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James Robinson podcasts are always fun. Looking forward to it!

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My apologies for my bad audio. One of the channels dropped out even though I was monitoring it while we recorded. Sorry guys.

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Wear the "worst produced best podcast ever" badge with honor, sir. 
Always happy to see a new podcast come up especially when it involves an artist, editor, or writer.

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It's good to have James Robinson back on the podcasts!    

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With Vanishing Point it seems it is more set up for Flashpoint then Return of Bruce Wayne. 
I would not have a problem with Edward Norton being in Batman 3 but I have a problem with Riddler. 
@Babs did you remember that scene in Hush by Loeb where Riddler is revealed to be the master mind and was acting weak and pathetic to throw of Batman? 
I can see Barry Allen living in a dark world if you look at some of the stuff in his life it has been dark things have been messed up for him. 

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Condom underwear!

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also, I take full responsibility for my awesome question!

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I think if certain actors are willing to have lesser roles for the first Avengers film, like Ant Man and the Wasp, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Hulk/Banner (not that they wouldn't have bigger parts or solo films later), but if they were willing to have lesser roles at the moment and let Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man, have larger parts in the first Avengers movie.  Then it would be OK.  If the movie focused on them forming as a team and Captain America becoming the team leader, then it would work.
I bought the Omnibuses, 1-3.  I thought it ended in 4.  Huh, So I have two more to get.  Guess I am glad that the Starman story isn't over that soon.
Thanks for asking my question about pencil portfolios, and thanks to James for answering it.
That is a really good idea, drawing Superman and Clark not because it shows you can do day to day and spectacular but also because it shows a well known character like Superman in your own style.

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It is almost ironic.  This time, Sara came in loud and clear, yet the fellas were a bit hard to hear but I did manage.  
 Loved Norm's comment about the WB bad TV show being a redundancy.  Spot on.   
It's always good to have differing opinions but it seemed like you were razzing on Mr. Robinson a bit harshly.  However he countered with good points.   
Regarding the 25% statistic about comic buyers being over 65, have you not taken into account the possibility this age demographic is buying comic books for their Grandchildren?  
"Nuff said.  

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Always a joy to have James Robinson on the Podcast.
I like that he's really going to be giving some genuine attention to a male homosexual character. More often the focus is on the "lipstick lesbian", since that is more often considered 'socially acceptable'. Gay male characters are far more often treated as token. I agree with Babs. Far too often a character's sexuality becomes too much of the focus. Take for example the show Ellen. After Ellen Degeneres 'came out' in the real world and in the series. Her sexuality became the only focus and the show got boring.
I'm not sure how many remember the uproar that occurred after Sarah Rainmaker was revealed to be a lesbian. It didn't come out until the regular series was released. They got a lot of angry letters demanding that they "change her back". In one special issue, they posted an open letter trying to explain that Sarah was always gay, but there was no purpose for her to introduce her sexuality when she was meeting everyone. They were being hunted down. What was she suppose to of said, "Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm the gay one."? That would be idiotic.
Sadly, new writers came in and changed her into bi-sexual, then I think they went all the way to straight. Don't quote me on that last bit. I dropped the series shortly after J. Scott Campbell left the project.
My issue with the Wonder Woman costume is the leather jacket, and the changed gauntlets. The leather jacket look went out in the 90's.
I utterly despise what has been done to Spider-man. Not only did they create the worst possible premise for Spidey. They wasted a chance to do something completely new with Peter's relationships. Instead, they are just putting them back together. For what? Why should I care? Marvel has already proven that this will never go anywhere.
I know comics are already rebooted, but it irritates me to no end that character's never take anything away form the past events. It's as if those experiences never even happened. The vast majority of characters are static. They never evolve and learn.
Rogue sex's life discussion went to a really weird place.
While i am in complete support about Babs' statement about sexual tension in sitcoms. It's in every sitcom and once the relationship is finally consumated. The story goes to crap. I have been saying the very same thing for years. On the other hand. You can't draw out the tension for too long. Otherwise, it just becomes irritating and that the interest in the tension 'snaps'.

Well, that was an interesting segway. From Wolverine's genitals to Teen Titans. lol

Motion capture was used in Lord of the Rings for Gollem, but that was for a small character. Actually, when Gollem was seen by the producers pre-special effects. The director was getting constant notes to show less Gollem. They weren't seeing the finished design and weren't seeing the full vision.

What I enjoyed about the Riddler was that he really brought out the detective in Batman, and I see that as an aspect of the character that is not done enough. Too many writers focus on his fighting ability only.
I don't know so much about Robert Downey Jr's stealing the show on the Avengers' movie. While's he's capable. He is also more than skilled enough to share the lime light. Just see The Soloist. That was a great movie. It more depends on the writer and director.
Every comedian needs a straight-man. Chris Evans could be Robert Downey Jr's straight-man. They could play off each other.
People actually read Vampirella? I thought it was similar to Playboy. People say they read t, but we all know what people enjoy it for. Not to claim I'm somehow above that. =D I don't have problems with erotic costumes. Just feels silly when they seem to defy all reason. Even industrial strength double-stick tape couldn't hold that sling in place.
Eluding to the questions that were being asked. Babs, What's wrong with typing a lot?? Just in case, I was not the person who asked that anonymous question. I don't believe in asking questions anonymously. That being said. I would like to comment on the issue of what art should be put into a portfolio.

What I like to practice in art work is to draw a story with no dialog. Let your expressions and art tell the story. You don't want to do just pinups. You need to show that you can tell a story. This picture is one example of such an exercise.
I even did a series of 4komas based on the anime Code Geass. As an art and writing exercise, I made one of those a week. Each one was based on the latest episode, and the goal was to get it out before the next episode aired. I would love to be making 4komas weekly, but that was done on my spare time and I wasn't getting paid to make them.


Everything sounded fine to me, with the exception of it being hard to hear just yourself.
It was Norm that hardly spoke at all.
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Regarding what James Robinson said about San Diego taking Comic-Con seriously, I disagree. The local news brings it up all the time. And I was offered a job in concessions about a month before Comic-Con. I did not get the job but there are posters in the offices informing their employees to work harder and be prepared because Comic-Con is coming and that it is their biggest event of each year. My dad's cousin is the manager of the concessions division of the convention center and my girlfriend's mom is the manager of security guards for some of the events that come to the center and they both explained to me how important Comic-Con is.

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I think a little compression could have helped with an otherwise stellar podcast!!

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Too bad about the quality of G-Man's audio, but still a great podcast. Nice to have both Norm a Robinson back. I hope Norm gets to read some of the big titles next week so he can join the discussion.
Keep 'em coming.

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@johnny spam said:

@Babs did you remember that scene in Hush by Loeb where Riddler is revealed to be the master mind and was acting weak and pathetic to throw of Batman? 
No it slipped my mind. I was specifically thinking about his portrayal in The Long Halloween.
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@Babs Why do you like conceited people/characters? Namor, Ed Norton, and Riddler (animated)??
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Same here, I managed also by cranking it up and turning on a amp to hear it!     <grin>   
I think we hear Babs loud and clear when James is on... I wonder why that is? hmmmmmm
@Decept-O said:
" @G-Man:  It is almost ironic.  This time, Sara came in loud and clear, yet the fellas were a bit hard to hear but I did manage. "
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Batwoman's homosexuality is no more over pronounced than minority characters whose race has a defining element to the character. Fortunately, Rucka was able to incorporate it where its not "the issue" as we all know Northstar came out of the closet and did anyone care? So much for gay awareness month for super heroes. 
If you want to see "gayness" being a necessary part of the book then read Winick's Green Lantern run. I mean, Kyle goes out of his way to almost kill a man without restraint, while just a few years ago his girlfriend was stuffed in a fridge and he was ike, "No, I won't stoop to your level.." THAT's stuffing the writer's point in the story. 
But I don't have a problem in either case because if comic books can be political, why is Batwoman's origin that is a commentary on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" such a overbearing component to the character? I think its quite heroic...and VERY dark in its own way. Mom was shot in the face by abductors and her sister is twisted into a villain all the while she's kicked out of the military for being gay. That's terrible.  
Here's one for the archives, Doom being an outright racist. So issues such as outcry against discrimination against race and sexuality belong in comic books as much as comments about Iraq War...

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@Dr. Detfink said:
Here's one for the archives, Doom being an outright racist. So issues such as outcry against discrimination against race and sexuality belong in comic books as much as comments about Iraq War...
Doom's thoughts here certainly aren't in line with the editorial position of Marvel Comics though.  JJJ has always been more the spokesperson for their perspective on race relations.
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@falcomadol:  I never said they were. I just used that as an example of playing the race card so the bad man gets his. Comic books that denounce racial indifference and characters who were created out of racial injustice (not just white or black but alien vs. human)...are no different a trope than the one played in Batwoman. 
I don't see the problem with a gay character like Batwoman whose existence is partially predicated by the "Don't Ask, Don't tell.." policy in the military. It's no different than some of the issues raised in Milestone by Dwayne McDuffie, yet Another GREAT idea in comics that was not supported widely. 
Could Batwoman be written I dunno, "more authentically lesbian?" Yea, I guess so. Whatever that means. However, I'm glad Rucka pushed this character till DC forced him OUT. (and that out is not in reference to sexuality).   
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@Dr. Detfink: Brilliantly put there, Dr.!!!!
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Very good!