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Comic-Con will be crazy this year and a happy vacation day to Babs.

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About bloody time Ana returned to the podcasts! Norm is always welcome too.
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" happy vacation day to Babs. "
Plus this.
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RUMOR: Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.
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aww darn it for not liking marvel cosmos I LOVE Guardians of the galaxy :(

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Nice. I'm looking forward to listening.

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@G-Man: I will tell you that was Batman who shot Darkseid Superman recovered the clone and thought it was Batman that same clone was the Black Lantern batman. 
Superman 701 was pretty good it is not an action piece, he stops a drug dealer he saves a woman from suicide and let's think about Superman had a year's worth of interplanetary action and it did not work it failed so let's read it before judging by one issue.    
Kirby Genesis will star characters that Kirby created that were his own and not made for other characters. 
Ryan Reynolds does not have the look for Wally West since that character is suppose to be a normal guy and Ryan Reynolds does not look like that. 

Chuck is coming back and it has been an excellent show for the past two years Tom Welling should not play Superman Zachary Levi could play a good Superman but that was a rumor. 
Batman with the supernatural is a strong connection to the character his first villain was a vampire werewolf it has been a strong connection to Batman and has had multiple supernatural villains it matches him.

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ana is hawt

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/bangs head on desk

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Sara is missed on this podcast but YAY! for Ana and Norm as guest stars!
Comic-Con: I am excited for this year... This will be my 4th year!
A little scared for what will happen and what I will do this year, but I am still excited... 
Convention Center Food is BAD!!! Check out SDCC Survival Guide(<Blog PLUG>) I usually go by myself, but it would be fun to have more people with me... 
Too bad there are not a lot of Panel coverage but... still exciting!!!
X-Men: Second Coming Finale: I literally just read this before listening to this podcast!
I hope Nightcrawler stays dead since I literally felt worse for his death than Cable's death... If Cable comes back or doesn't I don't care...
I was bothered with the different artists, especially with Chapter 2 because Chapter 1's art was so beautiful and Chapter 2's art was a HUGE change of style which bothered me... I still give this book a 4.5 out of 5 (I think this deserves a long overdue Video Review on my part)
X-Men #1: I haven't read it.... La La La La La La! Not Listening! 
Uncanny X-Force:
Psylocke somehow doesn't fit... Archangel's wings fix themselves... don't they? Deadpool makes total sense!
Domino should be part of the team and the Deadpool/Domino relationship could be explored even further coming from the Deadpool story when he wanted to be part of the X-Men... 

Apocalypse: Is back on the Avengers' title...
A Hope for New Generation:
Probably related to the ending of Second Coming!
Sex and Violence: Haven't read it... will though..
Thanos Imperative: I reacted like Ana with the Ugh on the Space Book!!! I just couldn't sorry!
Sadly I am not very fond of the characters in the story anyway but I do love the Preview Theater you guys recorded!
Superman #701: Haven't read it, but the story doesn't make me want to read it...
Batman #701: Haven't read it and I won't read it because I didn't read Final Crisis or RIP, so this would be a waste for me to read... Although I could read the CV database to know what happened in Final Crisis and RIP!
Bucky as Cap: I like Bucky as Captain America, but I agree with Tony he comes off as really dumb, but I like how he's written in Second Coming...
Recent Ultimate Spider-Man: Chameleon is new in Ultimate so I guess that is understandable... I do agree I didn't like Kitty as Shroud... that was totally out of character!
ASM Grim's Hunt:
This last issue was WOW!!! I i did have some issues with the book, but I liked the story overal... This story arc really created a good idea for a drawing... I am going to get working on it... It's going to be big!
OMIT: Can't wait for this!
Invincible Iron Man: Why does Pepper bothers you Tony?
Heroic Age: Uncanny X-Men: I like Fraction's writing, I haven't read this series, but Power Princess should be a brat... shouldn't she? 
I met Fraction on my first Comic-Con he's a really cool guy, he made time to talk to me for a while talking to me about his title at the time which I think was the Order.
X-Men: First Class: Ugh!
Psylocke on X3: Actually Psylocke being killed could be the ideal moment to transfer her on another body... There were a lot of moments on X3 that could have been fixed on a 4th movie like this...
Garfield as Spider-Man:
I have nothing to say about this guy... but please no Twilight-esque!!!!
Alex Ross: I think his name has become so big that interiors are not needed to pay bills!
Ed Norton No More!: I liked Ed Norton as Banner, but I trust that they will make a good decision for the Avengers movie... It does bothers me when you change actors for a role (i.e. War Machine) but like I said I trust Marvel, so far they have been doing an awesome job on the movies that have come out...
Thor: I like the costumes!! Loki looks cool... just needs his helmet!
The dome looked cool, but I think Tony is right Asgard exteriors might be CG... The movie is looking god-like rather than Viking-like, which is what I thought was going to be like, but I still like it...
I think it's going to be a lot more earth centered because it would be easier to tell a story here on earth than on a make believe world.
GL Costume: The light-up muscles look weird... no white gloves and painted mask. To be honest it's so so not really excited for it but its okay.
Superman: Know nothing about this... There's a new movie being made?
Tom Welling for Superman:
He looks the part... but he knows not how to act...
Supergirl back to Smallville:
Woot! (I agree break the rule!) 
Ghost Rider 2: I'll watch it... not exactly excited for this but yeah! 
I always said that the problem with Nic Cage is that he is too famous for the role, if you are playing a superhero then you should expect to be known only for that role better than the rest...
Jessica Alba is forever known for FF and Sin City while Robert Downey Jr. is now known only for Iron Man... same thing Nic does so many known characters Ghost Rider doesn't overpower these characters.
Angelina Jolie @ SDCC:
They looks so good they make me want to collect them! but I won't... (especially the JLA one)
SHS: The TV show is so awesome, for some reason this is made for kids but I love it... (I'm a kid! duh!) Inside jokes are always cool!
Toy Story 3: Ana needs to get out of the Whiskey offices and watch the movie! 
David Finch on Batman: I love his art! but like I said when the announcement happened... Which will be the main Batman title?
I probably will buy this just for the art since I am such a huge fan of this guy!
Return of the Black Lanterns:
Probably all of those revived characters will become BL for good.. or as a side effect!
Scooby Doo new show: I want to watch this show!!! Although Shaggy and Velma is weird combination!
You just have to love those 70's clothes... although I remember a movie some time ago when the clothes were updated, and they looked just like their 70s clothes but were still 2000's fashionable clothes with Fred with a polo shirt and Velma with an even shorter skirt...
Arana as Spider-Girl: Nooooo! I like the Arana name, gives Marvel an international flavor to the Marvel U... What will happen to Young Allies then? (Can you tell my laptop doesn't have an "enie")
Damian in Teen Titans: I like the character but.... IDK!

Death's in comics: Um... I guess Gwen and Uncle Ben is the only character that is still dead!
Jean is not dead! She is alive, after Endsong she just went to the White Hot Room! She is still alive!!! Not dead! She is healing in the room!
Affairs: Psychic affairs are the future... weird! Ewww!
Gwen Stacy: Ugh! I didn't like this story, but it did like the repercussions of it, I like the Sarah and Gabriel characters... They are really awesome characters... 
Sarah became an interesting character over at Paris she is a Police officer or something!
Lilly Hollister: That was a worse Ewww! Because she was in on the lie... while Gwen was taken advantage of!
Thanks for the awesome podcast guys this was a lot of fun!
See you guys next week!
PS: (Ana can do it!)

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Thanks once again for bringing us the best comic's podcast on the net.
It was nice having Norm on the podcast. He has a lot of background knowledge and some good opinions. Norm you need to drop Tested.com and come over here to ComicVine.
I think the podcast could get even better if you all did just a few minutes of research on the different topics you were going to discuss before recording the podcast. That way it would sound a little more professional when you discussed the different movie actors. G-Man always names the casting of a movie and Babs (and in this cast Ana) many times replies "I don't know who that is?"
Keep up to great work and have a good Comiccon.

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Great podcast you guys!!!!! :D

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I had an idea about Spider-Man, if they changed it back.  Just an idea.
What if Peter and MJ get back together, taking it slow, and when they finally get serious and kiss they both remember everything.  That they were married, nearly had a child together, that harry died, that Peter revealed is identity to the world, that Kingpin nearly killed Aunt May, all of it.  They both remember everything but no one else does.  So to everyone else Peter and MJ never got married and recently they started dating.
So that way you sort of get both, Peter and Mj together (maybe taken back by all that memory and still taking things slow seeing where it goes) and you get all the new stuff like Aunt May back to not knowing, harry alive, new villains.  All that.
Just an idea.
And the plot would be that even with the devil, Mephisto, keeping them apart they will still end up together.
Mr. Sinister would be a good villain because he has ties to Magneto's past (was a Nazi scientist who experimented with blood nick named the Vampire) and ties to Cyclops and Havoc ( who they mentioned too I think).  And if they are making this a spin off from the Wolverine movie and a prequal to the original X-men movies, he could have ties to Weapon X.
I think this might be a spin off from Wolverine and Weapon X, Banshee was rescued from there along with Emma and Cyclops.
And Beast was mentioned being one of the original X-Men.
I would prefer a reboot, but...
 The only episode I remember of Ghost Writer was when there was some Comic Book Contest and some thief stole something dressed as the villain, I think he called himself the Red Hood and his costume was a red hoodie thing.  And they had some comic drawings in it too.

 I just realized how much Kurt Busiek stuff I own.  Astro City, Avengers forever, Avengers with George Perez, etc.  

Jack Kirby list of characters he had a hand in creating:
  Jack Kirby's Creations List

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I really prefer these episodes where its just the crew sitting around chatting over episodes like the last one where they interview some guy who seems really bored.  I couldn't even get through the Ron Marz episode.  The James Robinson one, however, is the best but thats because it wasn't a standard interview where the guest shills his latest crap for an hour over skype with poor audio quality.

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I love the podcast, its funny and informative.
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@Derfla.Y.Levolcmp said:
" I really prefer these episodes where its just the crew sitting around chatting over episodes like the last one where they interview some guy who seems really bored.  I couldn't even get through the Ron Marz episode.  The James Robinson one, however, is the best but thats because it wasn't a standard interview where the guest shills his latest crap for an hour over skype with poor audio quality. "
Agreed 100%. I don't not appreciate the effort, I'm just more interested in their opinions on things in particular.
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What is the best website to buy Trades from that will ship to Australia? And also what is the number of Trades sold of a particular comic to the individual issues? 
Love the podcast and I wish I had more time to read comics!