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number one super guy    

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Great podcast!

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Look forward to your dual reviews of comics that aren't Marvel or DC. 
I also agree that Land traces photos of people from various sources and that he is NOT an artist in my mind.
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That was really interesting!

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The first season of 4400 was amazing so much better than Heroes.  
David Goyer also wrote the JSA series when it was launched.  
John Bryne's Superman as the basis for a movie makes me nervous since many fans had problems with it.

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I'd quite like to read some hunter killer. try something other than marvel or dc.

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I'm not going to lie, I love the booth babes ad on the site :D

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I love walking dead But I wait for those hard cover because I can't afford weekly comics and I love to get immersed in this story. 

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I don't mind greg lands tracings, I mean yeah all the women look the same and for some reason they are always smiling but the way it looks is semi realistic and would be great for some of dynamites licensed properties, if he used a lot of screen shots. 

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Do you guys go back and look at posts on these old Podcasts?  Just curious.