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Man I love Scott Snyder's ideas about thorror, supernatural and the makeup of the universe, it's the exact same stuff I think about.

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Wow I can not wait for October 8th now. Wytches sounds incredible. Another great podcast and Scott Snyder seems like such an awesome guy.

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Snyder is so cool, he always seems so genuinely excited about his upcoming projects.

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Yay! Scott Snyder! I love his podcasts.

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Good stuff, G-Man! Definitely can't wait to read Wytches AND (on another note), Goners looks pretty great too. Also loving how these books are taking a new spin on the various horror folklore and myths of the world. I'm genuinely jealous of all the great ideas you see in comics these days. Makes me want to sit down with a notepad and think hard about stuff lol.

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@citizenjp: You gotta think of it before someone else does. It's great to see new takes and directions. You'd think all the good ideas were taken and used already. We keep seeing that isn't the case.

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Scott Snyder and I love podcast's on a Monday nothing else updates

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Also I love that Snyder references Lovecraft in regards to his beliefs.

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DC keep Scott Snyder on Batman for life.

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Thanks guys, this made my day.

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I HATE you guys right now. First let me say I'm a 6'3" twenty five year old male, and I don't normally get scared. I stepped out for my middle of the night mile jog down a dark suburb road and back, and turned on this podcast right as i started, and then I started to get more and more scared and panicked as this went on, and the worst part was that when i started to really get nervous and paranoid i was at the turning point of my jog and i seriously couldn't run home faster.... I run at night because it's relaxing and this ruin it for me... I wanna cry ;_;

I might have to get Wytches even tho I only really don't get comics outside of Earth Prime and 616 continuity, because I enjoy keeping up on a fictional universe like how I used to follow Starwars stuff... but this sounded just scary I feel like I need to read it. I'm scared though :(

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@jasoninthewoods said:

DC keep Scott Snyder on Batman for life.

Like they'll ever let him leave.

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Great podcast, always love to hear Scott talk about stuff.

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Ok... I Squeed when Scott talked about the "mom and pop" comic store he loves, Fourth World Comics is my store too!! Thanks for this awesome podcast, Scott Snyder is so great!!

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how is it 'science' and not magic?

just leave it magic and make the story....

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Looks like I'm sold. Pre-ordered while I was listening...

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Get back to answering the questions!!! :P

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Awesome podcast! I was already suuuuuuuper excited for this before n now it's just ridiculous. Everything I've read from Scott Snyder has been great and I'm reeeeally looking forward to this :) :)

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Wow I loved this. His way of explaining the story was brilliant.

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I love the fact he convinced DC to let him keep the upcoming story arc quiet. I guess he doesn't want the fans to be burnt out on Batman.