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You know the trailer is good if it gets its own podcast!

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You know the trailer is good if it gets its own podcast!

That's what I was thinking too.

Plus... NORM!!!!

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All these other characters they don't need to reboot.

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I hope they do a podcast for Batman Vs Superman when the trailer comes out, that's bound to be soon since they usually do these announcements close to each other.

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@jonny_anonymous: The trailer is supposed to be attached to The Hobbit on December 17. Maybe it'd be available online before that. We could definitely do a podcast devoted just to that. Whether or not Norm would be on would depend on his schedule.

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If I'm not mistaken, Kevin Feige has come out and said that Doctor Strange has one of the best origins in comics and they'd be fools not to use it. So, I'm fairly confident that his movie will at the very least utilize his origin. It may not be a full origin like Iron Man was but it could intertwine his past into the story going on in the movie.

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I think the actress next to Thor Kim Soo-Hyun playing a doctor and friend of Stark

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I thought the lady in the red dress was Maria Hill.

Ryan Gosling would be a great Moon Knight.

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I am definitely down for the campaign to make Mark Wahlberg Wonder Man.

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Some great speculation, thanks, that was fun.

I think you're right about South Africa: urban English signs, ten-digit (3-3-4) phone numbers, wide license plates, and if you pause the Hulk/Hulkbuster car throw at 1:43, there's part of a sign on a building in the background: ... --ORTHS ... in the same lettering style as South African retail store, Woolworths.

And for sure an Asian alphabet is on a street sign above Cap (1:44), which appears to be Korean, after searching. Norm said he thought Natasha's motorcycle drop-scene out-of-the-quinjet was in New York, but Cap's scene has the same blueish filter and when Black Widow lands her bike, there's a big painted number (60?) on the street, which could be a speed limit in kilometers per hour, as they do in Korea. 60 km/H is about the same as our 35 MPH limit. New York don't have no 60 MPH urban traffic. :)

The scenes with Scarlet Witch have signs in a cyrillic alphabet, but I have no idea if it's Russian ... but then, the ballerina shot makes me think of Russia ... Natasha is essentially Russian ... the question is, where is Baron Strucker's castle ... Russia?

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@g_man: I do remember that report. I'm not sure where I saw it but I'm pretty sure that Feige said they'd use the origin since that first report. I could be crazy though. I'm just pumped for a Doctor Strange movie. Great time to be a comic book fan.

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Okay new extended trailer didn't drop too many clues. In fact they erased the phone number on the "Apartments To Let" sign behind Hulkbuster. Too many prank calls, I guess.

Mariah Hill is confirmed at the party, but there's only one new shot of blue dress. Who else can it be but Jane Foster.

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@wheatstalker: It's not Jane. It's a new actress apparently. Nothing confirmed.

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I do admit not know much of Black Panther. Perhaps you guys could make, I don't know, some post with the best periods of T'Challa? Maybe like the Character of the Month? Please and sorry for my rudimental English.

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So Joss Whedon just confirmed filming locations for Ultron: Johannesburg, Seoul, Bangladesh, Italian Alps, and "all over England."

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I dont know i thought the Trailer was too dark. I like the lightheartednes of the previous Marvel Movies