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"going to the bathroom in a Jim Lee toilet "  

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Thank god there is a podcast this week. I was getting some bad withdrawal from missing it. 
EDIT: Sara please always talk INTO the mic. Tony sounds like the voice of God with how loud I need my speakers to be to hear you.
I'd also like it if Brutally Honest was actually on the site but I can see why you would put it on YouTube.
Oh dear god!! I'm pretty sure I'm now deaf because of that song you played. You'll be "hearing" from my lawyer....

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lol just looked up the x-men toilet acutallly looks pretty good
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I get annoyed when comic book talents take shots at other books. 
Sara, did you not know about the HEAT threats against Ron Marz? Still this whole generation is not much better it's stupid when they scream at characters dying without knowing it can happen like Ryan Choi's death getting a bunch of internet bloggers panties in a bunch. 
Chris Columbus will not direct the next Superman film it was a rumor.  http://www.collider.com/2010/07/09/superman-chris-columbus-not-offered-direct-rumor-debunked/ 
Ever since I showed my brother that Shadowland video it got stuck in my damn head.  
It's cool that Death will show up again she is one of my favorite characters but Lex Luthor in Action does not seem wise the numbers have dropped allot since Superman was taken out of the comic and the first issue did not do allot and many Superman fans think it is wrong that he is absent from the book. 
As for Batman and Joker in Gotham and crime the idea is that Batman was made because of them Batman is the result of crime while Joker is a result of Batman making it circular like The Dark Knight Batman is not cause the of violence or crime in Gotham the people will blame him for that even if it is not his fault. 

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How is the new podcast room with no ventilation in it?  I can sell you a portable ac unit on wheels at a low low price.  heheh

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You guys worked with out pay? how does that work?

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Babs I think you need to tune up your microphone, had problems hearing what you said. G-man's microphone was fine. Love everything that has to do with top cow^^

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@Psyker star said:
" You guys worked with out pay? how does that work? "
             I know it most make the day go by slower.
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Cool Podcast! The best Comic one there is!  Thank you for making it CV!  

Ron Marz was interesting.   I disagree with some of what he said, in regarding death in Marvel and DC, but for Top Cow it is different and something I can appreciate. I am really looking forward to Artifacts.  He seems like a pretty cool dude!
Brutally Honest is really good too. I am happy its on You Tube as well. My Comicvine account glitches sometimes, so... One a day sounds like way to much work though.  
Crazy characters for X-Men movie? I can't personally see this as either a good or bad thing on the surface. I don't think how the teams in a movie, line up in canon regarding comics, should be as or more important that the say characterization. So if ages are messed around a bit, but the characters are portrayed in captivating and interesting ways, and say you have three to four big name characters? (Like Cyclops, Emma, Magneto etc) then the rest of the cast can be a bit more quirky and unexpected relative to say again. Cyclops, Emma, Magneto etc roles, and characters like Madrox (done well) would be wicked.  
I love that version/character of Death. I posted this elsewhere and it sums up my thoughts.   I don't mind it, I probably won't like it, or at least aren't expecting to, in any great degree, however its easier enough to tell myself this is an "alt reality" version of the character. Or what I really mean to say, is I don't have to see this appearance as being a necessary or say canonical aspect of the character if I think it mars my view of them. Art is great though too.  Yey Print out poster size for wall! 
Batman and Gotham. I agree with Johnny Spam, that was nicely stated. I believe Batman understands this too. Just right now, his presence as he sees it, is needed more than it isn't, and I do think he is making headway so hypothetically at some point, he could stand down. (but never will cause of his damn popularity) almost similar to how like Reed hasn't solved poverty, cancer and all that.  

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If I don't like whats going on in the comic I don't buy it, and may fume about it, but Death Threats?  There is never an excuse to threaten another person's life.  Especially over fictional stories and characters.
Why can't those people just pretend that those stories never happened?
And sometimes, because people are unwilling to give change a chance they miss out on the great stories coming from those changes.  Like Peter and MJ's split, I was appossed.  I ignored it and never bought them, till later and I read Brand New Day- Election Day, and they are awesome stories.
X-Men toilet?  I liked what  John Leguizamo showed in his Cribs episode on MTV, he lined his bathroom with comic book wallpaper, gluing up actual comic pages.  Thats cool, because then you can look at that while using the facilities.  Thats what you guys should do instead.
I like the Brutally Honest segments.  I like your video stuff, more videos and podcasts.  I mean, when you can.
Villains inspired by Heroes?  I think neither really inspires the other.  If a guy can get super powers and choose to be good then a guy on the other end could choose to use the same powers for evil.  I think it how a person chooses to use those powers comes from how they were raised, their childhood and their surroundings.  Most people don't think they are evil, but their actions can be.
I think that heroes don't inspire villains, most of the time.  I have read where Cap was created because of the Red Skull, as a response to him.  And Bucky was created as a counter to the Hitler Youth, but I think it comes down to, most of the time, to the fact that people have free will and if you are saying that a person gains powers and because they are a good person they become a superhero, then another person can also gain powers and because they aren't a good person they become a villain.
Its just like in real life, there are some good people and some  people who choose to be bad.

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@SlickyMike88 said:
"Babs I think you need to tune up your microphone, had problems hearing what you said. G-man's microphone was fine. Love everything that has to do with top cow^^ "

Yeah Babs your audio level off but otherwise a fun podcast.  More videos here would be cool.
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So I checked out some information on GiantBombs latest podcast and Comics.   The only difference I see is that Giant is recording in 64bit mono and yalls are in 128bit stereo. Yet the quality is a pretty big difference.   Have you guys tried using the 64bit mono settings?

128     ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||      100.0%

Type                : mpeg 1 layer III
Bitrate             : 128
Mode                : joint stereo
Frequency           : 44100 Hz
Frames              : 200558
Length              : 01:27:19
Av. Reservoir       : 462
Emphasis            : none
Scalefac            : 2.4%
Bad Last Frame      : no
Encoder             : FhG (fastenc or mp3enc)
Lame Header         : No


 64     ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||      100.0%

Type                : mpeg 1 layer III
Bitrate             : 64
Mode                : mono
Frequency           : 44100 Hz
Frames              : 326998
Length              : 02:22:21
Av. Reservoir       : 298
Emphasis            : none
Scalefac            : 1.9%
Bad Last Frame      : no
Encoder             : FhG (fastenc or mp3enc)
Lame Header         : No

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Great podcast guys, G-man thank you, thanks to the entire crew, I really wanted to know about the Artifacts arc.