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Yeah baby.  
Also, nothing should ever be in 3D.

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Downloading now :D

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Can't wait to listen.  
Is it weird that I love listen to the podcast when I don't read comic books?  
Hearing about what's going on in them is very interesting to me but actually reading them does not. And it's not the reading part that ruins it for me. 

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i love the podcast
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The whole point of the past few years has been that Bruce is Bruce and Batman is a mask and not who he really is.  Tim would not have been a good take and he would not have been prepared as he was fragile when he first became Red Robin. 
Judd Winick did write on the mourning of Bruce in his first issue of Batman it did show reactions from Superman and Wonder Woman but in the spirit of how Bruce wants things he did not want to be mourned if he died. Batman RIP was not bad timing with The Dark Knight it was one of the highest selling books of the year. 
 Emerald Knights will be an animated movie and the Green Lantern series will be the CGI animated television series. 
The makers of CW have said that they consider Season 10 the final season and that is how they are writing it I do think the final season has been better then other seasons sometimes they have gotten it good look at the last episode.  Look at the clip bellow for future Clark Kent.

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what I found interesting about the boobage mentioned on the Justice League of America cover is that it's on the back so it's not being used to draw in readers: the "Superman" vs. Supergirl is supposed to intrigue people into picking it up...maybe sex doesn't sell as well as the stats say? looks like iconic good guys going violent sells better

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i love this podcast
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James Robinson is 100% correct. Not only Grant Morrison but also Winick did a very good job moving Dick into the role of Batman.
What's the better alternative? No villain can tell Batmen apart (besides Joker and Hurt) so you have multiple Batman OR you do it the Marvel way...Wolverine is a part of FOUR teams (X-men, X-force, Avengers, New Avengers), and is banished in Hell. 
If you don't like Dick as Batman, then collect the Bruce titles.
Dick Grayson works because he compliments an over serious Damian Wayne. Now, you can break the rules in terms of Dick having a sense of humor.
Don't give into to Babs, James especially after she crucified you for an alleged threesome in Cry for Justice. She finally came around to Batwoman, she'll come around to Dick sharing the cowl.
You guys are 100% Correct: No more than being @NYCC proved that many over critical fan boys DON'T read the books. They just WAIT to pounce on a writer before the story is over. Not every thing is spoon fed like a movie.

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James Robinson is a great guest not only because of his resume but when he's on the show you know he's genuinely trying to learn or grow as a creator which is why he often asks, "Why?" whenever Tony or Sara share an opinion.  I'm sure that informs his process but it also makes for an interesting podcast. 
James should not be embarrassed about the miscommunication / slight slip at NYCC, it was endearing because it showed that the panel was human and real rather than a polished and manufactured show for the press (people want a certain amount of spontaneity from panels rather than just canned responses and prepared Power Point presentations). 
Regarding women, the JLA #50 was definitely a true-to-the-archetype JLA while being natural and legitimate female cast.  We had Jade, Jesse, Donna, & Kara all stepping up.  DC's history of strong women means that the concept of Black Canary (Meltzer) or Wonder Woman (League of One) leading the JLA is entirely plausible... something harder to say of Marvel's Avengers.
Quick Power Girl plug, buy this book!  Artist Sami Basri is a super star in the making, compared to EVS his anatomy is on point, his lines are clean, his designs strong and consistent, his faces are expressive, his hair and fabric natural, and his panels and layouts are beautifully "animated"... and Winick ain't bad either. ;-)
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Always great having Mr. Robinson join the Podcast.  Can't agree more about the yearning to have movies and now even comic books, to maintain some element of surprise when either seeing a film or reading a comic.   
It must be frustrating for a female comic book reader on many levels.  I do agree with Sara I think one or more of the comic book companies should take the "risk" and offer a title with a female lead character.   I understand the marketplace is indeed geared towards males, but look how many female fans are on this site, and some are Moderators as well.  The market exists.  Sara also made good points concerning the fact there are a number of craptastic one-shot titles, limited series, etc., that are just that...not very well done.  It would be great if Marvel or DC took a chance and tried more female character ongoing books that could appeal to all genders and perhaps younger readers.   I thnk Marvel and/or DC should grow some balls and take a chance offering something in this area.  
Sara--sometimes you just have to let things go, especially concerning Dick Grayson!   I understand your sentiment but I am really liking the concept of more than one Batman; I think its brilliant and like Mr. G pointed out, Batman is a symbol and a bit of a myth, not just one man.   
Nice Podcast.
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It was interesting to hear James open the show. Though, he's one of my favorite guests. They go on longer, but highly enjoyable.
I am quite content to wear glasses. I tried contacts once and hated it.
Oh yeah, because controversy and books is never good (sarcasm). *cough* DaVinci Code *cough* I despise censorship. It's one reason why I have a boycott against VIZ Media. I hate it when rational thought and artistic expression has to be suppressed just because a few people out there are too ignorant to see the truth or ask.
I have to say that I hate that they had to make the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne part of some conspiracy. I thought it made it more real and tragic that it was just a random act of crime. I feel that rips Bruce away from the audience. Making it part of some scheme took away the realism and drama.
Here here, Babs! I don't like Dick as Batman either. He is not Batman. Batman was born in the same way Superman was born and Wonder Woman was born. No one else can take on those roles. Dick Grayson doesn't have the skill to truly be Batman. He's no where near that talent as a detective, and that is the heart of Batman for me.
Having a dark setting doesn't make up for the removal of the dark character. The world of Batmen is atrocious. Why do they have to be a "Batman"? That seems utterly needless.
Uh, I'm not much of a Fraction fan. I actually do find his work predictable. Utopia and Exodus were utterly predictable stories. He was horrid for Emma's character.
I will way about that cover that Babs was talking about not liking. I think you all are talking about Justice League of America #50. Supergirl does look off. Her punching fist looks the same size as the other hand further away. Ultraman does look as if he is missing a leg.
I feel that The Batman the Road Home story seriously undercut the drama of the actual return of Bruce Wayne.
My biggest issue with movie trailers is that they tend to show far too much and ruins what could be great surprise moments. For movies that I really look forward to. I avoid trailers completely.
I don't like Hollywood either. I don't like the whole Hollywood culture of celebrity culture. It's one of the reasons I am not at all interested in Screened.com. I don't see how they can cover movies without covering the people in them. I hate tabloid news. Don't get me started on reality TV.

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Part of me would really love it if Morrison put out some sort of Morrison's Batman Bible after all the RIP fallout is over, so us laymen can have what this all means explained to us step by step. Maybe even in chronological order, though time travel seems to be making that less and less likely.

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James Robinson is the man! He should talk more/longer, not less (or really he should as much as he wants lol) Brotherhood of the Wolf is really awesome, great protagonists, great villains, horror, romance, action, all wrapped up and executed superbly. You should really, really see it G-Man.  
X-23 is great, I wish we could get some male solo books and team books as good, let alone more female solo books as good. Storm is written here the best she has in months in any other book.  
Oh lol, and Chaos War doesn't have anything to do with War of Kings, and... well its not really even that Cosmic. Its a Hercules story, he wasn't dead (long story), its big and fun. (so far) and its great that Michael Kaluta will be introduced to a larger audience, I feel he is way too underrated. (he will be doing the 'CHAOS KING' One Shot)  
Another person as Batman, I think is great. It doesn't rob Batman of anything, but rather can add, and provides lots of story potential around the why's and how's. 
Man, this podcast went by way to fast (or felt like it) so probably a sign of good quality. Cheers CV. 

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Oh and on female characters/readers, are you sure its Marvel's fault and not fans/readers? I study the sales charts religiously and its really disheartening with both DC and Marvel, how some quality titles generally, let alone ones focused of female characters are received, comic sites and how we discuss numbers on that level matters little, as does really each individuals circle of friends (most of my female friends read Marvel) we gotta keep shouting how well and awesome these books that might be overlooked are to almost force more people to buy them. Make that risk for Marvel and DC that bit more smaller. 

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Welcome to Mr. Robinson's neighborhood baby!!!! Better come correct with your Jibber Jabber or you will be handed your buttocks on a platter! BEST podcast to date, the issues discussed were on point and I for one think Mr. Robinson should be on more often than not. That said, hope to hear more of the verbal sparring, THIS IS what a podcast should sound like great show gang!

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Hey guys! I signed up to be a member just so I could post a comment about your latest podcast. I am a relatively new comic reader and I have been enjoying your podcasts since you started recording them. But when I find out James Robinson is on, I stop whatever it is I'm doing and make sure to listen to what always is an entertaining and fun podcast. I love listening to James' insightful and candid comments about the week's new comics and news and notes discussed.  

I also enjoy listening to the banter and certainly feel the love in the room :) 
Looking forward to the next one... 

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Excellent episode. Your analysis of this weeks comic was better than the previous weeks. 
Wesley Snipes was an awesome action actor back in the day. I agree he is too old now, but don't say he was a bad actor.   
Thank for the podcast. Great stuff.

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 Firstly, an upside down cross, though Sara and James were right in saying the Apostle (Peter) was crucified upside for the Lord, in recent years refers to a Satanic act. Look it up. I can understand why it was removed, as it was partly controversial.  
 Secondly, this season of SmallVille (the 10th) has been outstanding! Sara, there's been a lot of ramance inbetween Clark and Loise -- you would love it!  
 Great podcast guys!
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The news never really understands how to cover the Comic Con, even the local San Diego News is unsure.  They want to cover it because its a big deal, but none of them are really that interested in comics, or the con.  So they grab onto the entertainment part of it, and the movie stars.  Then they  also report about the odd people in the funny costumes.  Say things like "who are you?  I don't know I stopped watching cartoons as a kid.  Batman?  Of coarse you are.  Can I get your autograph? ha ha. "

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One thing that gets me about the podcast, and I realize it's verbal shorthand, is referring to characters as if they were autonomous real people. "I don't like Dick Grayson because he did so-and-so." "I think J'onn J'onzz is a badass for standing up to whoever." What is really meant is, "I do/don't like the direction the writers chose to go in developing this character." And what should be further understood, and maybe said once in a while, is, "And I don't have a bit of say in the matter, other than choosing to buy the title or not." 
Dick Grayson, and every other character, is the accumulation of choices writers made in a constant quest to create entertaining stories. That his past, all 70 years of it, is somewhat checkered, speaks to the dozens of artists and their varied decisions on how to present a young man who has experienced deep loss and had someone offer him an opportunity for vengeance. I wouldn't expect consistency from Dick due to the many cultural changes that have informed the writers over decades. If anything, his personal journey reflects the haphazard path many of us take in trying to find ourselves. 
Of course Bruce Wayne is The Batman. Of course he always will be. But Dick Grayson lost his parents, too. Right before his eyes. Zucco and the acid on the ropes is as dramatic as Joe Chill and his gun. Dick has the motivation and the training to put on the suit. His first writer's choice saw to that. Now the writers, using 70 years of continuity, have the opportunity to create fascinating stories using Dick Grayson. THEY SHOULD DAMN WELL DO IT! Again, continuity should help create a vast variety of stories, not hamper their creation. Sara, you are conservative to the point of being reactionary when it comes to this. Let the story be told, and if you don't like it, tough. You're a reviewer, not an arbiter.

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I've been following jla since #41 and enjoying it so far, I'm fond of the work James Robinson's been doing. I reeaally hope he establishes Dick Grayson as a capable leader & a world beater in his own right. He obviously studies the characters pretty well and you have to admire that in a writer. It's disheartening though whenever Batman(Grayson) gets criticized for being a 'whiny incompetent circus boy *cough cough* If anything, DG was tailor made for the job. You've got all the building blocks for an excellent crimefighter right there. Tragic childhood-Check. Years of experience/training under his belt-check. Household name value-check.  
The way I break down his character is almost in retrospect to the policeman's kid syndrome, where the faithful son is brought up in this stern demeaning way but for whatever reason they grow out of that lifestyle & rebel, in many ways becoming exactly the opposite. IMO I've always thought it was brilliant how he went from being a silly yes man to the cool adult figure--except in Outsiders cuz then he really was just a dick to everyone -_-  ..NW > Red Hood though..
Another satisfying podcast btw. Could Robinson be touching on some hardcore nihilism as the basis for his upcoming multiversity arc..?