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I love when James Robinson is on the podcast! And it was perfect timing for the podcast to come up, I have a long drive to the hospital. Oh and by the way, the longer the better. Some people say it's about girth but not when it comes to podcasts....wait what.
Thanks guys!!
EDIT: And one thing about the podcast is that it's always way to quiet. I have my volume at the max and it's still hard to hear sometimes.

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Thanks for doing this Gang! James Robison should be cast as "The World's most interesting man". This was awesome.

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James Robinson? Longest ever podcast? You're spoiling me CV!

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 It was interesting to hear James Robinson talk how the film of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen became different.     

 I am glad James Robinson is doing The Shade series you always hear announcements about projects that never come or come five years to late so it's cool to know it's coming.  
The complaints of Wolverine Origins and Iron Man 2 are why I am skeptical about an Avengers film even seeing the light of day and if it does would it be liked? 

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@Crono11 said:
 EDIT: And one thing about the podcast is that it's always way to quiet. I have my volume at the max and it's still hard to hear sometimes. "
Very true. 
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Gary Busey would be a funny Doctor Strange

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Hi Mr. Robinson! I agree with Babs it's always a pleasure having you on the podcast! 
Superman #700: I haven't read this issue (WANT TO!) and the Unscripted Review is not up yet!
Does anybody else think that the last season of Smallville was trying a lot to follow the New Krypton storyline? I haven't read any of the New Krypton but the more people describe it I think of the most recent season. 
Lois calling Supes' "Baby" might be taken weird or be 'uncomfortable' because Lois' character is very uptight and not tender at all. I mean MJ saying 'Baby' is very normal for her character but not Lois... but that's what I think.
Parasite's affair w/ Lex: ¡O_o ! ¡O_o ! ¡O_o !
Purple & Green: Lex Luthor also wears a lot of Purple and Green!
HULK's purple pants: I think the reason his pants don't rip was because when Hulk first appeared the Comics Code of Authority didn't allow nude characters on pages. As far as a reasonable explanation goes... I've got nothing :P
Tweety Bird: I always rooted for Tweety because of his traditional line, but I really don't remember the naked Tweety... Road Runner got on my nerves for some reason, but that doesn't mean I rooted for the Coyote.
Hulk Movies: I loved the transition panels in the original movie, but I liked the Incredible Hulk movie better for the actors, the effects and the story. The Hulk movie was very dull, although I have to admit Hulk fighting giant dogs was weird!
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: I liked the movie, I have no bad opinion of the movie, but that's probably because I haven't read any of the comics... and because Mr. Robinson said so I will read the comics! *For some reason I like calling him Mr. Robinson*
Hollywood's Story Changes: I think that it all depends on HOW MUCH is changed. I mean Spider-Man and Batman Begins is not exactly like the origin in the comics, there are some changes, but the movies were good! 
FOX's Marvel Comics Movies: (I love the debate) ^^ Like I mentioned ^^ it's about how much was changed and in the case for movies like X3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Elektra A LOT was changed. 
My question is, don't all media releases focused on profit? (even Marvel) So if it is, wouldn't it be better for the profit focus to also include correct story? I understand things like putting Megan Fox or put in Channing Tatum in a movie for the "pretty front" to attract audience but the story does not need to suffer for it!
Green Hornet Trailer: I thought he was a schmuck in the trailer, but I translated it as if that's how the character's supposed to be.
Scott Pilgrim: I haven't read any of these, what I want to know is if I should not read any of these and watch the movie, then read the books...
Shade Series: Question, (I might have missed this before) Is this Shade series based on the Suicide Squad Vertigo character?
Adamantium vs Supes' skin:
Qs from Twitter: Huh?
Robinson's IM2 perspective:
I agree that Whiplash's story could have been explored even more, but please don't compare this movie with Wolverine... this was a good movie!
Digital DC Comics:
This is great because DC Comics is  "catching up" but I still haven't read a single Digital Comic Book. What I don't understand is if you would be able to take the image from the comic book and save just that one image on your computer.
10-Min Marvel Movies:
If what Mr. Robinson says about doing a "recap page" on those 10 minute movies were to be done, wouldn't be too much like Star Wars? I agree with Tony's idea to do one on maybe Moon Knight or Daredevil, as long as he has a mask then you don't need to worry about the casting choice for the full length movie.
Doctor Strange Movie:
Patrick Dempsey might not be able to pull off "creepy". I love how you guys are casting the actors for the movie! XD
X3: I agree it was a good movie but it was not a good Comic Book Movie...
The Return of Bruce Wayne: Haven't read the story... Please don't hate me! 
Birds of Prey: I really want to read this... again please don't hate me for not reading this... YET!
Nightcrawler's Death: I agree with Sara and Tony, Fraction's funeral was not as touching as Mike Choi's silent art
Second Coming:
Like I commented on the Unscripted video: 

"At first I thought this story 'event' was going to be about Hope and the X-Men reuniting, but that happened in chapter 6 (I think) so I see no point of this story other than the fact that it's a huge battle. 
Although I hope that the ending is satisfactory for the 14 Chapters that are of this story..."

Collab Work: I'm not a writer but as far as art goes, I had did some collab work and the problem with the fact that I could not keep drawing because I had no idea what the character was wearing in the last page, so I had to wait. I'm not saying it's bad but it sometimes becomes frustrating.
Superman Walkin': I want him to walk through Tijuana, Baja California Mexico. :P (but yeah JMS needs to go there so he can write it in)
@Babs: I have a question for you, What would your opinion be if when Bruce comes back and Dick continues being Batman? I know your opinion now, but what would your opinion be if? "Too Bad"? or what?
Robinson's Fav Female Character: Why Black Widow? 
Twitter 140 Characters: I don't like that I'm stuck sometimes with my cut-off tweets! I agree that sometimes people hide behind the internet when doing a lot of criticism. (This coming from a person who has been stalked on the internet!)
I hate that in these podcasts I don't understand a lot because I read more Marvel than DC, and these podcasts make me regret I read more Marvel than DC, (which is also good) but I am already so into those Marvel books that when it comes to deciding what to buy in my low budget usually goes to the Marvel series I'm reading.
DC Animated Movies:
I haven't seen the WW and GL movies I haven't even seen the WWH. So I am behind on my animated watching, but I'm poor... but does not make it right to steal the movies!
SDCC '10: I am relatively new to Cons (I think this year will be my 4th year) but in these few years I've been going the immediate change of Media-Oriented events really surprised me (Twilight is mainly at fault!) but I mean 4 years ago I bought my tickets one day before the Con, the next year I had to buy them on on e-Bay because it was sold out. 
I find it funny that C2E2 (Chicago Comics Entertainment Expo) was more about Comics than SDCC (San Diego Comic Con).
Walking Dead: I haven't read the book and maybe that's why I'm not that interested on the TV series...
TiVo: Sora - $ = :(
Dark Hair:
Yes! No! Yes! No! Yes! No! - LOL!
The Last Airbender: I want to see that! Sadly for me the movie is coming out until August 20th rather than July 1st.
Unbreakable: I saw that movie like a year or two years ago, I loved it but I don't understand how a sequel would work.
Company Crossovers:
I totally agree "Fun but not worth it"... because Spider-Man doesn't ever acknowledge that he met Superman... 
The Marvel and Top Cow crossover was a story I wanted to read.. was it good?
Female Doctor Who: That would be interesting! 
Wonder Woman Movie:
Just make a good WW movie or none at all!
Conan Movie: Haven't seen the pics
Megan Fox in Gen13: Ugh! But a Gen13 movie would be interested... 

Akira PG-13: Haven't seen the Anime
Super Heroes dating Super Heroes:
I think dating a normal person makes the Super Heroes make come down from their little ego cloud!
Comic Book Servants:
Yeah I want one too!
Wasp and Ant-Man Rumors:
Are probably just Rumors! 
Suicide Girls:
Can we read the story James Robinson wrote? I want to read that!
They should report them if they are doing illegal stuff but if there's no proof then why are they banned if there's no proof?
Babs pull a Lois Lane and get to the bottom of the story!
Magneto Cast: Until I see him in the movie I'll give my opinion...

Woah! that was a long comment (but it was also a long podcast), sorry for rambling on! :P but thank you for the long podcast I loved it!
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Loved it.  It's always an enjoyable Podcast when James Robinson is a guest.   
Looking forward to Ron Marz!
Good luck with the move, hope it all works out. 

 l loves James Robinson's work but this my first time hearing his voice  l didn't know he  was British   
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BABS I'M WITH YOU ON THE GREEN HORNET MOVIE. to me it looked like such a, how do u say it, made to be bada$$ film like Jonah Hex. i'm just so weary of these movies i cant go in them with high hopes and then be dissapointed. But then again i haven't read a lick of Green Hornet in my lifetime it just didnt look like that much of a good film to me.
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I agree with Sarah for the films in general. Hollywood is going to play out comics without giving them the proper representation until the mass market is sick of them. Just jamming whatever "actors" are popular at the time into inappropriate roles in a desperate cash grab.

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 Bravo, for Romance!!
I have never thought about the analogy of "war torn lovers" for the Superman story. I really like that idea. Bravo!!
Nothing wrong with romance. Not at all.
"Baby" is with the times? What times, the 80s? I have no trouble with terms of endearment. That one feels so cliche. Though, in retrospect. There are  a lot worse choices.
Oh, Tweety Bird is back again.
I COMPLETELY agree with Robinson on the first Hulk movie. They got far to art film with the movie and it became far too intellectual with it. The Edward Norton one felt far better.
I enjoyed League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie. It's not world class art, but it was fun. The Tom Sawyer part never made sense to me. As a Sherlock Holmes fan. I liked the touch of adding James Moriarty.
I'm with Babs on Wolverine's Origins. There were so many characters that didn't have to be there. Gambit wasn't needed, and Emma didn't have to be Silver Fox's sister.
Babs is playing so much Devil's Advocate. Her law school experience is showing well.
Couldn't the Muramasa Blades of Daken pierce Superman? It was magic.
What about Gary Oldman for Dr. Strange?
If I remember correctly. In the Justice League Unlimited series. Batman wsn't really much of an official member of the Justice League. He more financed the group and happen to work with them from time to time.
When it comes to Batman. Bruce Wayne is Batman. NO OTHER.
Comic Con is starting to feel more and more like a Pop-culture Con.
Anime Vice used to have podcasts too, but those far too often dragged on to the point where they started to get boring. I haven't listened to the Giant Bomb podcasts.
DC Universe seems to exists just left of reality. Their cities are really made up towns for the most part. Marvel Universe seems, oddly enough, more reality based. Since the events take place in real cities. One thing I couldn't stand about Marvel Universe is how there are sooo many characters based in the greater New York area. I loved it when the X-Men moved to San Fransisco.

If Paradise Island is the thing that is always changing. Doesn't it start to eclipse the characters who live in it? The story becomes more about what is happening to the island and how the amazons react to it. 
That Suicide Girl story sounds all kind of fishy. I have the same question that if this issue is just an excuse to deny them. Were they looking for a reason to deny? I have issues with anonymous sources accusing other parties of crimes. This person is accusing them of a crime. If they lack evidence of that. It sounds closer to slander.
This almost closed at the 2:09:20 mark, but didn't end till 2:23:18.
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Scott Pilgrim is awesome, but Michael cant-spell-his-last-name will be awful  

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James Robinson recently tweeted that he and his wife had a threesome with a post-op transexual who he thought was just a hot ballerina.

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I have been waiting all week for this. James Robinson knows his stuff and really brings something very special to the podcast when he's on. Thanks for doing this I really loved it. 
Also Mr. Robinson, I really like your comics and they are pretty much always on my pull list. 
Keep up the fantastic work.

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I've really enjoying these podcast you guys! Keep 'em up!!! :D

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Awesome to have James on the show again! Easily one of my favorite DC writers currently.  It's also nice to have an episode where G-Man doesn't say anything too stupid from time to time.

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I'm new to these podcasts, do you always start them off in Mcdonalds and walk to the studio.
 There was a lot of background noise, people talking and stuff.
Maybe next week you could find a broom closet or something it would be big improvement.
 I did enjoy it though, looking forward to next weeks.

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"  l loves James Robinson's work but this my first time hearing his voice  l didn't know he  was British    "
to avoid these kind of surprises in the future I recommend you automatically assume all the great comic writers are British (because they are)
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I thought about what Jim Robinson said regarding comments and criticism in person vs. on-line. I think that many people (I am guilty about this as well) have taken anonymity to be a guard against receiving heat for harsh words online. Its true that many people are just too cavalier with how they express they're distaste of certain ideas, approaches, and attempts in comics. I, for one, will think more seriously about my comments online from now on, out of respect to those I may offend by criticizing other's work. I am an actor, and, as an artist, I completely understand the impact of criticism. In person, people CAN be respectful, but anonymity can allow people for a more visceral and uncensored channel for critical opinions. I think with more time, people can develop etiquette online that is more respectful of other people's feelings and positions on any topic.
With that said, I really enjoy podcasts with Jim Robinson. And, although I am also a cinephile, I think that the focus should be pulled more often and directed at comics more often than letting the discussions digress into talk of media and Stephen King. Looking forward to more Jim Robinson podcasts!
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I'm glad that James called you out on the fact that you barely talked about comics this week it is really annoying to listen to a comic podcast that has shown many times before that it really can't stand the constant stream of X men first class rumours but insists on bring it up in every podcast. I'm not trying to attack the show but it is just a thing that has been bugging me for quite a while.

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There should an ONLY  James Robinson and Babs podcast. They' are so cute together.

Perfect couple!!!! 
They should totally date in the future.

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next time Robinson's on the podcast Babs needs to do the whole thing in her British accent!

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Nice podcast again guys..  Always great interviews with James.
I did noticed that you guys went back to the old sound board because the sound levels went waaaaay way down again.  You and babs sounded like you are talking into James mic, but from the other side of the table 5 feet away..

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Fantastic podcast, easily my favorite episode.  Mr. Robinson was a brilliant guest, the best so far.  He was super interesting to listen to and he really took the questions and answers seriously.  I absolutely loved this show.  I can't wait to hear from him again.  Keep up the great work.

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Just coming up on the hour mark and I wanted to make a comment about the DC Digital stuff and Digital Comics in general. 
First off I never really followed comics too much as a kid, I lived in a fairly secluded location in Northern BC, Canada for most of my life and there were no Comic stores,  convenience stores stocked a few major comics like Batman but even then I only picked up the odd issue. Even now that I live in a City where there a lots of Comic stores are readily available I'm just not used to dropping by every wednesday to grab the newest Comics. There is also the problem that I live in a fairly tiny suite at the moment and have pretty much ran out of space for stuff. I love playing Video Games and I work in the game industry so my place is stuffed with Video Game stuff and the rest of the space is stuffed with Movies. 
Having the option to get into comics digitally is a godsend, especially on iPad. Due to my past experiences I don't really have a strong connection with having a physical copy of a comic, I don't really want to collect them I just want to read them. I'm not really sold on reading comics on a computer screen. I've read a decent amount of Manga and some comics online but you kind of loose the personal experience. With the Comixology iPad apps I do not have this feeling. I'm holding it in my arms, I can read it anywhere and the Panel by Panel stuff feels really Cinematic or I can view it without that mode and get an experience similar to reading a real live paper comic. 
The best thing I can say about the iPad apps in that they got me into reading comics on a regular basis and they even got me to go to a real comic store to grab the final Giant-Sized issue of Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-men since it was the only issue not available in the app. I think at the moment Digital Comics supplement the industry with new readers more than they convert diehard comic fans to the Digital Format, where we will be in 5 or 10 years who can say but I don't think the digital market is cutting into the comic stores much. It will become more interesting when more day and date stuff starts to rollout. 

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Loved    James Robinson he always keeps it real!  Thanks guys

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 Awesome podcast! Great dynamic between you all  : )