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This was awesome podcast.    

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it was good. my first live one, and it was nice that g-man asked a couple of my questions. :)
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this was an amazing podcast!!!! :D and i can't wait to read war of the supermen!!! 
EDIT: I can't wait for next week's podcast too!!!!  :)

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The thing about Dick and Barbara Gordon is that they were not in a relationship in the original comics they flirted but nothing was solid any of that stuff was a generation of writers who loved Dick and Barbara kept retconing in that they were a couple before Dick and Starfire. Green Arrow cheating on Black Canary all the time is also a retcon it was Judd Winick's one act of him writing Green Arrow cheating on her that I think tainted the character.

 As for Cassandra not being Batgirl her handling by Adam Beechen left such a bad taste in fans mouths and they got so upset with her possible villain turns some people probably would not read another series about her so they ended up replacing her with Stephanie to solve that problem. 
It was cool to hear from James Robinson one of the best in the buisness one of the best podcasts oyu guys have done.    

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This is seriously the WORST time you could ever possibly have James Robinson on the podcast. 
Also, I've got a request. For people who can't catch the Ustream (it's always during school for me). I would appresiate if you had a mailbag section for email questions.

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This was really really good podcast. I enjoyed every minute of the interview. James Robinson got me very excited about upcoming Superman stories. 
You should also do a podcast where you discuss this weeks comics and news.

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Due to the timezones being a general douche, I missed most of this podcast.
However, I will post the 'transcript' of the chat that I did catch for your reading pleasure. Also it's missing 6 minutes because I had to go and eat some food (6 minutes!).
Thanks again for the podcast guys.

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@NinjaSquirrel:  The time works for us...right before lunch. ;)
Usually we do. I did get James' opinion on Chris Evans as Cap, Avengers Day, etc. There didn't seem to be a lot of major news this week.
You're awesome. Thanks for posting all that.
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I got an idea! why not take questions from us so then you can ask whoever you interview in the next podcast! 
Great PC with Robbinson! 

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@G-Man:  No problem. The clocks change tonight so hopefully next week I'll be able to get the whole thing. Fingers crossed.
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@G-Man:  It's a bad time considering Cry for Justice just happened, which in my opinion was one of the worst comics that have come out in the past few years.
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I loved the amount of debate in this week's podcast, good stuff, great guest!

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Anyone can feel free to pm me questions. We don't always know right away who our guest will be. Depends on their schedule and all. Just put PODCAST or something in the title. Ustream viewers can ask during, obviously. Aaaaaand, just a note, we may not be podcasting this coming week due to us being at WonderCon. We'll see.

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Excellent interview. In the studio thing works so much better not just on my ears (clean audio) but the dynamic is much warmer.
One complaint, why did you have to remind me of Chris Evans as Cap. Internet fandom is not my issue but rather than I have seen him two films, the Fantastic Four Films and not only were both of the so bad that I wanted my money back (amazing that I got suckered into seeing the sequel) but he was one of things I hated about the film. His acting job was just terrible and only to be outdone by Jessica Alba (please God do not let her be cast in a film again).  Worse yet, he comes off like a male bimbo which would be fine if he was playing Wonder Man or something but Cap is a leader. Why would I follow this guy?  Evans should stick to playing characters like the "Probie" on Rescue, young and dumb.

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Great podcast! I loved it. Great conversation. :-D