive......Answers. 

Posted by EnSabahNurX

XD YES!!!! Now i can play this on my iPod, helps me last till the weekly podcast. I support the change, i hope it's successful

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Here's the full reason and explanation for this:


There will be a separate sub-page, similar to how Giant Bomb has their separate podcasts. I just need to wait for the page to be designed and RSS feed to be set up. There'll be separate iTunes subs and all that as well.

The regular Friday podcast will continue as usual!!

Ask your questions here:


Or on Twitter: @GManFromHeck hash tag: #AskGMan

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I will be able to listen to this (tomorrow) now instead of not being able to watch the Ask Videos because I can't view the Comicvine videos and they were too long for Youtube. So this works better. I may even ask a question or two, we'll see. Heh. Hope this clears up time for you.

Posted by caughtmau5

YES!!!!! this is awesome had a great listen while playing some online multiplayer on xbox live. G-Man im all for this, ur awesome!

Posted by gotwillpower

I love this! I don't need the images, all I want is to have you answer questions. One thing: should we ask multiple questions within a single post? Some people post more than ten questions in a single post, while others only do two or three. If you answer all of the questions in an equal amount of time, it seems unfair to some people. If we all ask ten or more questions, you'll never finish. Any thoughts?

Posted by SuperJedi17

Enjoyable.My questions weren't answered,although i was late,and they weren't pressing matters anyway.Overall i like this format.

Posted by longbowhunter

I like this format so much better. Recently started listening to the Friday podcasts at work. This is just one more thing to help move my night along. Keep it up.

Posted by G-Man

@gotwillpower: Asking 2 or 3 is fine. Asking a million...well. Basically what I have been accomplishing is going through a full page on the Ask thread. Then I take all the #AskGMan questions from the week. So it doesn't cut into others' time, more into my time. I am catching up on the Ask thread. Hopefully more will continue to come in.

Posted by Barubal10

As mentioned - full support, man. This should tide us over til the next podcast yo? Yo.

Posted by SlickyMike88

So Tony is talking to himself in a podcast? Hmm....this is going to be strange, First time for everything I gues:P

Posted by emmbro30

I miss the video already! :(

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@SlickyMike88: Are you saying this is the first time I've ever talked to myself?

@emmbro30: There will be a shorter, one-question video discussion. Of course I ramble a bit.

Posted by mattwing87

I don't mind this new format since I am one of those people who listened to the videos in the background but I did actually watch most of the other videos. I could get used to this new format though.

Posted by comic_shaun

I like this. It gives me more to listen to, during the week. Great stuff Tony.

Posted by Tyrannotaur

I like this format Tony. Was really entertaining.

Posted by CitizenJP

I'm ok with the "Tony G Show" lol

Posted by RoTheKid

Really like this format. Seems like you go through more questions this way. And you would rank Adventure Time higher than Young Justice??!! Come on, Tony!!! You just lost some cool points, man. I'm just clowning with you, dude. I would rank Young Justice number one, but I respect your opinion! Keep up the great work, man! :)

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That's exactly what I mean about comics, look at Red Lanterns, I drop out on issue 5 cause I didn't liked it, read issue 0 and it was a bit better but still... then I have my friend who's only read issue 1 and says ''IS THE WORST CRAP IN THE NEW 52'' get my point?

In other news... why hasn't anybody read my Theory? I keep saying they're going to do the same as they did with Top, replace him with someone similar but different at the same time OR HASN'T ANYONE NOTICED TURBINE IS LIKE A TOP KNOCK-OFF?? come one!! the name, the powers, the going in circles thinghy !! come one D:

Posted by G-Man

@RoTheKid: Well...maybe if Young Justice was actually on... :(

Posted by PatMcgroin

I am on the site, man I asked this when we were doing videos. On the podcast is was way funner.

Posted by riiiiiiiight

Loving the podcast version.

Posted by Drummer007

I think this format will work. I like visuals but some may not really be needed. I think you answer the questions better in this format too. I think you should think about skiping some questions that you've answered over and over again and also others that don't make since. That may cut down on rambling too. Great Job!! Looking forward to more!

Posted by FanofUltraman

Does anyone know if James Robinson will be there on Friday?

Posted by Webjaker

A few things. Firstly, Loved this - made cleaning my house much less miserable. I typically had your Ask G-Man video playing in background anyways.

Recommendations: I believe you should steal a bit from Kevin Smith's Smodcast formats: If they talk about a picture or video they have a little link page below the podcast you can go to if you want to see what they're referring to.

I think the Skype calls are a VERY good idea, similar to Fatman on Batman - You have access to so many comic book industry people we would love to hear from. Main reason people LOVE having James on (besides he's hilarious) is that we get to hear directly from a creator.

Posted by G-Man

@FanofUltraman: Not sure. Waiting to hear back.

Posted by Jdd895

I love this. Really great answers and please keep up the good work

Posted by ReadItNow

We miss your pretty face. Other than that, the podcast is a fine form. Thanks for the program :)

Posted by TheRyanHimself

I prefer to listen. Which is odd since I COULD just listen to a video. But I get a more relaxed and laid back vibe from audio files. Again, I dunno why. But I'm sure to check this out weekly, whereas I only watched the video format a couple times.

Posted by Decept-O

Have only managed to catch a portion of this so far but I think doing the Podcast is indeed a far better approach than the videos. Not that I didn't like the videos but this already is a far better "fit" and something I can listen to while doing other things instead of being chained to the computer.

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Posted by Darkstar_KoP

This is kinda getting me into comics... I am scared

Posted by therafalee

The title is horrible, but i love this format, i was always trying to watch the videos, but i never had time to take a half hour to watch a video, download it to my phone is definitely good, and you can also make it longer like this one hour getting into a lot more stuff.

Posted by DoomInnaBox

This podcast format is much better for me. Rarely have a chance to actually watch the video, so keep it up!

Posted by ComicAddict2814

I personally prefer the video because you always throw surprises in their like an image of an old issue or character you're discussing. I enjoy you answering the questions, but the podcast format works better with more than one person so there is some dialogue. Anyway, the Comic Vine team is great! Thanks for trying new things.

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@ComicAddict2814: Can't remember where I've mentioned it and where I haven't. I did shoot a video for next week. It'll be under ten minutes and focus on one question. Next week's podcast will have a guest answering the questions with me!

Posted by RalfvdH

I can tell you... i prefer this over the video's... You did an oustanding job... Video's are fun but this I can listen too at work, so for me its better as a podcast. And for yourself its less time consuming.. So a win-win. :)

Call it "G-man Talks" or something.... "The G-man Show" is ok too :)

Posted by zlightburn

I prefer the podcast format, its easier to listen to on the go

Posted by cyberchop979

My question was part of the intro!!!! That is so AWESOME!!!!!!

Posted by ChernobylCow

Hey Tony, (I will repost this on the podcast forum)

GREAT first episode for this new podcast. I listened to it on my day off as I ran around Austin looking for cheap comic finds (shout out to the awesome "Austin Books & Comics" and it's "Side-kick Store".

Personally I think this solo show is almost BETTER than the flagship podcast. Lately, I've felt that Sarah hasn't been holding her own (having not read issues, fading out and not commenting for long stretches, and in general not adding to the discussion). So with this solo podcast I feel that you're on point and it's non-stop information, opinions, and question answering.

Format: I like the questions, but I don't think the show needs to solely be focused on questions from readers. I think this would be a good platform for you to cover bigger topics such as a more in-depth look at comic events and certain story archs. I think you could do a 3-minute expert section every now and then on a character you're really into. 3-minute expert wouldn't have to be as well-produced, as long as it's fun. Maybe you can have a crowd-sourced 3-minute expert where you ask the audience a week in advance to write in with comments/questions/favorite parts concerning a certain character.

Videos on the site: I don't think they're important. I honestly never watch them. I read the reviews/previews. I listen to the podcasts. I loved your 3-minute expert videos but I understand that it's a pain in the butt. If you won't have help with the production aspects then there is no reason to kill yourself doing it. But I LOVED them.

Also please make a separate podcast page to keep the two shows separated please.

Keep it up Gman!

Posted by z1co80

Personally i prefer to listen so i can do other things whereas with the videos if you don't watch you will miss stuff.

3 minute expert is good but apart from that i don't watch many vids.

Posted by x_29

Secret Invasion was terrible. And there is a lot of valid reasons why people hate AVX

Posted by Perfect 10

i like both but im a visual person so i will always choose video over just audio but either way you have a loyal listener.

p.s. madame x and madame xanadu are two different characters. i forget her real name but madame x is just a tarot reader, a regular human in every other aspect. madame xanadu is immortal, a sorceress and a fae as well as a tarot reader.