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Its good to have the Podcast back!!!! :D

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Read the Trinity series..... 
Babs: Wonder Woman 
G-Man: Superman 
Red L.A.M.P.: Batman (or the other way around)
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In Superman Returns the guy Lois was a Superman type. I tell you what to do with a Superman hire a writer to do a All Star Superman take on the movie. I am so embarrassed when wrestling does something stupid like a comic or movie it's probably the reason lots wrestling viewers like myself don't advertise in public. That Disney not having influence over Marvel is crap haven't they banded smoking from even shows on ABC television and Buena Vista movies?

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@sora_thekey: Are you saying Red L.A.M.P. should be Wonder Woman?
Posted by sora_thekey
@G-Man said:
" @sora_thekey: Are you saying Red L.A.M.P. should be Wonder Woman? "

Hey if the red boot's fit!
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Just because I believe all that stuff about Babs, drinking and the hookers doesn't make me stupid :(
On another note, for suggested reading to us, I suggest either Jack of Fables: Americana because it's got the most hilarious dialogue ever OR Preacher because you guys could be Jesse Custer, Cassidy and Tulip and the lines in there are also epic, and the accents

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30 rock FTW Babs i love that show lol . well i love most the NBC shows office, parks an rec and community etc

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HA! I wouldn't mind hearing you guys do the voices from a comic. At least for a few minutes. Plus another rap video from Babs would be cool.

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I have not seen the first Ghost Rider too, I'm just afraid to watch it because i hate Nicholas Cage with a passion...

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 Favorite Cover This Week: BN Flash.
Yes. please read whole comics with voices. my dad used to do that to me when I was buying uhm... Teen Titans Go! Weird but Fun.
I hated Ghost Rider.
I'm so excited for Jonah Hex. but not nearly as excited as my dad.  
I really hope Hawkeye is in the Avengers.
I'd watch a Marvel Channel. 
I can't stand Tarantino.
anyways... Great Podcast Viners.

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Sara you missed the window on seeing hookers in SF. Pre-95 it was like Sunset Blvd in SF.  After a lawsuit brought by one dancer on paying stage fees, the club owners flipped the game and stacked the deck against straight dancers.  As a result the hookers moved into the clubs, the club owners built private rooms and bounce stopped caring whether you touched and SFPD doesn't seem to care. Probably because it gives the illusion that SF was cleaned up and I am sure some people are getting their palms greased.
These days unless you are cruising the rough trade district on lower Polk Street the streets are pretty empty.
As for the whole Image comics / Marvel.  I complete agree, how can anyone criticize them for that given that 
was was what they have been from the start.  Let's face it Todd McFarlane has zero writing ability or creativity.  But he can draw.
I like the idea of the Ultimate spin on Thor being not taken seriously.
If they make Ghost Rider 2 then there is no God.  That was unwatchable.  I would rather watch ThanksKilling on Netflix again.

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my brothers birthday this month

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id say a reading is a cool idea.
and also, you all seem to shy away from getting sidetracked but i found those portions some of the most entertaining.

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I'm putting it out there: Superman Returns was not bad. It wasn't great but it wasn't terrible.

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My B-day Is the 2nd.. so its still a little ways from x-mas..

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Like I said before Babs when are you launching you album. Because the video was great.

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If you change G-Man to Green Lantern then yes.