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Good podcast. 

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The Asian Invasion Norm is Back! Woot!
The art is not the problem with Avengers. The story made no sense at all especially how the Avengers confront Ultron and stabilize the time stream. The only person Ultron would ever listen to, is Hank Pym who doesn't appear at all yet, I love how Bendis said, "Oh it's the Avengers' fault..." well none of those Avengers invented Ultron. so that's a dodgy way to avoid that problem. 
Cap is brilliant because should a War criminal represent America's treasured symbol? Why is America exclusive of war crimes? Brubaker mixes all the ideology.
Is FF becoming Sue and Reed + Eight? :) 
Paul Cornell (Doctor Who) is taking over in Batman & Robin for a few issues #17-19  till Tomasi is ready...
It's about goddam time more Asian characters are pushed in comics...Secret Avengers should be what Atlas was. Unfortunately, Mission to Mars storyline had nothing that made you feel its sleeper cells. etc. 
JMS' Superman is dreadful...

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Love the podcast
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@Dr. Detfink: Paul Cornell! How could I forget? 
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 The Road Home first felt like a cash grab and it seems that's all it's been. 
Babs seems to be upset about New Krypton's left over arc but it was clear with War of the Superman that the whole storyline has been swept under the carpet no one at DC wants to remember it and most fans probably don't either so I think it is a mistake to expect any follow up on it.  
If JLA/99 is exploring these out other company comics it is safe to say it is not in continuity. The artist is Felipe Massafera on the cover. 
Seriously when the movie talk goes it sounds like fan rants. 
We will not see Two Face he is dead Nolan confirmed all Eckhart said was if Nolan needs him he will show up but he did not hint Two Face was alive. 

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  I didn't mind Superman 704 and I don't know why does the death of Lois's father need resolution? He was a horrible person who chose duty over his family every single time and threatened her freedom when she finally met him again while he was planning to commit genocide of the Kryptonians. Plus he was dead to her recently before the Superman war even happened so she most likely made her peace beforehand maybe.
  She's thinking about accomplishments and family life after all that death she witnessed. Is she not allowed to from time to time? Does she have to be the center of attention or have the approval of the masses through her stories to make her a strong female character? In this issue Superman said that she was the one thing in the entire world that ties him to Earth and loves her completely. Being understanding during this time in his life shows she feels the same and its great IMO.
  I'm finding it interesting that Superman is trying to find perspective after all this time about maybe just being the strongman but all I hear is everyone in the world can't look after themselves for a short period of time with the hundreds if not thousands of other superheroes there are and it has to be Superman. 
Man in fire "Help! Help!"
Superhero arrives who can fly "I'll carry you out of here."
Man in fire "Not Superman.......Next!!"

  The Incredible Hulkz was great for me since the Avengers were outsmarted. lol

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Hey G-Man, the History Channel air that Bruce Lee special "How Bruce Lee changed the world" already. The special aired last May.

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The Bruce Lee documentary  had an interview with Stan Lee and mentioned  Shang-Chi as well as Iron Fist.  

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HaHaHa!!! Babs is Dora the Explorer!!  I love it!!
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sara The 99 are ordinary teenagers and adults from across the globe, who come into possession of one of the 99 magical light Stones The concept of The 99 is based on the 99 attributes of god. Many of these names refer to characteristics that can be possessed by human individuals For example – generosity, strength, faithfulness, wisdom are all virtues encouraged by a number of faiths    

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This is the first time I have listened to the podcast (maybe I should be embarrassed?) and I have to say you guys do a great job. I enjoyed it, not least of which because you talk about some of the series/artists that I'm into (well cause of what's out this week) but you even managed to work Dora into the conversation. x]

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yeah, they got Stan Lee to interview so I wasn't needed.
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CV Podcast! 
I think JRJR could be better utilized on a smaller book. His name is quite a sell, and something Avengers has no need of. I think his style is better suited for say Hulk.  I agree with Norm.
Bratz Dolls give people LHE 
Ahaha, its so funny Sara gets annoyed at the Batman's lasso.  
I really like The 99, beautiful character designs (like Noora), the male to female character ratio is really exemplary (how many other comics with a big cast have an almost perfect split), plus quite a few cool character and plot quirks. I haven't read the crossover yet though.  
Man, you guys should give Generation Hope a chance on the creative team alone. TBH I don't care much for Hope either. This book might change that.     
I tend to think anthology books like X-Men COTM XMVSV are underrated. Its a chance to do fun character stories that can be free of restraint present in other books. Small character moments are fun.  
Big ups for another stellar podcast CV!
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Aww How romantic!
Thanks for the mention guys! You are the best!

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I'd enjoy meeting the Whiskey Media staff, but no real conventions in my Kentucky area. Travel to New York or west coast is just a bit much for me. I'm stuck in that middle area.

The audio quality sounded better in this podcast than in the recent past episodes. Though, when Norm showed up. He was much louder.

Well, FDR didn't have to deal with the 24/7 media cycle when he pardoned Namor.

How many different nicknames did you have in college, Babs. Didn't you say once before that you were also called Jasmine after Princess Jasmine?
Bratz dolls are grossly sexualized. I was once looking for a gift for my cousin's daughter once. I had a conversation with a lady in the girl's toy aisle. She told me how her granddaughter got one of those Baby Bratz dolls, the ones that look even younger. This lady said the doll had a thong on.
To think the public about had a stroke when they made that Barbie with the tattoo sticker kit.

Not all super heroes are secular. Kitty Pryde is Jewish, but for the most part the characters' religions aren't spoken of much. 
I am a strong supporter of the idea of separation of church and state. Things go wrong when religion takes control of government. The Founders knew this all too well.
The leather jacket look went out in the 90s. Wonder Woman doesn't need it. That's the point that I hated about the new outfit the most. 
I don't get why you would give someone Super Soldier serum and not use him in battle. It's as if you were to make a super weapon, but you are so afraid it may be damaged you don't want to use it. He's human and going to die at some point.

How is it that everyone is getting a Bruce Wayne: The Road Home book other than Cassandra? The Outsiders and Ra's al Ghul have one. Is it that it's just not been announced yet?
DC has devastated the return of Bruce by releasing these Road Home books before the official return. It took all the air out of it. He deserved far better.
By the way, your outrage over the psuedo-lasso of truth for Batman was justified. Why not just give him a voice gadget that allows him to analyze voice stress levels? Though, he is a detective. Why not just say his years of training allows him to tell a lie. There are biological signals most humans make when they lie about something.

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Haven't listened to the whole yet but to Bab's rant on Batman's lasso...well isn't that the point of the new suit? It's got SF (speed force) mode, SM (superman) mode etc. Basically he's turning himself into a human Amazo.  
Still that's just as bad cos because that suits more advanced than the Batman Beyond suit, that raises questions about why there's never been a suit like that before.  
It just seems like a daft plot device, the only drawback mentioned about that suit has been the power drain / recharge time but even that's been barely taken seriously.  
How does Bruce go from this mega high tech suit back to his basic batsuit in batman inc? Wouldn't have made sense for Bruce to go back to basics appraoch with ninja style gear and relying on his physical skills? After all he's been relying on his own skills across the 'return... ' arc
So I'm not too annoyed that it's ripped off the lasso but I am annoyed that it's just too convenient...and...dumb.

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We have PODCAST!!!!

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Does anyone else have a really hard time understanding what people are saying because of poor audio quality? When Norm was speaking it was the first time I've been able to clearly understand words on a Comic Vine podcast. Is it just me?

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@andyphifer: How are you listening? Off this page, downloading, iTunes? If from this page, what browser? Based on the comments I assume people are able to listen. I monitor the audio throughout the entire podcast. Audio is also checked once again before uploading to the site. I also check it a third time after posting. I can hear it all three times so any more info you could give would be great so we can rectify the situation.
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@andyphifer said:

Does anyone else have a really hard time understanding what people are saying because of poor audio quality? When Norm was speaking it was the first time I've been able to clearly understand words on a Comic Vine podcast. Is it just me?

I've got the same issues, asked G-man if they use different equipment to tested (they're podcasts are very clear) but he said it's the same.
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Aw man.. I didn't wan't this podcast to end.  =l