Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Dennis Calero is always great on the podcast, the has some really interesting things to say.

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Dennis is a fantastic guest. Always a great time to listen to him. I'm glad he doesn't shy away from the touchy topics in the geek community.

Posted by IrishX

Dennis is one of my favorite artists and hopefully I can catch him at a con at some point to get a commission. I thought he seemed like a cool guy ever since "Batman with a broom".

Posted by kantrip

This was a podcast I needed to hear. I love Dennis on the show.

Posted by Overlander

I don't want to say Dennis Colero is the most business savvy person to ever grace these podcasts, but he certainly is the most articulate when it comes to understanding how the money-side works. It's great to hear someone immersed in the industry articulating the same perspectives I have analyzing it from afar.

Posted by Kervan21

I really like listening to Dennis Calero talk.

I wish I knew his work . . .

Posted by Teerack

This guy sounded a lot like Woody Allen.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Once again loved the episode, Dennis' episodes are always some of the best.

Posted by CoryNick

I'm with everyone else. this is a great episode!