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Love the podcast. Keep up the good work.

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I can't get enough of your podcasts or videos, like Unscripted.  I listen and watch them all while working on my comic art.  Thanks for all that, plus you guys do have the BEST references.
I have the first issue of Spawn too, and I have the Death of Superman Comics with the holographic picture on the cover where he is flying towards the clouds and the Anniversary Spider-Man holographic cover.  The ones the bugged me where the 3D covers, they were like a relief cover but the inside cover was all messed up because of that.

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@Crono11 said:
" Love the podcast. Keep up the good work. "
             That's all I can say, myself.
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Can't say I was very interested in the interview section, but I'm just not that into Dazzler. Though I am pleased to hear he got to work on series he enjoys.
Why do I often hear a popping sound during these podcasts? I heard it in the last one. It sounds like a drop of water falling into a glass. It happened even more right after the interview was over, at the 51:00 mark.
If he likes the ability to switch genders. He should check out Emporio Ivankov from the One Piece manga. He has the ability to switch anyone's gender, including his own. He looks just like Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show. lol
I think DC is watching what happens with the Thor movie in relation to the Wonder Woman movie. What if Gail Simone wrote the Wonder Woman movie, Babs? Would you see it then? If they get any Kardashian for the role. I'm getting my torches and pitchforks. Who's with me?
I'm beyond disgusted with what the movies did with Catwoman. I want to find out who thought it was a good idea to make her mystically resurrected by stray cats. She doesn't need powers. I also am not a fan of the ears on her costume.
So, those of us that don't speak ill of you don't count? =( If you read everything. I must bore you quite often. lol
I'm wondering if they can keep using Joker as the villain for the Arkaham Asylum games. If they make a third. Will they will even have the Joker. While I can't accept anyone else for the voice of Batman. I would never speak poorly of someone else who takes the role. Conroy IS the voice of Batman.
I'll argue with you about males not liking strong female characters, Babs. I like Emma Frost (I'm kind of pissed about the way she is being used in X-Men right now.), I like Catwoman, Psylocke, and I have a lot of respect for Wonder Woman. Though, I will say that I'm frequently criticized for drawing women looking "too strong".
I enjoyed the podcast, and great love for you all for the front page attention of my Batman 4koma!

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Haha. We love you, babs! 
Now Im blushing :$

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McCann Interview: I have to say that he's one of my favorite people in the world! and I would've loved to see a funny Manga Dazzler story... and I'm excited to hear all of the things he's doing... Thanks for asking my questions guys :)
Actually funny story @G-Man over at Comic-Con when you guys gave me my all awesome limited edition CV shirt... I met Jim McCann and he saw my shirt, so the first thing he said was: "I love your site!". I talked to him a little and told him I wasn't part of the staff but thanks... I love the guy, he's awesome.
DC Movies: I want to see a JLA movie... so maybe they can follow that line Marvel is doing by connect all these characters' origin movies.
3-Min Experts: Can't wait to see it! I wanna see Sara on the 3-Min Vids... and Ethan and Ana and Joey and...
Hamill: Well there are other people who can pull off being a Joker... so I like Hamill but I can love someone else! and I understand that for Sara there is only one Batman... in my case the only Spider-Man is Christopher Daniel Barnes..
Mamma Mia!: Sara!!! Yes!!! Thank You somebody agrees with me on how bad that was!

Smallville: No! No more! I am contempt with the 10 years that have been going on now!
Megan Fox Replaced: I still want Magan Fox in the third movie, and be killed off in the first 15 minutes of the movie; Cyclops X3-wise
Return of Bruce Action Figures: I was a big action figure fan, but those don't look as fun...
5 Spider-Men: Uh... No opinion except that Bridge to Therabethia is an amazing movie!
Superman: I always thought Supes was too perfect to be interesting... which is why I like Smallville (where he's in contant troubles)... but I will take your word for it and read War of the Supermen.
Doomwar: I never thought I would say this but I just hate that book and story! I don't think Storm and T'challa should get divorced, but I do think someone else should write those characters!
Storm: Yeah I'm not to happy with her recent character development... but I like the combination between T'Challa, just written the right way.
Comic Book Video Games:
Yes, comic book movie video games aren't good... comic book video games are good... hence X-Men Legends, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and MUA 2!
GL Cartoon Network:
Actually Teen Titans was an awesome show! Ben 10 lasted like 4 or 5 seasons but they came back with a second show: Ben 10: Alien Force that lasted 2 seasons, and then  they just came out with a third Ben 10 serios that is it's first season so that's like 8 seasons... they do last somewhat...
J. Scott Campbell Black Cat Variant: He's done better versions of Black Cat (>>)
Search Engine: Really? Something new? I haven't noticed!
I wanna know what Babs wants to ask Tony!
Great podcast, thanks guys!
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I agree with G-Man, the Wonder Woman movie should have an unknown cast.  I don't picture any current big Hollywood actress being able to pull it off.  She always seems like the hardest one to cast among all the possible superheroes.

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I think that having Wonder Woman as an unknown makes it difficult for her own title movie to sell big, but it might work for a JLA movie if they don't hire the big guns to fill the more famous roles.
Loved the interview with Jim McCann. I love Dazzler, but hated her comic in the 80s. Does that make sense?
Lastly, the audio was great on this podcast, do anything different this time? Just sounded like you got it right.

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Another good podcast thank you...
The sound levels are still bad.  How is it when you guys do videos it's good, but when your switch over to the podcast is goes down hill?  Do you guys need new hardware or software for sound recording and editing?

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Great podcast, thanks.

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I'm not sure why some are saying the audio is great and others are saying it's not. Nothing was done differently on this one. I check them on the site and iTunes and I seem to be able to hear it without a problem. I'll try looking into why some are having difficulties.