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Posted by MadeinBangladesh

WOOOOOOOO Podcast on a 4th of July! Awesome!

Posted by cyberchop979

Thanks for the podcast, guys!!! Happy Forth of July everyone!!!!

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

Just in time for lunch too .

Happy Fourth of July everyone.

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Did you guys know that "Born in the USA" isn't actually about being patriotic? It's a protest song about the Vietnam War.

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@jonny_anonymous: Yeah. That wasn't the point of playing the song. Anyone that listens to the lyrics should be able to understand what it's about.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@g_man: Yeah I was just wondering if you guys knew

Posted by G-Man

@jonny_anonymous: I'm old enough that I bought the album on cassette when it came out. And again, those lyrics. The point was, it's the Fourth of July. the individual words, "born in the U.S.A" etc. We weren't talking to or meaning to refer to any wars or conflicts. I thought it would be obvious how this episode was even less serious than usual.

Posted by rob1157

A podcast on the 4th. Awesome and thanks!

Posted by dotwilson

Independence Day podcast... awesome sauce. hope i got my question in early enough

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Happy 4th of July, you rebels.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

Be careful yelling at your fiance Mat. She might taze you bro. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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From The Transformers (Marvel US) issue 14.

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Good show guys.


Can you post a link to where you are up to int the questions?

Posted by Wardishy

@timelord: Almost exactly halfway through the last page.

Posted by WheatStalker

You know, now you have to secretly make an audio file of the lawnmower and play it 'inadvertently' at the next most opportune podcast moment. :)

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Can't believe you guys don't love GREEN ARROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by NightFang

Can't believe you guys don't love GREEN ARROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Overlander

I loved it. The lawnmower just spoke to the everyday struggle of the average American to achieve that Middle-Class dream. You guys are so deep.
Thanks for the podcast and happy Independence Day!

Posted by TheHoodedViking

Awesome a podcast for the 4th I'm British and I love this thanks oh and well I'm here where can I ask questions for future podcast ?

Posted by LiveForever

@g_man It's interesting to me that you put down Savage Hulk for being set way back when, and we know that there's no lasting consequence coming from it. Yet you love Batman Zero Year, and would want an entire series set in that timeline.

Full disclosure, I'm not reading or even care about Savage Hulk, it just strikes me as odd your reasoning for not liking it.

Posted by LiveForever
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@liveforever: Thanks I've been looking everywhere for that I owe you and in the spirit of America have this


Posted by G-Man

@liveforever: The difference is, Zero Year is setting up the character in the New 52 and can have repercussions. There's so much we do not know about the "five years" before the New 52 started. Lots of first encounters/battles that may be completely different from what we know from the 'old' 52.

Posted by Bl00dwerK

Comic Vine and The Weekly Planet: My two favorite podcasts. Love you guys...

Posted by Mezmero

Wasn't expecting a podcast this week. I appreciate the effort guys. It seems like a funny coincidence that both Mat and Damien Sandow did a Bruce Springsteen impression this week. Is that a usual thing that always happens every year around Independence Day?

I felt like cracking up whenever Mat got interrupted by his significant other on the mower. In my mind I was picturing her intentionally trolling him by passing slowly just outside his window while staring at him with a Stepford wife/ Black Hole Sun style perma-grin on her face. Funny considering I have no idea what she looks like.

I enjoyed a few comics this week though I'm a bit disappointed in the waning interest in Swamp Thing on the podcast. I can understand that you guys got a bunch of stuff to read already but I'm digging that book even if the pacing is a bit sluggish. I'm always racking my brain to think of questions that you guys don't get asked a million times such as this week. Thanks again for the episode dudes.

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Lol at the chewed up nails digestion conversation, just what you need to hear on your American Independence day podcast :P

On Unchained's delays, whilst it is poor management to say the least not to mention an abundance of tardiness on Lee's part, this series has still been one of my favourite in The New 52 to date. The story is layered, entertaining and works really well at questioning Superman's place in the world and what he stands for. Shades of "Must There Be a Superman," "What's So Funny about Truth, Justice and The American Way" and the whole immortal Kryptonian body theme works well in the series. And whilst Lee's art takes too long, it looks absolutely amazing. The geometry and detail work so well in the series and whilst I haven't read issue 7, I hear it looks stunning too.

Great podcast as always guys, looking forward to if you guys hopefully get to my humble question eventually.

  1. Oh wait you guys did ask my question, how awesome! I picked up Superman 32 myself and really enjoyed the humanising approach Johns took to Superman.
  2. On Grayson, I was probably letting my dislike for the series take over, I should have said controversial. I'm also a big Dick Grayson fan but I'm really curious about what evolution the creative team will take Dick Grayson in.
  3. Good balanced answer on my Incredibles question, wish I had that attitude too.
Posted by BattheMan008

Thanks for the great pod, guys. Although, I kinda wish you guys had spent a few minutes on Quantum and Woody since its the last issue. Curious to see what you guys thought of it before I pick it up tomorrow.