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Posted by Grimoire

I read Wonder Woman 602 and I thought I wasn't that bad except for one thing and I know Babs will disagree but I do not want to pity the amazons in any way. Ever since Amazon's Attack I have not liked them one bit and it makes it hard to find WW stories that are not about them in some way because I like the WW character. lol

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Damian and Supergirl sounds fun it's cool to see him interact with the DCU. 
I love that in Batman 702 there was a hint Darkseid was responsible for making Batman happening.   
That Jason Todd arc to me read like a prelude to the Batman clone to get him out of the way so Dick can go to find Bruce. 
Jason did have reddish-blonde hair but because of Crisis on Infinite Earth and then it was changed but bought back. 
I wish I was able to read Green Arrow at the moment but I can't now.  
I am just so skeptical over the Avengers movie. It doesn't sound like a true movie but a gimmick by the studio. 

Posted by Bishna

Good to see Norm as a recurring guest, can't wait to give this a listen

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  This would be about the length of the Marvel 10 min films.  Long enough to establish the character, show them in action.  No origin though, but like you said it gives the audience a taste of what the film would be like.
  I think it will be Wasp, as maybe a SHIELD agent or something, like how Wright mentioned that Ant Man will be some sort of spy.  She will be a Spy, her and Ant Man as a spy team, and then after the film she joins.
I really hope so anyway.
Someone said maybe she will be the only female member and Black Widow will be the non Avenger SHIELD agent.
So the platform is the old "Comics are for young stupid kids and illiterate adults?"  I didn't know that's what is was.  I thought it was about Comics are too violent or something.
Colleges use comics even, they helped me learn to read when I was a kid.  Comics are a good thing.
Plastic Man Comic
and the one that I think the creators of Ren and Stimply or something tried to make.

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I wonder if Damian and Supergirl well hook-up.

Posted by RonaldBryan

I completely forgot that "Wolverine/Gambit Victims" was a Loeb Sale book. 
On the multiple females in the Avengers, everyone has taken Whedon saying Ant-Man is not in the movie as no Hank Pym. What if Hank is Giant Man, and Wasp is in it? Or, Hank might just be a scientist. But then, Whedon might go crazy and throw Tigra in the movie. And, of course, there's a good chance we might get some Agent 13 action in the Avengers movie, even thought she won't be an official memeber. Betty Ross could be in the movie, though of course not a member of the team.  
On this week's releases, I have been enjoying the current arc on Cap, as it is showing how insecure Bucky is now that Steve is back. Also, it shows the contrast to Steve, since Bucky is more hotheaded and was the silent assassin of their team in WWII. The only other book I have read this week is Savage Dragon, which is really picking up with the current Emperor Dragon arc.   
 Let me add in that I enjoy having Norm on the podcast every week.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

Great podcast (maybe cause I had couple of beers earlier and I was lying dead in my bed during it). Really looking forward to S/B #77. Their "team up" in World's Finest didn't go that well. 
Batman #702, cant wait to get that in my hands. Though, (before reading it) I believe one more issue would've been better. First issue went like, through 3 days only, and now this is going, obviously, from 27 to 0. That's a little too fast, I guess.

Posted by RomaTotti10

Great podcast as always. Nice to have Norm back again. He is becoming a regular which is awesome. 
Keep 'em coming. 
Thanks guys.

Posted by *Girl of Steel*

Awesome as usual... ♥ 
I'm sure everything regarding #702 is going to get thoroughly covered in "Bruce Wayne: The Road Home" and that it will totally probably set the stage for Batman inc.

Posted by difficlus

Enjoyed this, good work guys...