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YES!!!! (also first) Sorry.

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I want Aquaman to make a sharknado now. And finally some spoiler talk over something! I've been reading the Tomb Raider comics and I like them.

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Batmobile buttprint dna reader. This needs to be incorporated into the new52.

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MAt is always tired.

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Wow Corey's man of steel joke made me laugh way too hard. And as far as fun comics go I look forward to scooby doo team up every month.

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My comic shop has a perfect set up to draw in the comic movie crowd. Inside the theater they have a display case featuring comics from the most current movie and a sign describing that you can enter a raffle for trades. To enter the raffle you have to go to the comic shop, which is walking distance from the theater, and give them your ticket stub. The guardians prizes included trades from Bendis, DnA and Valentino. I think it's perfect because it involves potential free comics and you have to go into the shop to enter. They do this for pretty much every superhero comic movie and some non superhero ones.

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How many red lanterns, new guardians, or sinestro books have crossed over in the last 6 months? The "constant crossover" perception is fueled by the two most popular books just finishing out a big story, and the actual crossover was in the last 3 months, so I wish that would get cleared up by the podcasters. I don't mind crossovers of some sort every other arc, but they should just be shorter. (doomed is a perfect example of a solid idea that got stretched out too long.)

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I think a lot of people have a problem with the term "fun" is because it's so subjective. I mean for instance I don't find Deadpool or current Daredevil fun at all, I just find them annoying. But I do find books like Immortal Iron Fist, Bendis Daredevil and Moon Knight really fun.

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Agent of Assguard.

Mat missed a period? Uh oh!

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Can the email part have a theme song ?

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@theprez: If someone made up a good one. I could dig into the CBSi library. But you know some would probably get upset at the idea of music during a comic book podcast.

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The horribly grating and ill conceived "Fifty Sue" character aside, I'm actually enjoying Future's End lately. Mister Miracle's plots and plans, the Brainiac reveal and now with the developments of this last issue, I'm interested to see where the story is going.

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I love Eternal one thing I would like to point put is the first trade actually being 20 issues makes sense. Last issue 3 of the 4 major plot lines where wrapped up the only one that wasn't was Stephanie Brown.

There were a few minor ones as well like Blue Bird and Red Robin and Julia and Alfred but otherwise the first trade is going to be a dam good read.

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Aquaman vs Sharknado would literally be the most ridiculous yet hilarious crossover Aquaman could ever have. Screw Namor, we need to have Aquaman punch a flying shark in the face in the middle of a tornado!

As for the Best Stuff section Tony asked about towards the end of the podcast, I can see the appeal of making it a text based article. When Tony does something from a comic I haven't read yet (I get my comics later due to a monthly subscription) I usually mute the video and go off screen to avoid potential spoilers. In a news article, I could just scroll past it without really looking at the page closely.

Of course, speaking from a general perspective, it might enable more people to read it if The Best Stuff in Comics was an article rather than a video. More people read articles than watch videos on here. But on the other hand, it takes away a video section people are used to so it's really up to the staff and Tony to decide that.

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People saying "Could care less" infuriates me beyond reason...

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@g_man I'm reading Tomb Raider. I'm enjoying it so far. To my knowledge the events in the comics will lead up into what the 2nd Game will be about. So I'm liking it as a continuation of that story. Also for fans of the game who felt the final battle and ending left too many loose ends, the first arc of the comic cleans things up pretty well while still evolving Lara Croft into the adventurer that she will become.

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I was listening to your podcast and heard your puzzlement over events and why they are hated, yet they sell. I can't speak for the second part of your puzzlement but I can speak for the first. For me at least, events are excuses for the writers to ignore past characterizations and butcher the characters. Events used to be about the stories, now they are mostly about which character gets sacrificed. Marvel started this tradition when Bendis sliced up the Scarlet Witch, and carried it through all of the events so far. Most of these are so badly written and plotted out that the characters have to act completely different for the event to work. If Cap and Cyclops had acted like themselves there wouldn't have been an AvX, so they had to be sacrificed for the story. Events give the writers absolute freedom to tear down any character they wish and they've used it. DC has done this too, with Amazon's Attack.

Not only are characters butchered but events also tend to erase titles. I liked Power Girl and I liked Zatanna (who was herself damaged to make Identity Crisis work) and I liked a few other titles before DC hit the reboot button.

So for me at least when I hear the word 'event' I can pretty much count on bad writing and titles I like vanishing.