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Posted by RalfvdH

aaarhg! totally forgotten the ustream...Well now I have to listen to this one

Posted by NightFang

I missed the Ustream but the Podcast will have to do.

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Is Red Lamp going to be on the podcasts anymore?
Posted by G-Man

There wasn't a Ustream today. We're looking at how best to do live broadcast versus podcasts. That's why the video's not posted anywhere here. So you didn't miss anything!

Posted by Chinaski

I haven't listened to a CV podcast in quite some time but with Ryan on it, I will download this immediately.
Posted by Neverpraying

Hell I liked naked chicks since I was 10 or younger :\  I dont see the big deal about shady boobs

Posted by EganTheVile1

comicvine has gotten so huge since I stumbled on it years ago! So awesome watching the videos from C2E2, Wondercon and the various interviews... first time I've listened to a vine podcast, definately not the last!

Posted by MadClawMannn

New TANG episode  please!!!! Sorry Comic Vine.

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Some people may say 'cancer of the eyes' and 'similar to watching an abortion' were extreme descriptions... Then again some people have not seen 'Loonatics Unleased'


Posted by FLStyle

Thank goodness there was no uStream this week, although I'm sure I would seen it on Twitter if it was happening. It's interesting how CV are starting to doubt live-stream podcasts just as AV have started doing them.

Posted by mimschkin

It's sad that there's no UStream this time, but hopefully the podcast will be so amazing that it'll have made up for it :P

Posted by johnny_spam

Those Superman 3D issue did get released. 
That Spectre series was part of a series of comics like Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Green Arrow, Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, Shade the Changing Man and Sandman were all part of a DC line that was what became the Vertigo line so the comics may not have had a comics code authority label. 
In RIP Joker saw Bruce's face I am sure other writers will just ignore it.

Posted by EganTheVile1

Jaster Mereel is who your thinking about G-Man, he was mentioned as Boba's real name in the novel Tales of the Bounty Hunters, but after Attack of the Clones was reintroduced wearing armor similar to Boba's in the comic Jango Fett Open Seasons, where he trained Jango Fett and was later killed by the Mandalorian Death Watch. 
_Egan the Uber SW Geek

Posted by JHags

Good job on the podcast!
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

 What exactly is the deal with the Quests?  I keep seeing things pop up about them but never knew what they meant.
About Batman,
I like what they set up in the Dark Knight.  Batman did have to draw a line.  See exactly how far he would go.  He is already crossing so many lines.  He doesn't want to become completely lawless.  He needs to represent something.
But in the Dark Knight they show that Joker is is constantly trying to make Batman compromise.  So if Batman kills the Joker its like the Joker wins.