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All Spidey cast? Cool.

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cool cool cool... Actually i'd love if the kill Gwen

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I LOVED dancing Parker in 3! In the comics, the suit absolutely made him an arrogant and aggressive weirdo, and all the Arrogant Aggressors i know dance readily because they love themselves. I just liked that even with all that power, and all that confidence... peter was still a major dork. I think it worked

...but i havent met anyone else who felt that since the film came out. I guess i should let it die :/

i hate midnight showings too. I cant stand cheering for cheerings sake, and that tends to happen when our people get what we want.

and finally, i freaking love it when you use the extended CV song at the end of the podcasts. I dance like an arrogant aggressor myself.

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Amazing podcast!

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I think that MJ knowing from the start seems like she just wanted to date him because he was Spider-Man, and then she didn't marry him because actually dating Spider-man was too much for her. BUT, with the way Dan Slott is writing her now, she knows who Peter is, as Spider-Man and Peter and everything he goes through and sacrifices. Her knowing from the beginning adds to that, she knows him through and through from the very beginning. She has a better understanding of what he goes through day by day. They even show, while Peter is saving the day from Doc Ock, MJ is thinking I know what Peter is doing and what he is going though. So now it adds to the idea I think. And when they start dating they maybe will show her in a different light.

With her knowing all this time, and them not in a relationship yet, making her his best friend.

I remembering reading Gwen's 1st appearances and in the beginning she meets Peter at college, she is already friends with Harry and then Flash befriends them too and they become like the cool kids. And they don't like Parker because he is always to snobby and thinks he is better than them. But really he is worrying about Aunt May who is dying and the bad guys and being Spider-man and him and Aunt May being able to afford their house, etc. So a few times she tries to be his friend and he is like "oh, um, what?" Not really paying attention because he is preoccupied, and so she gets mad and storms off thinking what a jerk he is. So in the beginning she didn't like Peter Parker.

I liked Aunt May's reaction in 616 to Peter being Spider-Man rather than Aunt May from the Ultimate comics. in 616 she is shocked and angry and all these emotions, she walks around and thinks. But ultimately she becomes sort of ok with it. She even helps him, writing letters to news papers about their Spider-man coverage (dropping the bugle because of their one sided view), helping peter get through airport security.

but in the Ultimate comics she seemed angrier, and not just when she found out, but she always seemed agitated. When she did find out she threw him out of the house. But its not just that, Aunt May is written less sickly now and better I think.

My favorite change in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, I think, would be the whole DNA genetics angle. the Spiders were genetically altered and Peter's DNA was genetically altered, and its all because Osborne was trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum formula. So Green Goblin, Spider-Man, Hulk, are all connected to Captain America and the Super Soldier program. I liked that a lot.

I heard the original plan for Spiderman 3 was going to be that Vulture and Sandman were in prison together. They break out, Vulture is the brains and he uses Sandman as the muscle. Sandman is a reluctant criminal. then Sandman is transformed into sandman, and is still manipulated by Vulture. Then fit Harry as GG in there too, and thats the movie. No Venom, no dark Spider-man, and probably no Gwen. But the studio forced it. IMO if they were going to do Venom, that should have been it, no Sandman or GG.

I think Kraven could be done well, he is this ultimate hunter guy, like an evil Batman versus Spider-Man. He is an expert fighter, expert with weapons, expert tracker, while Spider-Man is so inexperienced that he doesn't seem like he stands a chance against Kraven. Kraven is also blood thirsty, overly aggressive, and angry. He will hold nothing back in destroying Spider-man. I think that would work. And maybe Kraven dies while fighting Spider-Man, maybe he is defeated. Spider-Man standing over him, cops all around, and Kraven refuses to surrender and jumps at the cops or something and causes his own death. Or something less dark but still him dead in the end by his own hand.

And then in the Spider-Man after that you can bring in the Chameleon as the next bad guy, he could be like Spider-Man's Joker. The thinking bad guy to his step brother Kraven's brawn. He is out to avenge Kraven's death or defeat. He uses his ability to look like others to cause chaos in Peter's/Spider-Man's life. Chameleon is a spy, trained in combat and spying. He could even be pushed to being a creepy rout, where maybe he gave his whole life over to being a spy and now he is burned and has nothing so he uses his skills to be an assassin/murderer and now his target is Spider-Man.

In the original comics I thought it was supposed to be that Peter gained a lot of knowledge and understanding when he was bitten by the spider. Suddenly he understood how spider's make webbing and how to create it himself.

Avi Arad (or whatever is name is) said that they always had to tie Spider-Man's world back to Petr. So that is why he always had to remove his mask and why all the bad guys were connected back to Peter. Something Ditko didn't want, he felt that in the real world the bad guy is usually someone you don't know and are not connected to in any way. Just some bad guy. But the movies thought that everything had to relate back to Peter for the audience.

I want to see them go the James Bond rout too. I was even thinking up a Mysterio idea where his costume was similar to Spider-man from the movie but holographic. And that the Spider-Man 6 would have the Sinister 6. But I'd love them to do the James Bond thing with all the superheroes, so that maybe down the line we could have Spider-Man meet the Hulk or something.

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I understand how taking the James Bond approach to super hero franchises seems like it would work on paper but it practice it just doesnt work at all. Case in point the Batman franchise. When Michael Keaton and Tim Burton moved on Joel Schumaker and Val Kilmer/George Clooney took over and we ALL know how that turned out (even though I like Batman Forever more than most). The James Bond approach barely even works in the James Bond franchise, and especially not how you describe it since it is pretty much canon that nearly every James Bond is a different spy and the name is passed along with the 007 ranking.

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"Stupid Tobey Maguire..." Hee hee.

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The Amazing Spider-Man was a pretty good movie to watch. Not better than the first two movies but was better than the third.

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Pleasantly surprised to find this in my itunes this evening, it'll be a nice listen tomorrow afternoon

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I completely agree with Tony about going the James Bond route, I mean look simply at that franchise and seeing how it works very well as well as looking at shows like Doctor Who for example, I think it would work and would love to see movies go past the three film's marker they seem to end at.

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Andrew garfield was great as Peter parker, Tobey Maguire was too emo and broody.However Rhys Ifans' preformance as the Lizard was alright ,I expected more from the preformance but I did'nt hate it. Althought it would have been "amazing" if the Lizard role was darker like in the "shed"storyline.Electro ,would be better than mystero as the next villain though , he'd be better as a light harted villain which I think would work well with the random banter produced by peter.

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"His hair is WEIRD."

Norman Osborn in a nutshell.