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Happy time, I loves me some CV podcast. I'm very interested in the herald of Galactus answers.

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The Thor footage looked like it was grasping for a premise.  
With Robert Rodriguez he has a habit of getting movies made quick so he could do Deadpool quickly.  
GMan is talking about a novel by Brad Meltzer The Book of Lies. He wrote Identity Crisis and the first issues of Justice League of America and Green Arrow. 
Catwoman is not a guarantee in Batman 3 it's a rumor from comicbookmovie.com even Batman-On-Film.com  said she could be in Batman 3 but said comicbookmovie.com is mostly B.S. Christopher Nolan does the stories and makes the villains and not some marketing people.  The arc could be Batman's mental transformation. I don't think Riddler should be the villain but Black Mask. 
Christopher Nolan has said he is a fan of Batman but did not read the comics he did research some stuff but that's why he hired David Goyer since he knows comics. 
Deadshot is not dead. 
There is the belief that Dick will continue as Batman for Batman Inc.. 
Wally showed up Magog I believe.

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I don't see what the difference is between showing 100 people at Comic Con the Thor trailer and showing the entire world.
Lets see if I can explain Green Lantern:
Hal Jordan is a fighter pilot chosen by an intergalactic police force to become a intergalactic peace keeper called a Green Lantern, who uses their green lantern rings to protect the universe.
If you go into detail about Iron Man it can get muddy too, Tony Stark is the son of an inudustrialist.  He is egotistical and selfish and a womanizer.  He goes to a war zone, gets kidnapped.  They want him to make a weapon for them.  He makes a suit of armor.
Hal is a fighter pilot who is chosen by a dying alien to take his ring and become the new Green Lantern of Earth.
Its sort of simple, he is a space cop.  It is a little more detailed, and maybe to someone who doesn't read comics it might be like X-men 1 (all the exposition).
I think the thing that makes Iron Man better is that its more down to earth and possibly more realistic.
Tony Stark is a born genius, he creates armor.
An intergalactic space cop and the corp, his battery and ring and constructs.  That is more unreal and also a little harder to explain.

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yeah well i think Spider-man does not need to pull a deadpool and be in every single team. he is already busy with himself AND being in the main Avengers group. I think Scott Pilgrim is a great story its simple and clever. i know he did not expect it. I agree, that this wolverine in a deadpool costume is stupid.

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@ArtisticNeedham said:
" I don't see what the difference is between showing 100 people at Comic Con the Thor trailer and showing the entire world. 
Well, like a few billion people... 
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Awesome podcast like usual. :)

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@johnny spam said:

GMan is talking about a novel by Brad Meltzer The Book of Lies. "
Thank you. And I didn't think Deadshot was dead...
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very nice
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I think Sara has a good point about Talia being a bit more usable in the third Nolan Batman movie franchise in comparison to Catwoman.   
I love, love, love Catwoman but in this movie universe of Nolan's regarding Batman, I can see Talia and definitely Riddler in some capacity (and again, I also agree not the over the top version) as the intelligent, malevont criminal mastermind he is.  
Although I'd love Catwoman in a possible future Batman movie, that has to be said!
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@*Girl of Steel* said:
" Awesome podcast like usual. :) "
              I agree with that.
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I think the main reason "The Spectacular Spider-man TV series" was cancelled because season 2 first aired in Canada before it was shown in the US. And when you got torrent sites it isn't hard to guess why the the show didn't have so many viewers when it finally was released. I also remember there being some internal problems but I don't remember what exactly that was about.  
You forgot to answer the question in Marvel's new teaser: "Who will be the new Man Without Fear after Shadowland": The Black Panther, the Falcon, Nova and Gambit.
Awesome podcast as always. 

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I can see the X-men movie following the X-Men/Wolverine movie time line.  Xavier finds these mutants (Cyclops, Banshee, and Emma Frost included) (and maybe Darwin and the others were there too) at Weapon X.  They come back to the mansion and receive training and only some of them stay and become X-men.
I'd rather it be a reboot though, but I can see them fit it in.
My idea for Batman's story in the third, and I guess maybe Talia can be used instead of Catwoman and change the story a little more, but
Batman is falling deeper and deeper into the darkness.  He no longer has Gordon to turn to, he doesn't really talk to Fox anymore, and he rarely talks to Alfred.  He spends more and more time as Batman and less time as Bruce.  But at the same time he hates being Batman, and his attacks on crime have become more aggressive and reckless.  Part of this could be him flirting with a criminal, Catwoman, who he knows he shouldn't but can't help himself.
Her part becomes like her role in JLA: the Nail or Batman: Hush, where she becomes a bigger part of his life than anyone would have thought.  She becomes more trustworthy than excpected since she started out as someone not to be trusted at all.
Riddler's role would be like the Jokers, he is a narcasistic psychopath who leaves clues/notes/riddles for the cops and Batman because he has to show that HE is the smartest there is, and this would give Batman a chance to show off his scientist/detective side.
Penguin would be taking over the mobs of Gotham, taking the part of the mobsters in Dark Knight.  He is a normal mobster who dresses in a tuxedo and likes birds. It would show the escalation of things.  Lat film they showed the crime families worried about "Freak" criminals like the Joker or the Batman replacing them, so in this film Penguin represents the shift in that direction.  He is still human but sort of more "freak" than the usual crime bosses.
The point of the story would be Batman's fall into hopeless darkness and the need to save him.  His Bat-Family, Alfred, Gordon, Fox, and now Catwoman, would help him reach the other side of the darkness and reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
If Talia is used the story would need to change a little, but I had an idea about that too.
What if they go the Batman/Superman Generations rout?  Have Batman marry (or at least team up) Talia and take over the empire once rules by her father Ras only to turn it into a sort of army to save Gotham instead of kill it like they did in the first one?
(I remember when everyone thought that other guy was Ras, and the studio had to make toys of him to keep the secret.  So I think its possible that they will use an unknown enemy if Nolan says to.)
I'm ticked off because of HOW they left things,
Gwen in a forced dysfunctional relationship with a scheming Harry Osborn who manipulated her into staying with him even though she wants to be with peter.  Norman heading to some island for hiding, and Peter Parker sad and lonely.
They were clearly leaving the audience hanging so that they would return for the next season but there is none.
Also its like they are canceling the series and replacing it with the Ultimate series because the new movie is following the Ultimate version.  Which I guess I get, but I would rather they finished things in the Spectacular series first.
I don't get why they canceled Brave and the Bold though, it was good and getting good ratings right?
Why replace it with another show then?
Smallville season 10:
Granny Goodness
Baron Vundabar
Pa Kent
who else?

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Green Lantern is going to flop or be a middling successful.  Let's be frank, he is a character that average guy knows nothing about and his power is hardly has that cool factor.  Why they skipped over other more memorable and easy to translate like The Flash or Wonder Woman just kills me.  Both of those characters are iconic, have great powers and costumes and I think WW in particular is a goldmine waiting for the right treatment. A great female superhero film would really standout from the pack.  
I am sorry guys but Catwoman is a must for the third film.  Tim Burton did nothing but trash Batman and what he did to Catwoman was shameful.  Not only did he make her blonde but he took away her power made her nothing more than a damaged and weak girl that needed to be saved.  It was completely offensive and demeaning to the power of the character. 
With Batman on the run from the law, Catwoman makes a great match. 
Any story line with  Ra's al Ghul would be a mistake.  You have to look at the movies within the context of the world created within those movies. They never established that Ra's al Ghul was actually immortal.  They did not show, mention or even imply the existing o the Lazarus Pits, etc. At best they implied that he was part of a secret society that had been around for thousands years but not that he was around all that time. Tying back into that story line would only confuse the audience and would not fit the gritty real word feel of the Nolan films.  Anything mystical or magically would just come off cheesy.

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THANKS FOR THE TIM DRAKE LOVE!!!! Allot of people seem to think he's at the bottom of the totem pole because he is technically one of  the worst combat wise of the Bat family. But Tim is a master detective and tactician, and those are the two qualities that separate Batman from every other fighter out there. When one is explaining why Batman wins matchups, they always turn to His strategy and intellect, not his ability to flip around kicking people.

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Lol at the thought that studios are "run by guys in their late 30s," or that folks in their late 30s don't understand viral/new media marketing. Way off base.
And how exactly are Guy Ritchie movies "impenetrable"? There's nothing terribly cerebral about any of his films.

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" @*Girl of Steel* said:
" Awesome podcast like usual. :) "
              I agree with that. "