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Looking forward to this all day. Thanks guys. You always make Friday even better then what it already was, and trust me, that's not easy.
EDIT: I have my speakers at max volume and I still have a hard time hearing Ruwan. lol It's kinda scary when Babs and G-Man talk since it shakes me house.
Oh Babs crapping all over my favourite movie of last year. (500) Days of Summer...I still love you though.
And finally Buttons!

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Did I hear snoring in the background, G-Man, Babs? Ya'll could of gone to lunch, he wouldn't of known.
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Digital comics would bother me keeping them on the computer means at some point you might have to delete some to make room or if something happened to your computer you might lose them.  
I do agree comics are not the same as music and are something else altogether I imagine maybe a move to hardcover collections for sale while the individual chapters would be online. It seems that fully online comics would kill off comic book shops and I think more people will begin to steal comics online then the companies may lose some money. 
It's funny to talk about the success of Iron Man as a movie when the second movie was number one for barely two weeks I know that the year The Dark Knight came out the Batman books were the highest selling books that year. Last month's sales had Return of Bruce Wayne had taken the top DC spots.
Use Electro in a Spider-Man movie to me there is was something a little odd about the concept then I remembered the origin the co creator Steve Ditko leaving because he was upset at the direction of a soap opera he also seemed to talk allot about morality in his comics look at Mr A and Question and the original story so if you want to go in another direction focus on the right and wrong concepts more than the soap opera since it has not been in a movie. 
I am so glad Ryan Reynolds is not playing either Barry Allen and Wally West he would not make a good Flash at all since those guys are suppose to be normal looking guys and act like it.

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 Ruwan Jayatilleke, the Senior Vice President of Development and Planning for Print, Animation and Digital Media (and producer for the Iron Man Extremis motion comic) made me nearly fall asleep 15 mins in had to turn it off sorry guys :-( love the podcasts but i couldn't hear well and got bored can't wait for next week though!

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 i dont like Digital comics    

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Babs is wright, the ultimate spider-man movie idea is stupid. 
I think HEROES started to tank when they threw in the lesbian stuff

Great Podcast Guys!!!! 

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Buttons! , I for one would watch a taskmaster film since would be intresting focusing on the anti hero villina esq angle for once ratehr than the more tradition al comic movies that have been coming out, never know may happen but since marvel have some many other alleged movie projects in pipeline it could be a while before we see anything like this if at all.

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I always feel that there are some things you can do in comics that you can't do in animation, but on the flip side there are certain kind of things you can do in animations that you can't in comics. It's little things. In comics it's hard to do subtle things, because you only have so many pages and panels to work with. It's very much like stop motion animation. It's difficult to do transitions.
Though, balance that with things you can't really do in animation. In comics you can show internal dialog. Done too much in animation and it feels like you are watching a Shakespearean soliloquy. It doesn't feel as natural. If anything. I more prefer not knowing what a character is thinking all the time in animation. In comics it's a much needed tool. Still, it can be abused. Comics just have more leeway in that department.  I could go on and on about this, but I've made my point. 

The Extremeis comic story didn't interest me too much, but I can't deny in the sample I saw that the animation for the motion comic was well done.
That was kind of a backhanded compliment he gave you two there at the end.
Holding a book is much more preferable to me. Lot of digital readers are hard to use in direct sunlight. I'd use digital for back issues that I can't find. It was really hard for me to find the trade for X-Men: Blinded by the Light. I eventually did.
I would never pirate US comics. I only use scanlation sites for certain Japanese mangas. That's either because a series isn't out in the US yet, or in the US they altered the story and content. Altering content is tantamount to censorship to me. Most of the mangas I read online are to just keep up with the story and I buy the volumes when they are released in the US. VIZ Media is the worst offender of editing and alterations. Many of their alterations are idiotic or P.C. over reactions. For the Detective Conan manga in Japan. They have two villains named Gin and Vodka. English words. For the US release. For some reason VIZ renamed Gin and Vodka to Melkior and Kaspar for the US series. O_0
Rogue is not invulnerable anymore. Back in Blinded by the Light, she was shot with a regular gun. Mystique didn't find her. In Messiah Complex Rogue tried to kill Mystique, but instead absorbed her mind and a Mystique ghost was in Rogue's mind.
Every series makes up their own version of vampires. Vamperic fluid exchange transmission?? Wonder what kind of protection you'd need for that?
If they make Emma Frost Xavier's love interest for the movie. I will NEVER see that movie. That whole issue is why I never bought Ultimate X-Men.
Would Chameleon really be good for the first reboot? Doesn't feel you could really show off Spidey to deal with such a ground based villain right off the bat.
Someone explain to me why why they are calling this movie The Karate Kid, and it's in China with King Fu? Why not just call it The Kung Fu Kid? Are they just worried that people would spend all their time accusing them of ripping off The Karate Kid? It gives me the same feeling as casting a Brit in Prince of Persia.
I didn't know WANTED was a comic before the movie. I also only saw the movie because of Angelina Jolie.
Mental note: Never loan Babs anything. There was some considering about loaning my Sherlock Ninja #1 to read her review on it, but not now. lol
The original Olympics were all naked.
That's true. The DC animated movies are better quality then Marvel's. I hadn't thought of that before. I haven't see the Green Lantern movie yet. I really enjoyed Wonder Woman and Public Enemies. Doomsday was.....alright.
I was walking through the bookstore today and I saw these "buttons". One said, "If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a horrible warning".

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I like buttons 
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I think Digital Comics are the way of the future and there is nothing that could be done about it. 
P.S. Is Buttons the name of you're cat Babs?

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Im curious to know what comic Babs was talking about where she said she picks it up but doesnt like the distributor cause its used just to push movie ideas.  I know they didnt want to call the company out but if someone could pm me the comic she is talking about that would be much appreciated...I think I missed something cause it was probable eluded to elsewhere =[
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This podcast is NOT sh... dog... poop. 
The logistics of the way one becomes a vampire are MIND-BOGGLING.  There have been so many vampire continuities, I really don't know how one becomes a vampire in the Marvel Universe.  Somebody should ask Morbius. 
In the Ultimate universe, Green Goblin was a huge mutated beast, and Harry eventually got the same mutation and became Ultimate Hobgoblin.  Anyway, I still think that Kraven needs to be in one of these Spiderman movies, but for the FIRST movie in the reboot series, I think the Chameleon might actually work.  He's not the biggest name villain, but he definitely is interesting enough to carry a movie by himself. 
Having just seen A-Team, I'm willing and excited to see what that director can do with ANY superhero.  I also don't think that Taskmaster is a well-known enough character for the general audience to get that feeling of "superhero" overload.  I think we are already kind of at a saturation point with these movies, and I'm certainly not complaining. 
A girl... who doesn't like 500 Days of Summer?!  Insanity!  So many of my friends (even a male one) say that that movie is so good, and yet I refuse to watch it.  As for Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, I never felt that was a really good casting of the character.  Especially after watching Justice League: New Frontier and having David Boreanaz (sp?) voice Hal, I prefer that approach.  He's a hot shot and slick in that cartoon, but he's not the sarcastic cheeseball that Reynolds is.  
Keep up the good work, guys!

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@FoxxFireArt said: 
Rogue is not invulnerable anymore. Back in Blinded by the Light, she was shot with a regular gun. Mystique didn't find her. In Messiah Complex Rogue tried to kill Mystique, but instead absorbed her mind and a Mystique ghost was in Rogue's mind.   
Just to continue you that, basically she can now control her power because Xavier and Danger helped her clear the clutter in her head. So she can freely chose whether to take a power or not through skin-to-skin, how long for and how much of that power, or memory or skills etc etc. It's cooler than it sounds and she's getting more panel-time so I am happy =D
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Ruwan Jayatillek: I couldn't hear him very well, but the bits and pieces I could hear were very interesting! I'm glad to hear that plans with Disney are moving along.
I really need to watch the Iron Man: Extremis Motion Comic... I really loved the Spider-Woman one, but I think that was more because of Jessica's voice. 

Digital Comics: As far as I can see is that basically Comic Book Readers will buy the Digital Comics while Comic Book Collectors will still go to the comic book shops. So yes, it does seem like comic book stores will have a huge impact because of this.
External Hard Drive of Comics would be awesome! 

Iron Man Alive!: Marvel has a good concept of marketing when relating the comics to the movies, vs DC who doesn't
Rouge: Yeah her powers [and character] are weird... I like her character a lot... that is until that thing with Sentry...
X-Men and Vampires: I actually wrote a blog about who I didn't think would become a Vampire: Hypothesis: Who Won't Be a Vampire Gambit is in that list...
X-Men: First Class: I really want this to be a reboot, since I like the original 5 and I really don't want to see Emma as part of the first class!

Spidey Villain:
Well I think.... (@Babs: Read Ultimate Spider-Man!) Anyways, like I said in the Off G-Man's Mind article, the Spider-Man Reboot should be a longer version of the first episode of the Spectacular Spider-Man Animated TV Series. Seriously that first episode could easily be translated into a full length movie.
Heroes: A mini-ending series is a good idea for all TV shows that suddenly are dropped/canceled.
Taskmaster Movie: Hmmm... Superhero overload!? Taskmaster is a character that might translate well into movie but I want to see the Runaways first.
Namor Movie: Hmmm... Superhero overload!? I don't know.... 
Pixar Marvel Movies:
Power Pack could be made into a Pixar movie!
Marvel Animated vs DC Animated: I think Doctor Strange was an awesome Marvel Animated, but I agree that DC has a good job with Animated movies and TV series.
(500) Days of Summer: To bad you didn't like the movie Sara... I thought it was a good movie, but I do agree about Web directing after that.
Ryan Reynolds as Hal : I want to watch how his portrayal but I'm not sure about it.
First Look at Thor: The interaction between them was really cool, and the little bits seen of the movie gets me excited for it again! It looks really good! I want to see the movie now!
10% of our Brain: Potential for powers... I WISH!
Announcing Reviews Schedule: I like that so we know what to expect!
Why "Buttons"?
Anyways... thanks for another awesome podcast guys!

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The issue I have with digital comics is that it forces people to buy lots of new technology just to keep up.  I remember being at college and a teacher said that soon all classes would be done with a laptop.  So I told them to buy me one so I can join in.  I don't want to have to pay for lots of equipment and programs just to read a comic book that I buy every month for about 3-4 dollars.  Quit bossing me around bosser!
I do like holding comics in my hand, but if they programs were free to download or something, then maybe I would be more open to it.  But I never got an Ipod, and iPhone, or anything like that.  I like paper comics. 
So the Travolta movie Phenomenon was totally wrong about humans using only a small portion of their brain.