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Glad that Sara is back!  
Thanks for the podcast, keep up the good work guys. 

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me too
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Love the podcasts so much!!!!!!!
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If Spider-Man can do this, sure he can punch through or grab someone through a wall.  Why not? 
I got the first Madman trade, I thought they were all done in black and while and gray.
I don't play video games, but there is no hostility towards them.  I just can't play because it takes too much time away from my work/art, and it makes my arm hurt some and I can't really draw.
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That issue of Return of Bruce Wayne takes place in the seventies with hints of storytelling from the forties. 
 The Road Home always felt like to me just a quick cash grab and it seems it is messing up continuity same for Vanishing Point. I think there was a art delay in Return of Bruce Wayne Ryan Sook's panel of the JLA was the one from a few months ago not the current one. Though you should prepare that Bruce Wayne will be different he will not be the same he will be Bruce Wayne more then Batman. 
@Gman why are you so nervous about revealing spoilers? The website is a bit of a database/encyclopedia and reveals information already to people who check it out so why not in the videos and podcasts?  Also I found this in relation to Knight and Squire.
I am not surprised not allot of people know who Wonder Woman is she is not that popular.  Doesn't have anything to do with her being a strong character but she does not have a accessible point for people.  
Is it a accident or on purpose that when the talk of movies comes up on the podcast it sounds like fan rants? 
I would love to see Black Mask it works because he is not known it makes him more threatening because no one would know what he would do.  The old evil actor version of Clayface could be used. 
Zack Snyder has said that there is no comic book The Man of Steel will be based on it will not be connected to other movies either and they should not change his costume.  

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Ha! Like the Canary in the coal mine, Batwoman is a brilliant character. Too bad Rucka left on bad terms with DC. 
Should have gone to the DC Panel on Friday, Babs cause the Wonder Woman debate was in full bloom regarding her costume. Yet, I'm willing to bet few understood what that the character was about.
I've been screaming for years Cosplay are more into attention than actually into the characters or reading the comics.

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The worst panel @ NY Comic Con was X-men panel. Some of the worst questions. Remender was angry. Liu was bored out of her mind. Peter David was patronizing a fan about comic book prices.
DC has really diversified and they are not appreciated enough especially pushing female books:
Wonder Woman
Power Girl
Birds of Prey

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Hey, G-Man
I asked on Mike Allred's forum, without out knowing the details, if he would be willing to use another director for Madman, like if Robert pulled out or something
this is what someone told me:

As Mr. Duck said, George Huang is attached to direct. He also worked on the script. Robert would produce, George and Allred would direct it together. This has been the plan since just after Sin City and would follow the creative model of that collaboration; the film was going to go into production just after Grindhouse, but when that film didn't do as well and there was some studio shuffling with the Weinsteins, a lot of Rodriguez's plans changed. Madman has been in a holding pattern ever since and despite the constant speculation amongst fans, there has been no change. Mike has always said he would keep the movie rights with Rodriguez as long as Robert maintains interest. If the project becomes heavily active again, yes, things could shuffle once more (the lead was cast at the time, but there is no guarantee that would hold, for instance--and no, no one is going to tell you who that was).

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Nice "traditional" podcast, it's been a while!
So... for Tony: 
Hippolyta  {hi-pahl'-i-tah}
For Sara: 
Hephaestus  {huh-fes'-tuhs}
re: Wonder Woman - Shows how badly Wonder Woman needs to get back onto television in her own series when several years of JLU appearances and a direct-to-disc release has not been enough to make a dent... it also shows how powerful a grip the Lynda Carter show has on popular culture.  If Wonder Woman hadn't had that show it's quite possible she'd be as obscure as GL, Flash, Thor, Namor, etc. today.  That's why I try not to bag too hard on Smallville... it may not be my ideal interpretation but it's kept that mythos in the public consciousness for a decade and hopefully whatever David E. Kelly's vision is, it will too.
@johnny spam said:

"Zack Snyder has said that there is no comic book The Man of Steel will be based on it will not be connected to other movies either and they should not change his costume."
I'm glad it will be an original and stand alone storyline.  I think people are so used to the idea of comic book movies being adaptations that they always want to mine great existing stories... but somewhere in that they forget that those great stories had to be written themselves and originate from a writer often with far less help that a screenwriter might get. 
Storytelling is art, yes, but there is also a certain degree of science (or repeatable process) to it, which is why companies like Pixar can consistently create high quality stories off of scant skeletal ideas from the inspiration stage.  If they work the script hard from all angles and don't give a handful of writers carte blanc (as with what happened with Singer's team of poached X-Men writers) they can produce an original work / story as good as anything to be adapted. 
Incidentally, I saw Guardians last weekend and one thing that really impressed me what that the flight choreography was well done with strong storytelling to it.  It's very easy with dogfighting or random flying to get lost against the blue sky, but Synder managed to direct such that in 3D space you always still have a pretty good sense of where the relevant people are... which is slightly comforting for Superman flying sequences.
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LOL!  Sara's rant was hilarious!
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@Bald Eagle:  Haha. Yea, I mean sounds like she kinda had fun @NYCC and kinda NOT. 
NYCC reminded me of many things. It's funny cause my girlfriend refuses to go to Midtown comics or hang out with my nerd friends yet she loves gay men. So it's an odd social culture. In fact, it's largely antisocial in its own way. 
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Babs & James could be the next Tupac & Biggie. Feuding back and forth.
This is ridiculous. Why would you release the Batman story of events that happen before he officially returns? They pulled this same thing with Captain America.
I'm not really at all interested in the big Batman Inc. story. Batman is Bruce Wayne. No if, ands, or buts. Anything else is just imitation.
Are they bringing back the idea of Mayday Parker??? If Mary Jane and Peter never married, how was there a child?
I have been sick of the whole vampire thing before it began. It can not end fast enough for me.
I was terribly disappointed in the coverage of the Anime Festival on Anime Vice. There was one article with a few comments, no news, and a few pictures of cosplay. I didn't even see the point of why it was talked about there. I realize Tom was busy with his booth, but it was such a letdown.

I was astounded at how little people know about Wonder Woman while I watched that video. I was never a big Wonder Woman fan growing up, but I could tell you the lion's share of her story. I never, ever liked the invisible jet. Of all the ancient Greek items that could grant flight. They went with that.
As I said in my comments on that video, I don't think Wonder Woman is as strong as Superman, but I see her as a far more skilled warrior. She's much more tactical, because she was raised in that setting.
Uh Babs, 'Wolf' Blitzer.

Pirating the real story of comics is not right. I would never pirate a comic. Only kind of pirating I condone is with manga, and a few rare occasions with anime. ONLY because some US publishers only provide censored or altered story. The worst offender is VIZ Media. I don't want to buy the VIZ version of these manga series. They censor artwork and have times alter events. Even times when I know their translations are completely wrong. It would be a different matter if VIZ would offer an alternative for those who want the authentic story, but they don't. Though, in the past they published uncensored versions of Dragon Ball.
I find it insane that the fan translated versions of these series are of higher quality and more authentic than the people VIZ pays. It should be the other way around. I am completely willing to pay, but I don't want VIZ's version. I want the actual author's story in English. Some of the changes VIZ makes to manga is utterly ridiculous. In the Detective Conan series, VIZ changed two of the major villains names from "Gin and Vodka" to "Melkior and Kaspar". In the original story, the Black Organization (the main gang of villains) all have the code names of liquors. Not in the VIZ version. It's not their story. They shouldn't be touching it. They should just be translating and publishing.

Two publishers that do a spectacular job are Del Rey and Yen Press., but for some reason don't get half the press of VIZ. The Negima! series published by Del Rey. I own every volume of that out in the US.
I'm a cross culture kind of guy. I enjoy comics, manga, anime, video games, books(detective novels mostly), & movies. I don't get why people are so angry and hateful toward the other genres.
G-Man, you always impress me with your skill in comic recall. Even how you can name the series and numbers. That always astounds me.

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Very good podcast.
I didn't know that a lot of people didn't know about Wonder Woman. I mean she's part of the Trinity of DC and the fact the whole "if she lives with just women she must be lesbian" discussion is still going after all these years just boggles the mind and as you said that the sexuality of character does not define them like the ignorant think.
The whole releasing "the road home" coming out before the end of "the return of Bruce Wayne" is disappointing. So many questions come up that only the last issue of RoBW would answer.
Not sure about the live action Hulk show since I'd rather they do it in animation as much more can be done in it that are limited to a live action show. 
Even though I'm not really caught up on Spiderman lore I still think he is strong enough to do what he did in the newest comic.
I agree that the comic industry was hit hard by the economy. Where I am it is very hard to get comics and have to rely on a city hours away.

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Killer Croc already appeared in Gotham Knight which is the bridging series between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  Also Deadshot.  If you haven't watched it yet, go do it.  I could definitely see either of them showing up in the third big screen episode of the series.  However, maybe that's evidence against them since they've kind of "already been done."

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im sorry to disappoint you with my lack of knowledge about Wonder Woman. =/
But as much as i dont know about her, i remember how angry that "lesbian Wonder Woman" guy made you, and yeah he was annoying.
Honorary Intern is a title I will always carry. lol. Thanks again.

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"Is a crocodile really an animal?" -- Tony Guerrero

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@Babs: When you were asking around about Wonder Woman, did you also ask a Marvel equivalent? I mean, I couldn't tell you a thing about her, but I could tell you a lot about Jean, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel etc.

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Just wanted to add that I also play video games AND watch manga, so yeah, I don't get the hostilities either. Our main convention here, Supanova, calls itself a "pop culture" con, and has comics and anime/manga all in the same room

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Wow, I guess I'm a little surprised you guys aren't aware that the Cow Palace is a major venue in San Francisco. Don't you live out there? 

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