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Yet, another great podcast.

Posted by Agent Buttons
darn. i missed the ustream :-/
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Dang time zones meant I was sleeping by the time this went out, live streams are fun.

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I do not agree at all that Alan Moore is the best writer at all. Darick seems like a cool guy.

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Sweet Tom Waits reference
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Great podcast! Tuned in at 2 am last night GMT and wish I could have stayed longer. Love the live streams when I can see them.  
Really have to start reading The Boy's, going to pick it up after I finish Preacher!

Posted by Darick

"Bad Taste" is the first Peter Jackson film I was trying to think of!

Posted by ComicCrazy

This weeks podcast was really great I hope you can have more special guests on the podcast in the future.
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.
@Darick said:
" "Bad Taste" is the first Peter Jackson film I was trying to think of! "
That looks pretty pretty creapy..  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092610/ 
Thanks for being on the podcast Darick! 
@Agent Buttons:
Yeah and we somehow lost the video footage, but you can still listen the old fashioned way! 
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I can understand what Sara is saying though.  Batman was written to have sequals.  He has a still ongoing comic series that has lasted several stories and several issues and several storylines with a whole world of characters.
But Watchmen was written by Alan Moore to be a one story graphic novel.  I actually think he would be angry to have a prequel or sequel be written based on his own characters.
It was written to tell the story and to end there and be done with it.  He actually didn't even want a movie from what I have heard.
I did like some of the ideas, Dr. Manhattan bringing back Rorschach, because then you could have Rorschach dealing in his own way with being brought back from the dead by a super being.  How would he deal with it?  How would it effect his cause and how would he in turn effect the world now?
Plus, if it did fail it wouldn't detract from the comic, like a failed sequel would do to the movie.

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I know this podcast is over two years old now but...Sumeria fictitous? It was the first civilization in the world! They invented writing, agriculture and irrigation, among other things.

And FYI, its capital was Babylon (modern day Baghdad); its boundaries were roughly coterminous with modern Iraq. It's not located anywhere near Kazakhstan.