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This is what I've really been waiting for all day.   
When I try to download the podcast it says that I don't have permission....Can I pretty please have the podcast?

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File not found
Comic Vine could you please fix this problem
Thank You

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Finally get to listen an thought it went great. I have to read that Superman/Batman issue since I did just read Final Crisis and tried to find the fallout of what happened to Batman and this seems to be the ticket.

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Where is that picture of G-Man as Madman?  I would like to see it.  I went as Madman once too, painted my face and stuff.  Made an iron on logo.
Didn't Zod alter his face to look like Superman?  How did they handle that?
Looking forward to all the future projects you guys mentioned, dissecting that comic and reviewing Sandman and stuff like that.  Can't wait.

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I think Nemesis's motivations were outlined in issue 2 (it feels like issue 2 was a really long time ago). In the origin, the detective that arrested his parents is now the chief of police in the comic book. That's why he's more interested in taunting and killing the chief of police rather than the president. He's been overseas practicing taking out police chiefs as practice to take out this police chief (same guy who arrested his parents). At least that's my understanding of the story... I have issue number 3 in my stack, but I haven't read it yet.

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What makes The Crow more depressing is that it was made because the writer artist's girlfriend died. 
I don't agree with that bit in Superman/Batman is that Superman would not disapprove of Dick wearing the Batman  and the whole argument that Bruce is the disguise has been meant to be thrown out a few years ago that was the whole purpose of his journey in 52 is that Bruce "killed  the Bat" and was himself again. Even in World's Finest Superman seemed proud of Dick as Batman. 
What happened was Paul Cornell talked to Neil Gaiman and he ended up helping out with so much of Death's dialog that Paul wonders if Gaiman should be credited as co writer.  
DC could put the Wildstorm characters could work in the DCU and they were on Earth 50 in the DC multiverse. With Milestone since things ended so bad with Dwanye McDuffie they probably have no desire to use them there is going to be a Static Shock series though and another character to. 
I love Emma Stone if she is in the Spider-Man movie then I may watch it.

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I'm having trouble editing my post so I can post more.  so I am starting a new one.
about the 80 minute animated movies, it costs a lot of money and these are low budget movies.  They probably cut the time so that they can tell the most story with the least amount of money.
My opinion on the Green Lantern movies is that they should make the first 3 about Hal Jordan and move on from there.  Make the first two the intro, where Sinestro is evil in part 2.  
Then have #4 about John Stewart or Kyle or something, maybe around 5 or something make it more of an ensemble cast thing where Earth has several Green Lanterns including Kyle and Guy and maybe staring John.
Maybe what Macavoy (spelling?) was trying to do without being rude is say that he will have his own interpretation and not just do exactly what Stewart did because that wouldn't be fun for the actor.
Also it makes sense to show the evolution of Xavier.  He wasn't just born with all these goals and ideas about leading mutant kind or wasn't born with this personality.  What shaped him and stuff would be fun to see.  He probably wont play him completely different, like some jerk who loves messing with people's minds and hates humans and suddenly changes.
Doesn't DC have exclusive contracts with some artists, like George Perez has said its really nice to know that when he finishes one project they have another already for him.  Like regular work on a regular basis instead of freelancing looking for work when it comes.  So maybe, I hope not, maybe the job losses are related to those.

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Wait--I missed the all the original Illuminati series, but know about them.  So you're saying that the Beyonder is a friggin' "mutated Inhuman" ?  W......T,,,,,,F.  Not acceptable.   
Yes, I agree with whomever emailed Babs, having James Robinson involved with the Podcasts jumps things up to an "11" on a scale of 1 to 10.  I also truly enjoy listening to Norm as well.   
Any chance you guys will have other guests?  What about some other Staff members?   Maybe for the LIVE show you may go that route?   Come on, I am a paying customer, give me my goods!   Ha!    

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Always love it when James is on the podcast. He SHOULD be on every week!  
As always, great work guys, and I hope to become a subscriber soon.

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Wow, I have been missing these podcasts for over a month.
I love the topic of Halloween. I don't dress up as much as I used to. I just like to sit outside and hand out candy. I used to wear all kinds of costumes and some children would even be too afraid to come near up. Normally, the really little ones.
Oddly enough, I never really did dress up much for Halloween as superheros. I remember dressing up as a Ghostbuster. I also made my own Batman costume when I was in middle school. I bought a really nice mask towear on my head, but the rest I made. I even constructed my own gauntlets and shin guards. I wore that same costume years later when handing out candy to kids. Some were even afraid of that costume.
Ever since 2001, my neighborhood has been having less and less trick-or-treaters ever year. It used to be a really busy night, but after that year it nearly died. It's sad too. It's a great and safe neighborhood for it.

I respect that G-Man puts forth such an effort to get the name right. Pronouncing names correctly is kind of a thing with me. I fairly sure it come from a lifetime of people mispronouncing my own name. I didn't like ti happening to me. So, I don't like doing it to other people.
While one of my biggest complaints about deaths in the big publishers has to do with deaths of major characters. One aspect if how the aftermath is handled. Though, then you consider this. If they have characters that keep dying, how do you just keep writing scenes of people reacting to the deaths. Showing such sorrow and emotions?  When that character inevitably returns. It all feels pointless.
I think a lot of it has to do with the mindset of the writers. I think they struggle with writing for these kinds of deaths, because even the writer knows the character wont stay dead. On an emotional level, I believe it may just be too difficult for a writer to go to that place.
When I read interviews with authors about the death of a major character in their series. A theme I noticed. The author will often talk about writing the deaths and reaction scenes as being so emotional that they have to stop writing, or they feel depressed. It's because the author is in the emotion of the moment and they know that the character is dead. Comic writers are most often killing a character just to be revived at a later date.
I just don't like Dick as Batman, because he isn't even close to the same level of detective. He's not just sub-par. He's a triple bogey.
The thing that I notice about that Ultimate Mysteries cover. Campbell did something I always felt was weird in comics. Notice that Sue Storms outfit is so tight you can even see her navel. If clothes were that tight, how could you move in them?
No way, Babs. Keep Emma on the good guys side.
Speaking to All-Star Superman. They also skimmed most of Superman Doomsday for the animated movie.
I had a hard time finish reading DaVinci Code. It seemed pointless how often chapters and scenes would change back and forth. I felt more as if I was reading a tennis match.
I only watch A&E for Criminal Minds, The Glades, and sometimes The First 48.
That's some sad news about Wildstorm. I'd rather hear about VIZ Media going out of business.

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Another Pirates of the Caribbean?  Really?!!  We really need another Pirates?
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I understand the gratitous violence of the Nemesis series will not be everyone's cup of tea, and those more innocent than me will probably be offended at some point due to the extremes this series goes to.
However, it is completely unfair to judge the entire series without having read all three books.  As has been stated before in these responses, Nemesis' motivations were outlined completely in issue #2.  Without reading that issue, you're missing a third of the entire series thus far, and a quarter of the content altogether!
I believe the extreme offensive and 'evil' lengths that Nemesis went to in issue 3 were designed to change the stance of the reader.  Up until this issue, I had been rooting for the bad guy as he beat up on 'the man'.  However, issue 3 was designed so that you get to see how truly twisted and wrong this bad guy really is, and turn against him, beginning to root for the Chief (who is also the underdog as well).
Obviously this theory cannot be confirmed until the fourth issue is released, (if we end up cheering about how Nemesis is finally put down), but I do believe that if it is correct, it's an intentional writing device set up to offend every reader into changing teams.

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Sandman Trading Views FTW! 
(as long as you stress it's one of the greatest comics EVER!)

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@G-Man: as an added note, have you dropped Fables? the newest issue was the only Vertigo comic that came out last week and I thought it was really good, I'm so excited for #100!
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Anyone else having sound level issues with this, compared to others podcasts?

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@MrGutts: Sound levels on through here or do you listen through iTunes? I'm monitoring the levels throughout the entire podcast and check it as soon as I post it. I can hear it all fine. I'm not sure what the problem is or where it might be.
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Love the podcasts
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@G-Man:  I have my iPhone hooked up to my Truck stereo system. I listen to the ComicVine show when I am on the road, GiantBomb show when I am running and Tested when I am in the office.  
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Loved the mini Moon Knight catch-up! You should do a 3min Expert on him :-)

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What's up with the subject on food with DC characters on it? I didn't hear anything about this and can't find it online.

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Cool Podcasts.

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Can't believe you guys forgot all about John Steward as a Green Lantern! In fact, John Steward has been cast in the Green Lantern movie. For years due to Justice League and the Justice League: Unlimited animated series, there is a generation of kids who grew up thinking John Steward was Green Lantern, it would serve DC to cater to that audience who became disinterested in the movie once they saw he wasn't in the movie to have John Steward star in the next movie.