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Watch Mystery Team and you'll love Donald Glover. Also try watching his you tube channel  


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Neil Patrick Harris is my ideal voice of Barry Allen.  He is the voice I imagine in my head.
Donald Glover would be a great Spider-Man.  His very funny, and can act like Spider-Man should.
I heard that Cuba Gooding Jr.  wanted to play Daredevil, and I thought that would have been so Awesome.  It would have been great, despite all the other problems.
I thought well at least Afleck likes DD, he should be good.  But he wasn't.

This was my idea for Captain America.
I wasn't a fan of Cap's costume, but his helmet was cool.
I think they should add the chainmail, and more red straps than what was shown, and bigger star and A.
George Perez was going to do a comic called "War of the Gods" and it was going to feature Wonder Woman as the star of this massive DC event.
Maybe they can bring that back and finish it.  Since Perez is signed in for DC.
I had an idea that Cyclops should put get a mutant on every team in the Marvel universe, like the FF or the Avengers.
I would love more videos.  I listen to podcasts and watch more videos all the time while I work on my comics.  Its great.
Oh, almost forgot. Cat/Dog.
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I like Wonder Woman and I'm in my late 20s. The problem with Wonder Woman is that her character is over haul too many time by DC (she was a spy/agent in a white jump suit for some wacky reason). Wonder Woman have had a big event 'Amazon Attack' for example. But, it was dumb and it destroy the characters of the Amazon and screw up  Wonder Woman. The problem with Wonder Woman is simple, it's hard to find a Wonder Woman comic that someone could pick up and read with out having to know her history and background. Batman and Superman comic are easier for new reader because their stories are constantly being retold. DC haven't retold Wonder Woman origin in a long time.  How many people actual know Wonder Woman  origin? Very Few! Ask someone who is Wonder Woman's father, they don't know that she don't have a  father. People will recognize Wonder Woman, but they don't know anything about the character.

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I am happy for Joe I really like and respect him. 
I also think people need to cut him some slack, unless they think they could do better (Which I highly dought). Batman and Wonder Woman do belong togather, lol. Your revealing a lot of secrets, babs. 
I love Wonder Woman to G-Man. I hope she gets popular in soon somehow. I believe Spidey should be a part of the X-Men becuase the X-Men shouldn't be about mutants but outcast period. And Technacially Namor isn't a mutant but a Altantian/Human hybrid.

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i own two wonder woman toys and im proud to say it
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Yes, tease us about the guest so we don't have time to possibly think of any questions to ask.lol
I don't mind different voice talent to an extent. I just have a hard time accepting anyone else as Batman but 
Kevin Conroy. Everyone else is second to him.
Hallie Berry wasn't even Catwoman in that movie, but let's not go there. I just hate the mystical Catwoman concept.

I know I keep bringing this up, but I wrote a BLOG entry about appearances in casting for movies. If they were to use say a hyper realistic computer model. It wouldn't matter what the ethnic background of the actor is. Not even the body type.
Allow me to cite the example of the God of War series. The man who does the voice of the Spartan Warrior Kratos is Terrence 'T.C.' Carson, a black man. He's not even Greek, but he is the perfect Kratos. When you are playing the game you don't care. His acting is excellent for the part, and the graphics are so beautiful and detailed.
Instead, when Hollywood makes a movie. They only concentrate on who looks the role or who is the vapid flavor of the month.
Look at how amazing Batman looked in the Arkham Asylum game, and we got Kevin Conroy as the voice. There was so much detail in everything. I would go to see a movie that looked like that.
G-Man said:

" That's just the way it is. You have a white character you expect a white guy. You have a Hispanic character you expect a Hispanic. "

You do the Prince of Persia, and get a British guy.......Wait, what? lol

I would of loved an X-Men's Origin movie about Magneto. Involving him surviving the Holocaust. The way the first movie began.  You could of had a Hugh Jackman cameo of him liberating that camp.
I just keep wanting to know if Emma Frost is going to be in Marvel Super Heroes. I've played MW2. It's alright.

Yet, they broke up Mary Jane and Peter only for them to be put back together again. That's what seems to be implied by a lot of preview images. Making it all pointless.
Don't forget that Norman Osborn also got Harry's girlfriend pregnant in that American Son story.
I never use anonymous on formspring. A person should stand by their question.

There are a LOT of videos here at Comic Vine(that's not a complaint). Yet none on Anime Vice now. It's too bad.
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Great podcast G-Man & Babs. I didn't mind you guys not having a guest at all for this one, you defiantly covered a good bit of ground on this one.
A couple of points:
1. X-men first class is going to BLOW, there seems to be some greater force at marvel bound and determined to COMPLETELY destroy ANY X-Men continuity. This will be the next chapter in that explosion.
2. Babs SOOOO nailed it when she was talking about Wonder Woman and how people relate to her because she's never dropped her "armor"! But she needs a run that involves ( I DO BUY THE WW COMIC MONTHLY) opening her up or something that makes her more relatable to everybody else, and to be honest the JMS thing sounds like a TOTAL GIMMICK- just my opinion. Also, I think a great story for her would actually be if she were to find the love of her life, something that would chage her outlook on everything. That could be a HUGE event yet be very personal and VERY character defining. Without destroying an island.
3. There SHOULD be superhero characters other than mutants on the X-Men: Simply put practice what you preach-nuff said!

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Green Lantern's animated movie filled the origin story already.  Kind of like Gotham Knight filled the gap between Batman Begins and Dark Knight. So I'm cool with getting straight to GL. Already seen his origin, I'm ready for something different. 
Babs how did you forget the Flash's name? 
I want Spiderman to be a white boy. It's not a race thing. I don't like it even if they change a person's hair color. If MJ had blond hair I'd be mad. I'd be just as mad if they made a white storm or something like that. They need to stick to characters. I didn't like the king pin in DD either, he should have been fatter. I just really hope when they choose a spiderman that they cast for spiderman more than for Peter. Get someone at least 5 10 and with some muscle.  Don't just grab some tool. Spiderman should be flexable, super smart, tell jokes, and be built like a super hero.
Also if Spiderman is black then so is Aunt May and Uncle Ben and his clones in the future.

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I wonder if the mass public will like Thor and Captain America I am not sure they have the brand name that appeals to people who have never heard of him.  
What keeps Wonder Woman being popular is every writer coming in and removing the previous writer's events with Superman and Batman there have been bits and pieces of superhero mythology that are known for years but Wonder Woman does not. No one is familiar with her so they have no connection to Wonder Woman. JMS might be one of the best bets to get her name out there Gail Simone might have her fans but the numbers dropped with her so a writer like JMS should hopefully bring in new writers.
Those children were intended to be Peter Parker's children but Quasada rejected the idea and JMS made them Norman's but he did not like it and wanted them to retcon it. 

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@Blackestnight: long day
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great podcast but i just wanna say i'm kinda annoyed how you keep saying james mcavoy was on a bbc show when he was actually on a channel 4 show called shameless where he plays a petty thief  
anyone not from england probaly knows about nothing i just mentioned but it's a great show and anyone who likes english comedy should check it out

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@Babs said:
" @Blackestnight: long day "
              Long days always suck.
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long day

" @Babs: Well we appreciate all your work, form long hard days, Gman too.  I really like the 3 minute expert thing. And I like the two of you doing unscripted reviews explaining WHY you liked certain things. You seem to be more DC and a little Darker yet Warmer  (Batman, Dare Devil) and more excepting of emotional scenes G-Man a bit more into Marvel a little lighter but colder and more excepting of humor (Spiderman, Dead Pool,).  I watch reviews when I have already read the books just because they are entertain themselves and offer insight. I sit there going oh yeah I thought so too or wow good point I hadn't tied that to that yet.
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So... Robert Downey Jr. in his Tropic Thunder make-up for Black Panther?  Is that what we're getting at? 
In all seriousness, I still think that if Donald Glover can do a convincing job as Peter Parker, then let him play the part.  After all, it was discussed how good a job MCD did as Wilson Fisk. 
I believe in DCU Online, you create your own hero and the DC characters (Batman, Superman, etc.) are quest-givers and allies.  Might wanna check up on it, still. 
MOVIE  COSTUMES!  I agree that Thor's costume looked... a little off.  His upper-body looked alright, but his tight-fitting pants were kinda dumb and his boots were not exaggerated enough.  I can live without the helmet, though.  Unless they can find a good way for him to utilize it in a practical way, he's probably better off without it.  Cap's costume looked pretty awesome, though.  I knew they were going to go the route of The Ultimate Universe Captain America, and in that respect it looks almost perfect. 
 Also, Thor being re-cast as Eddie Murphy.  Confirmed. 
Is NAMOR gonna kill Dracula?  Is that what his on-going is about?  If not, then I still think Namor + vampires = what?!  I will say it once, and I will say it again; only Blade and Union Jack are allowed to fight vampires. 
I believe that unless powers are bestowed magically or through technology, it's arguable that the character is a mutant!  Obviously Dr. Strange (magical), Iron Man (technology), and Thor (god), are not mutants, but technically Spiderman and the Hulk have been MUTATED so... why are they technically not mutants?  I dunno. 

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producers, fund and promote the film. :D

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@talltuck94: Forgive my American ignorance on British television. You know (or I hope you do) that I do love several British shows that have made it our way. I watched it on DVD and assumed it was a BBC show.
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Short and sweet =D

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Saying boys don't buy Wonder Woman because of a lack of confidence might be the most retarded thing I've heard Tony say.  I work in a comic shop and we have guys buy comics with female characters all the time. Bendis' Spider-Woman has done well, Detective Comics with Batwoman had FANTASTIC sales, and so has the recent Black Widow mini series and Batgirl series. Supergirl books have done okay too.  Wonder Woman is slacking because it just pales in comparison to the other titles.  She DOES need something major happening in her series. I think the character itself is a great character, but it doesn't matter if it doesn't catch anyone's eye.  As a comic salesman I can try all day to tell people how good the Wonder Woman series is and that they need to check it out, but if there isnt something in that book that really grabs their attention they won't buy it.  

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@KevinMerrill: I think you hit the nail on the head. when you compare wonder woman to the other big 2 in DC she just doesn't have those stand out stories that Batman and Superman has eg. Batman has The Dark Knight Returns and the Killing Joke. Wonder Woman needs one of those stories. 
And Hey im a man and the three comics a i read are all female fronted.(BatGirl, Dead@17, Hack/Slash)
Did anyone else find it funny when G-man said race isn't a problem but then went on to complain that some guy doesn't look like the comic character?
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I believe in marvel continuity people who gain mutant abilitites through accidents and experiments are referred to has mutates.  should the X-men allow them on the team? their has been some major changes to the marvel mutant population since M-day.  The first year after the event the O.N.E. task force (comprised of humans) worked alongside and against the X-men for a while so there is precedent for it, beyond fighting for their rights through the X-men now have to worry about the continuation of their species (haven't read messiah complex yet) so having mutants work with mutates developing relationships to one day have offspring if both parents where super powered it would better insure powered offspring

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no kick ass podcast your site is wonderful
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Maybe X-Men: First Class refers to the quality of the team members, as in the best class, or second class citizen.