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Right on time. And welcome back, Joshua.

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Yes! 2 for 2 on good guests this year.

Let's see, you had Dennis Calero right before Christmas, Brian Booch recently, Josh Fialkov...

Is Josh Williamson next? They all seem to be your most common guests.

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Finally! More Flash and Arrow.

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I always buy trade paperbacks and maybe the trade paperbacks are the future of comics. You can buy a tpb of a Thor comic (god butcher) and you can enjoy the story whithout reading all of the history of the character.

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@loki9876: Not always. Trade paperbacks still publish comics that are released chronologically and follow continuity. It all depends on the story.

For instance, I started reading Green Lantern with the New 52. Last year I picked up Green Lantern: Rebirth. Did I enjoy the story? Sure. But it was full of DC continuity that I had no experience with. Hal is the Spectre? Okay. Guy Gardner is some weird non-GL thing?...okay. You get me? Picking up a TPB is not a guarantee of a continuity-free experience.

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JHF is a cool guy, I enjoy his musings.

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This podcast was very pleasurable.

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@wardishy: You're right but you do have a better chance to get a self-contained story.

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Got to admit, I'd rather have a separate podcast for the TV and movie stuff. I forgot that until a few weeks ago, I had stopped listening to the Invincibly Super Massive because, well, mostly because I find Buccellato's schtick wears thin pretty quickly for me (many of you like it... cheers to you) and the episodes tended to come off as extended advertisements for books I have little interest in. There is nothing wrong with that. I am glad artists have a forum. It's just not for me. So I am voting for a podcast dedicated to related comic properties. Either Corey or Matt will suffice. Both would be ideal. Thank you.

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Are JHF and @inferiorego smuggling Canadian Ramen Noodles!?!?! BAH GAWD STOP THEM RIGHT NOW!!!


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The point Josh makes about The Bunker at 15:15, "The core of the idea is this question, well, if you didn't do all those awful things, are you still you? If you didn't have all those awful experiences that shaped you, are you still capable of being the same person?...I don't think so." is basically the premise of "Tapestry", S6E15 of Star Trek TNG (which rather synchronistically aired last night). It's fun to think about, and definitely a huge part of what makes The Bunker such an enjoyable read.