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Norm, killin' it as usual. Ice cold.

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Oh man, school? I'm glad I don't even remember whats it like. 
I, Zombie is one great comic. Really loving it.
And kudos for CGI. Cheesy prosthetics and casts all the way. Never was a big fan, but I guess depends on what type of movie you use it.

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I agree with Gman on separate events for each character the problem with the larger crossovers is that not everyone is interested in the larger line of status quo stories and some will say stuff that affects the whole line of books doesn't interest them.  You can argue that it is to much but since it's all readers buy they have all the reason to. Even DC has their own separate events now. 
Young Justice will take place on Earth 16 of the 52. It is in continuity in the sense that it will be in another Earth.  
Bruce Willis has voiced animation before and as a voice he could stand out.  Sutherland also has a great voice as well. 
I don't like the idea of judging Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan based on his lines from a panel. 

Bruce and Dick as Batman makes sense fans have proven to love Dick's run as Batman and it has been financially successful so DC has every reason to keep him as another Batman. Cassandra Cain will be back in 2011 a DC editor has confirmed it. It makes sense that Bruce will want to try to eliminate as much crime as possible he is capable of being one of the most effective heroes so a team commanded by him falls straight into his desire of wanting to fight crime. 
I would not buy Darren Aronofsky rumors and if he is involved with Wolverine then he will leave the project like he did with Batman Year One and the Robocop reboot/remake. 
 If Eric Kripke gets the job then Sandman will not be that bad he makes homages to Neil Gaiman and even Vertigo comics in Supernatural he has made homages to Death, John Constantine, Preacher many times. With Sandman yes it gets violence but what made it mature was the lines characters spoke mentioning Sex drugs and other mature themes but network tv has been very mature as well. 
The Arkham Games look like Alex Ross and Lee Bermejo.  
Season 2 of Walking Dead was a rumor there is still  just one season. 

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not bad but stop sayin dockin its daken
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Yeah....back at school....a sucker indeed...SIGH

Loose Page Variant FTL lol

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Wolverine #1 is supposed to continue from Wolverine: Weapon X. It's really disheartening that it seems like Norm doesn't even know that it exists when it's been the best Wolverine book out of the three for the past year and a half. Way better than that Daniel Way crap.

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Nice podcast.

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My favorite part of the week on Comicvine.  I look foward to Friday every week.
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Is G-Man a Mathlete?

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Maybe, in the Wolverine Comic, it was a Life Model Decoy.
Sutherland voiced characters in the Simpsons.

  He could maybe pull off a different voice.

I like the Thing to sound like:
The actor who voiced Dan Turpin in the Superman cartoon.
Turpin was meant to be like Jack Kirby, the the voice actor unintentionally sounded like him.  Kirby connected and related most to the Thing, said that if you red the comic the Thing his him, his voice, his emotions, his mannerisms.
So why not have Thing sound more like Jack Kirby.
Perhaps Renolds asked about saying the GL Oath, all excited, and the higher ups told him  "you can say it, but don't say it like you do in the movie.  It will ruin the surprise when you do say it in the film."
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I am back in school!?!? I graduated already!
I think this is the first time I am going to disagree with Norm... Avengers: The Children's Crusade #2 is a 4.5 out of 5...
Scarlet's idea of breaking the 4th wall and narrating her own story is not necessarily original, but how Bendis wrote it works and makes it "new" in a way.

Ana steals comics! *gasps*

I don't think Thing as a CG character might work...
Why would it be such a big issue if Bruce took over another superhero persona and left Dick Grayson as Batman? 
I think Giant Man might be Hank Pym for a short amount of time... 

Batman: Streets Of Gotham #12
Arkham City Game looks awesome! 
If a comic book were to be made David Finch, Jim Lee or Dustin Nguyen could do it... Dustin's style would only need to have darker colors... (Right)
Wait! Sara you've been shot!!
User Q&A:
"Very Visual" I agree with Sara he's probably talking to fantasy style... it's kind of too fantasied style for his taste.
Greg Land... o_O
Labor Day? Really?

See you guys next Thursday! :D
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Could not agree more with Norm about the "life decoy" concept Marvel seems to be fond of using. *ugh*  Talk about cheesy cop out.    
I hope one day, G-Man will understand how to properly pronounce Hank Pym.   Just rhyme it with "Snap it into a Slim Jim!" or something.  Oh, wait, you're a vegetarian, so that may not work.  Poop on a stick.   
Kids without fans and air conditioning in school builds character.  And makes adults laugh.  
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Bart:  "None of these comic stories really happened."

Comic Book Guy:  "Get out of my store!"
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Haha, the opening reminded me of the college days...Speaking of which, I still find it weird I am visiting a comicbook site at 37.

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Nice to listen to us, Asians getting ours. :)

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Just wanted to say that I think the use of LMD's are poor writing... There, I've put it out there :)

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How can they think The Fountain was worse than The Wrestler? The movie has a really different theme, but man.. The Fountain is stunning. It transcends "movie" and turns into pure beauty. It's not a movie for everyone, I guess. It is freaking weird. But not weirder than Pi, which is also an amazing movie. Aronofski is brilliant.

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@EisforExtinction said:
" Norm, killin' it as usual. Ice cold. "
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 Alright, I am late listening to this one.  Only one small gripe.
Babs, please speak up or step up to the mic..
Or can a audio guy slap a filter on her to bump up the output levels?

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