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now im gona listen.

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Cool Comicvine with James Robinson issue 2. I heard the comments of Green Lantern being the third of the trinity but to me that doesn't seem true because I think his popularity is really Geoff John's popularity. To me Trinity is about archetypes. The problems James Robinson listed with WW are the same problems GL and Flash had. 
Interesting podcast James Robinson presence seems to make lots of conversation.

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I love Mr. Robinson's reaction to Sara's "entusiasm" concerning Megan Fox.  This was a great Podcast, and glad you had Mr. Robinson back on, he always manages to get both G and Babs engaged in great topics and listens to them with an earnest ear.    
Had to shut this off though while you began talking about IM 2, don't want to be spoiled by any details prior to the movie.  I won't even watch the trailers.  I'm weird that way but I know G-Man says it rocks so I hope I can see it next week!
Mr. Robinson brought up some good points, and so did Babs, and that involved Wonder Woman.  I agree with Babs about Donna Troy but if Mr. Robinson says he will make her more of a character then I hope he can.  Regarding Wonder Woman, she has been in dire need of a memorable rogue's gallery for one, and like he said, he can't recall any remarkable stories, other than the gimmicky of when she lost her powers and wore the 70's white jumpsuit.   
It was nice listening to this while sketching. 
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For some reason I hear at least one door slam every episode... 

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Is it just me or are there more podcast popping up?

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Great podcast guys. it is always a pleasure listening to james robinson. 
Even through i never read any of his work or heard of him before the last time he was on the podcast. =O

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James Robinson has some strong opinions and brings up some interesting points. Great podcast.
And G-man you need to watch Moon. One of last years best movies. 

Posted by Archetype

What's with destroying all these places?First it was Coast City,Rann,Oa,Star City,New Krypton,and now Paradise Island? I don't really have a problem with this it just struck me while listening to the podcast. Anyway I do like what has been going on in the Superman books and I can't wait for him to be on Earth.I do not envy Mr.Robinson having to be so fluid when writing Justice League.As much as people like to talk about Trinities I think it is best to just think of the characters in terms of that classic Justice League line up.I am not too invested in the character of Dick Grayson I like Bruce and I like Tim but Dick is just kind of there I mean I don't won't to be harsh but it is just due to the time in which I began reading not his character.Iron Man was a good movie and I will say again it is a successful comic book movie through all of its flaws.Jonah Hex looks like it might be alright but it won't be even close to the other good comic book movies. Favorite armor of mine is of course Hulk-buster but I liked War Machine a lot as kid and of course the possibilities of the Extremis armor was very exciting.Dr.Who is wonderful as always...I mean I don't like Matt Smith as much as Tennant or Eccleston but the Doctor is always the Doctor and that is to say very enjoyable.Brightest day is wonderful so far like Babs I adore J'onn he is my fav DC character bar none.Great podcast guys!Thanks James Robinson for his insight and opinions as well!

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Babs, sit closer to the mic!  =  (  The levels were quite off-balance. 
HOWEVER...the content of this podcast was AMAZING!!!  James Robinson and Tom Pinchuk are to Comic Vine what Alex Navarrro, Rich Gallup, and Paul Barnett are to Giant Bomb...and that means "have them more often". 
I would really love if you guys could get David Petersen in there one of these days. 
As for War of the Supermen, I've REALLY enjoyed issue #0 and issue #1 of it.  I don't like Superman, but I like this specific arc enough that I kind of want to go back and read the New Krypton stuff. 
Also...what is Flashpoint?

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Great show!!  Best I've heard so far, thx guys!
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@jakob187:  It's not just her, G-man also sounded far far away and the entire podcast output gain levels need to be bumped up a lot.    Would love to know there Aud filter settings.
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First time I've ever listened to the show, and it was excellent. I'll definitely be listening every week from now on.

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What about the George Perez run on Wonder Woman?  Weren't those some of the most popular Wonder Woman stories?  And they also shook her up a long time ago when Denny O'Neil had her loose her powers and dress in a white costume.  He says that Woman hated it because it was depowering one of the most popular female characters.
Wizard Magazine has sort of lost its way.  They used to have all the previews and sketches and comic stuff and now its not so interesting.