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yes, i have been waiting all day for this :D

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Regarding Robin's original rather effeminate costume,  during the Golden Age and DC wanted the writer to add a character that would appeal to the young male (boys) readers of the time.   So Robin was created so young readers could imagine that they were Robin, fighting crime along with Batman.  The reason for the garish costume was just that at that time, there was a bit more innocence and acceptance of colorful characters.  Not that I'm defending the costume, because it IS awful on all fronts.   
Failed to mention but Robin's name and costume were modeled after Robin Hood--not Robin the bird and that explains the yellow and green colors and the funky boots.   
  I am not making this up I've read all this info through the years and wish I could provide links or articles to back my statements but please trust me, I am repeating what I've read.    
@Babs:  That is a major annoyance regarding when movies use characters that default to British accents to portray them as being foreign.  That's Hollywood.   
Pirating of movies is stealing, pure and simple.   
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More often then not. Hollywood butchers comic based movies. I have never understood why they make movies based on a book or preexisting property, but just change everything. What was the point of making the movie if all you do is alter things?
I thought Ron Perlman  was the perfect Hellboy.
Chew is probably something I'll get in trades.
There are a lot of things I would like to write in my blog here. I just lack for the time. I don't like to write something unless I can dedicate as much time as possible and really working it out.
So, you think New Avengers will be like the X-Force?
I think even the show Tiny Toons even mocked the Robin costume. They had a skit where it was Duckman and his partner Decoy, wearing bright colors and have a bullseye target on the belly.
It's believable to have a spy not sound like they are from another country. The Germans were doing similar things back in WWII. Robert Downey Jr. had a dialect coach back when he worked on Chaplin and Sherlock Holmes.
I somehow think Babs is projecting about the Prince of Persia movie. Why the stars aren't even Arabic and speak with British accent. As a lover of history as well. I am 120% with her on that. Persia was the basic heart of culture. They were creating incredible art and architecture long before the Italian Renaissance.
I love the game series. I was really looking forward to the movie until I saw the trailer.
I always respected Wonder Woman, but I left the movie with more understanding of her and the people around her. I could of done without Steve Trevor.
I read certain mangas online. Such as the series Negima!, but I enjoy it so much. I own every volume that is currently out in the US. Though, there are two series that I only read online, because the US publisher altered the content and the story from the original for no good reason. In my favorite series of all. They changed everyone's Japanese names to European style names. I want to buy the actual series and story. Not what the US publisher changed it to.  Fan translated version online is the only way I can get it in English. If the US publisher would stop altering the series. I would love to buy it.
There is no US comic that I read online. I only buy comics. Normally, in trade paper backs. The same for comic movies. I rented Wonder Woman to see if I would want to buy, and I would. 

Have faith, Babs. Remember that Family Guy was canceled before, but that came back with a vengeance.

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I still need to check out Chew! Hopefully, they'll release a deluxe hardback.
Dont cry, babs! =(

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>Bendis latest work good 
>Morrison's work bad 
Bizzzaaarrrrooooo world!

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It's cool John Layman is more interested in a comic book not a movie adaptation. 
Decept-O was right about the creations of Robin.  
It's upsetting that there will not be another Wonder Woman film. I think that was the best DC animated films they made other than New Frontier. The issues of anti-piracy are my worries about digital comics as I think they will rip the comics off quicker. 

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I haven't been reading Chew... I have to since it sounds to be such a good story!
Whenever I sign in on CV in the morning there are already 4 or 5 articles I catch up on... You guys work really hard!
Secret Avengers... Beast was funny in Avengers, but now his character has evolved so much that maybe that cool dynamic will be lost in Secret Avengers...
Reviews... Opinions are opinions... 
I am one of the people who usually agree with Tony when it comes to comics... over the two years I've been on this site I realized that my taste in comics is a lot like Tony's but there are moments when I agree more with Sara... 
There's different opinions, so KUDOS guys, because I totally understand what you do when you review, and how your opinions are your own, and not the law...
Actually even on Anime Vice... I realized that whenever something is reviewed on the site I agree with Ana or Gia more than John rather but there are moments when I disagree with all three... Same goes for CV I might disagree with both Sara and Tony!
Opinions are opinions...
X-Force... I think the new X-Force has Psylocke on the team for some reason...  Pixie would be so funny as part of the team... She could be the teleporter!

Robin's Costume... Actually here on the site there was a Artist Showoff Showdown Contest (In the Artist Showoff Forums) where the contest was drawing a revamped costume for Robin, but keeping the tights on... I remember there being a lot of complaints on how the entries could not be fixed!
WW & GL... I haven't seen these animated movies... I will have to go buy them now! Although I might end up mad since there won't be sequels! 
Great Podcast!

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Excellent show.  

I'm looking forward to your review and discussion of Iron Man 2 hopefully next week.

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I may be the odd one out but I think that trying to review anything objectively is a bad idea, the moment you admit that you are trying to be objective is the moment that people start to think they have to use your reviews to justify their opinions.  

On the Empire, the Death star scenes in the first Star Wars film was made in the UK so all the extras were British, also most of the officers were from British stage productions (e.g Peter Cushing).  

There seems to be two ways that Films can do multi-languages 

  • Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards route
  • the Allo Allo style where everyone speaks in English but with an accent from the country where the characters are from.
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I bought the animted Wonder Woman, Batman, Justice League two Earth's D VD's.  I don't know why more people don't buy these DVDS.  Being a fan of anime I know are some fans are when it comes to buying DVDs.   
I got into argument with my younger brother about the DC animted movies and he would even give them a try.  He still thinks of DC comic are just for kids.  I told him he should watch justice League Unlimited and tell what he thinks about DC afterwards.  DC has the same problem that Nintendo has in video game and the kid factor. 
You have to give DC credit for trying to get DC comic into the 21 century with it's comics.  It is sad that they stoped making new DC animted movies. :(. 
The one thing that also sad is that I really love tha 11 minute short on the Spectre.  I was hopeing he was going to get a full animted movie, but I guess that won't happen. 
I like Thor Vs. Hulk animted movie a hole lot more than Thor Vs. woliverine one. 
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  • I LOVE CHEW!!!!!  
  • DC has made the best animated movies, from the big two. I think that Wonder Woman and Green lantern were their strongest movies, with great stories and the right amount of comedy. I am a Batman and superman from since I was a kid but once WW and GL came out they blew superman/doomsday and new frontier out of the water. Not only that I have a six year old daughter who does not have enough strong female role models on the screen in front of her. I want some thing that will teach her not to be a victim, and that it what wonder woman does. I am thoroughly  disappointed with DC's decision, not only that I was kind of excited about the teen titans project they announced, because I would love to see the teen titans in a different animation style than what was on cartoon network. 
  • now that I have rambled on enough keep up the good work, and see if you can get Ethan to come back on the podcast, I mean red lamp
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The story behind Batman was that the creators wanted to connect more with children so they introduced Robin, so that the reader (a boy about the same age most times) would imagine he is fighting crime with Batman.  I think bob Kane designed the costume.  And the gimmick worked.  Sales went up and up.  And then other sidekicks were created.  But Stan Lee hated them all so he got rid of them when he started running things.  Jack Kirby loved them.  He created Bucky, the News Boy Legion, Rick Jones, and many others. 
I heard that the Batman logo was given the yellow circle because they couldn't copyright the plain Bat Symbol.  So they added the yellow for that.
Since you guys have to review and critique lots of comics, do you feel like you lean more towards the different artsy and risky type comics?  Sort of like how some movie critics get tired of the big budget movies and lean more to the foreign films and the indie films.  Does that happen with you guys sometimes?  Not just getting sick of all the big events of the major companies but tired of the average comic and lean to more artsy indie non traditional stuff?
Thor in Iron Man,
I had an idea.  Far fetched since the makers of Iron Man said they aren't putting Thor's story into Iron Man, but
Maybe Thor looses his hammer, and without his hammer he becomes powerless.  So now Thor is stuck on Earth without his hammer and because he has no money, no ID, no anything, he ends up getting arrested somehow, and is stuck in a Monico prison until SHIELD gets him out.