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Podcast time ....a great way to end the night.

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Podcast time!!! Oh yeahhhh!!


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Yeah, this was a creepy story.

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You guys are great at these photos!

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Do you guys seriously not like that episode of the Walking Dead?

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@mk5 said:

You guys are great at these photos!

That's how I picture them watching tv. I don't think it's even photoshoped! ;p

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I'd listen to you guys talk about 12 Monkeys.

I recently watched the first episode and it was pretty cool. Took me half the episode to realise it was Pyro.

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Also you should totally do 12 Monkeys

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The zombie attack on the barn was NOT a dream.

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You guys should definitely do 12 Monkeys. It's a well done and entertaining show. I especially like that the writers aren't really holding the viewer's hand as much as a poorly done show would. It's time travel. People know time travel (especially the target demographic for the show) so they just explain a little here and there but mostly let it go.

One thing I would like for this show (and I know this may not be plausible depending on schedules) is if you guys had Cory or Gregg on every once in a while to add their views. I enjoy listening to your TV talk but having more points of view on things would be cool from time to time.

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Thanks for playing my ridiculous game. I have complete faith in you guys, I usually just worry that my questions are terrible.

I always have trouble doing fantasy casting too but @g_man I was thinking about your (fantasy) Moon Knight tv show and what about Gabriel Macht as Marc Spector. He does a great job as Harvey Specter on Suits and to me he looks right, though he's maybe a bit too old.

Also I think you guys can pretty much review whatever shows you want. I know there's a lot of superhero shows but your opinions don't seem to change all that much (I secretly think Mat hated Gotham from the beginning). I'm also not going to watch 12 Monkeys so it'd be great to hear about it.

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I've been hearing good things about 12 Monkeys, but I haven't watch it myself.

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Great podcast guys, makes the drive home from work suck less. Tony, I think Jeffery Donovan, who played Michael Weston on Burn Notice, would be a good fit for Marc Spector. On Burn Notice, he went undercover quite a bit, and could handle the multiple identities.