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James and Norm should be interesting, first podcast together if I'm not mistaken.

Posted by the referee

Looking forward to it!

Posted by BrianDusel

I look forward to Friday soooo much.  First off seeing Babs do the news.  Nuff said.  lol.  And the podcast is fantastic each week.
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@the referee said:

" Looking forward to it! "

             I 2nd that and can James Robinson just be a full time cast member already!?
Posted by johnny_spam

It's always great to hear James Robinson on the podcast.   

Joe Quasada said it was important for Spider-Man to be single for the future of the character, how being married to a supermodel is not the struggle of a everyman. I always thought Spider-Man could be a story about morality and why it is important to do the right thing. 
@Babs He did not cheat on Barbara since he was not involved with her he was also mostly used in the Teen Titan book and not so much the Batman books so there was not a right time to visit her what you are talking about is a series of retcons Marc Andreyko wrote in a Nightwing annual that was written twenty years after the fact that many did not like and in the story he was in outer space. 
As for White Lantern Batman I think it is the Batman Clone bought back to life. 

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Wow, such information given.  Glad I asked that question, and thanks for asking him. 
how many pages a day.  and then his process from beginning to end.  awesome.
And I love thought captions and thought balloons.
What bugs me, the only thing that bugs me, is that having a character like Hawkeye show up in more than one comic (Hawkeye and Mockingbird, Avengers, New Avengers, etc) is that sometimes it can feel like they are just repackaging the same product.  I think it can be confusing, when do they sleep or do anything since they are saving the world 3 different ways at the same time, but that doesn't bug me.
Red Hulk was set up as a mystery of "Who is Red Hulk?" and then several issues pass, still waiting and then the story ends.  Green versus Red and at the end it says the end and you still don't know.  And it just felt like they were gearing up for something and then stopped and said don't focus on who is the Red Hulk because you'll miss the real story.
As for who it turned out to be, I think having it turn out to be Samson would have been better because then you aren't sure how long he would stay the Red Hulk.  With it being Ross you know that in a few years we will be looking back at this as part of his past adventures.  And I thought it would have been much cooler if when Red Hulk turned back into Ross that he had no mustache.  So that it would not only explain why Red Hulk had no mustache but then seem more real, but then all the shots of Ross with a mustache would seem odd and if he had no mustache to begin with it would have been obvious.  I loved the Red Hulk stuff and I loved the art and it was fun, I like fun stories.  I thought it was Samson from the beginning and I thought, this might be interesting and he could be the Red Hulk now instead of Samson.  But I still like it and it has been fun.
What stinks about the retconningness of Aunt May not knowing, even though I get it, was that her reaction was so great.  "The Speech" was exactly what it should have been.  They both dredded it.  But it was a long time coming.  She didn't approve but knew she couldn't stop him.  It was great.
I think that they Brand New Day stuff leaves it open to "One day Peter and MJ will remember everything.  What will happen to Tony Stark on that Day?  What about the Kingpin?  What about MJ and Peter?"
I think what they could do it have Peter and MJ remember everything but no one else.  They start dating again but this time take it snail's pace slow.

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Haha, awesome. ♥♥ 

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When talking about in the X-men, Babs says its kind of strange for Namor to eat sushi.  Its like fish eating fish.  Why is that weird?   Fish eat other fish quite a bit.  Your aquarium fish will eat other fish.  What about sharks?
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Woah! Norm suddenly started talking during the podcast (and I read that description yet he still surprised me!)
About on 41:30 was that Will laughing?
Brian Bendis: I now like James Robinson more than before, his opinions are very congruent with mine... Including my opinion on Bendis' writing. I believe he is an amazing writer who gets the characters
Thought Balloons: I sometimes thought they were very bothersome on the page sometimes. Captions go along with that... 
Books like Spider-Girl and some Avengers always bothered me how the character was thinking and still breaking the 4th wall all at the same time!?!?
Still I prefer the caption than thought balloons...
Body Lotion in the bathroom?: WTF?!?! Uh...
Lois Lane:
I have not read Superman, and the more you all talk about this the less I want to read it! Still I agree with Sara, Lois's character has not been important for some time now....
Robinson and G-Man sitting in a tree... O.M.D.O.M.I.T. (:P)
I love the banter about relationships BTW!
The Gwen and Osborn Affair: How many times has this topic been mentioned during the podcast?!?!
OMD/OMIT Baby: I thought the baby still happened?!? I thought that everything happened except the marriage! 
So funny? Why is Supergirl funny?
Dick vs Namor: Sara's double standards! lol!
Models cooking?
Great Podcast guys!
I love that Robinson is on the podcast, he is awesome! Great having Norm on the podcast too!
Thanks for almost 2 hours of amazing listening entretainment!

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I actually paused the recording when Norm came in. I started it with an introduction on why he was suddenly appearing. For some reason, that part didn't record.

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I always love these podcasts (and this was no exception) and I realize as Robinson said it would take 5 hours to do one of these if you covered each comic of the week but I wouldn't particularly mind (even in the podcasts not featuring James) some discussion on things like...well...let's see what I found noteworthy this week (not even all are from comics I read but just ones that interest me):

  • The Phantom premiered at Dynamite
  • DV8: Gods and Monsters #5 spotlighted two characters this time (Evo and Sublime)
  • Julius Caesar + vampires = sequel to Sherlock Holmes + zombies?
  • the second Boys spin-off premiered
  • The Brainiacs might ruin a party for the Tiny Titans!
  • John Constantine proposed to Epiphany Greaves only to have Shade abduct her moments later!
  • Rose Red is finally out of her funk and we have learned that the Colin ghost that has been appearing in Fables for years isn't actually Colin (but we don't know who it is! speculations?)
  • Air ended after a premature cancellation due to low sales (which leads me to believe I was the only one reading it)
  • Bart Simpson is being outdone in mischief by the new kid at school
  • who's winning, the Punisher or the Marvel Universe?
  • can someone tell me the name of the hot chick on the cover of Angel #36?
Even some comics you usually mention like Chew and Cowboy Ninja Viking got no acknowledgment. I realize you guys can only read so much and are limited in time but when Superman #702 is talked about two podcasts in a row (not to mention all the other times the two-and-a-half issue arc has been brought up) and The Authority: The Lost Year #12 for example, which has Morrison co-writing, gets no mention at all it's sort of...repetitive?
(I did like Ex Machina getting mentioned though!)
Anyways, this is meant to be constructive criticism, I guess I just miss the segment where you go through your pull list and give a few words on everything...just to raise awareness. I mean my pick of the week is actually one of DC's Top 10 longest-running titles (excluding ones that changed names and kept numbering) but I doubt anyone has a clue what's going on in Hellblazer right now.
Posted by grayrick949

 tony + lotion ... cant get it out of head ....  argghhh 

Posted by Fabcomics

Hey, guys ! 
Just wanted to say that, each weeks, I'm looking forward to your podcast ! Every saturday morning (that's when it's available for me, coz i'm french ^^), your in my car, talking about comics ;) 
And each time Mr James Robinson is with you, it's such a delight, he sound like a really good guy.  
Now, I'm going to wish you a good saturday, while I finish mine with the rest of your podcast !

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Is it just me or is there quite a lot of somethin'-somethin' between James and Sara?
If this were a romantic comedy, they'd definitely be together in the third reel.  If it was a comic, Sara would probably wind up dead in a fridge.  Stay away Sara!

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I'm beginning to think James Robinson has become a full time member of Comic-Vine now. 
I would love to see him do an unscripted review sometime in the near future with Tony or Sara (or both).

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That was a killer podcast. I should check back more often. G-Man kept his promise, James Robinson came back on CV. The man rules.

Posted by RomaTotti10

Norm and James Robinson, I couldn't ask for more. What a great start to the weekend.  
Keep 'em coming. 
Great stuff.

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

I completely understand James take on the whole prosthetic arm bit and have a new found appreciation. Thanks James.

Posted by Blackestnight

g and babs are addicting

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Glad Mr. James Robinson returned for another Podcast installment!  
Regarding anthology comics, personally I have enjoyed them, and the prime example were the Dark Horse Presents titles which coincidentally introduced us to several characters and titles including Sin City.   I've also enjoyed DC's Showcase from time to time.  I like it when things are mixed up along with the regular ongoing titles.    

Byrne's run on Fantastic Four as always, top shelf amongst anything I've read in comics.  Regarding who may "perish" from the Fantastic Four, if its any of the mainstay 4, it will probably be an alternate future version readers have been fooled into thinking was a "regular" member or, as I suspect it will be Valeria Richards.  Although its been hinted one of the group will perish its never been said it couldn't be someone who isn't one of the main four.  I could be wrong, as I often am, but its just a guess.
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@Decept-O: The upcoming arc is also supposed to be called "Three." Makes you think one of the "Four" will be gone.
Posted by Decept-O
  (Just saw all the typos I had can't believe you deciphered my writing.  *sorry* )    OK looks like I'm in error, but I think the possibility is that one of the 4 we all know is in fact an alternate future version of one of the characters.  Probably a lame ass idea but hey its comics anything can happen.  Regarding Valeria, that's wishful thinking on my part.   
Maybe one of the four will be sent into the time stream where it appears he or she will perish?  The possibilities are endless with scenarios involving the Fantastic Four!
Posted by seanbooker

Could you guys please turn the master volume up on this podcast? I have it at max on my iPod and it's still too quiet when I'm walking or out biking. This week's was incredibly irritating since James Robinson's soft voice was almost inaudible. I've been listening for a few weeks now and the podcast is just too quiet (especially in comparison to the other Whiskey Media podcasts).

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James Robinson is the best guest.

Posted by Danial79

Love hearing "insider" info from James!

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@falcomadol said:
" Is it just me or is there quite a lot of somethin'-somethin' between James and Sara?  
It's just you. Trust me.