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Posted by FLStyle

Ivy and Quinn chat is always welcome! I prefer her original costume to her Arkham Asylum one though. That may or may not be mentioned in the podcast so I'll stop with the chatty and do with the listen ... y

Posted by johnny_spam

The Batman villains have started to disappoint me recently mostly Poison Ivy, Bane and Riddler have bothered me the most I think it is terrible these writers make these psychopaths and egomaniacs reformed.  It seems the real threats in the Batman universe are villains that return after a long time or are new. 
The Legion of Super-Heroes are great better than those Mutant freaks. 
Seriously the cops need to stomp the fool who hurt Gene Colan to a pulp. 

Posted by mimschkin

Thanks for the podcast again, people.
And for anyone who wants it:

Posted by NightFang

Cool podcast and Wonder-con videos.

Posted by sora_thekey
@mimschkin: Thanks! I am so sad I missed it!
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I think the idea of Hawk being the token guy in the Birds of Prey is kind of funny. In the past, comic teams always seem to have the token woman. Here, we have it reversed. Now this guy is the minority. Though, I find it interesting that he is such an angry character put into this position.
I think that Poison Ivy actually has a valid reason to want the utter destruction of humanity. With other villains the idea seems laughable that they would want to destroy the world for reasons that are never made clear.
Understand that I'm saying this without ever actually read those Ivy and Harley books, but could Ana possibly be projecting a romantic/sexual interest between the two? Much in the same way that we see when a male and female character hang out that people seem to expect there to be something romantic between the two.
..................What do you know? Babs brought up the same point.
I'd love to see Harrison Ford play an alien and say, "Get off my spaceship.".
Emma and Magneto.........? Uh, &#@& NOOOoooo!

Posted by snyderman567