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Must wait till on the train.

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Wooo Podcast straight 4 weeks in a row!!

Posted by kingofhearts9374

Tony and Mat, I really do recommend you try and give Powers a second chance, i recently caught up, during a comixology sale since the powers tv series was announced, and it is probably my new favorite comic that isnt Marvel/DC next to Invincible

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Another big reason a lot of people don't like Bendis is editors have given up trying to keep him in check so he pretty much does what he wants now so he never ties any of his books in to anything and when he writes characters he doesn't know instead of researching them he just makes things up.

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Bendis does have his misses at bat, but to me, more often than not, he pans out.

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I asked the Bendis question. Cool to hear it answered on here! Thanks guys.

(Sorry for forgetting Jen...)

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Maybe it's because i'm so anti-continuity, but i'm really liking Future's End and could care less if this future happens or not. Hell there were so many alternate futures in the old continuity that you couldn't tell what would happen or not!

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is the background on Green Lantern lenticular Hal on the Source Wall?

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I think that people aren't paying for subscriptions to the site because there isn't enough premium content for it to be worthwhile. But since you said the more subscribers, the more premium content we will produce it has kind of come to a standstill.

With Superman's death it definitely happened since it is mentioned in a preview in one of Johns' new Superman issues.

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Okay, I'll say it, that is your best "mixed art" ever, Tony. Rolled when I saw it. So much so that I had to post this even before listening to the podcast. Very well done, sir.

Now ... "On with the shoe!"

(yes, the "e" is on purpose ... if you are an oldie like me, you will get it)

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I ALSO see certain series as a "What if?" storyline or a different earth when I'm ehh about a book

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You guys are my favorite comic book podcast. A few things...

-I wish All New Ultimates was good. I'm trying so hard to like it, and I just can't. I want to give it to the end of this story line, but I also want to see if a new artist would help alleviate things (maybe they'll get someone new for the next arc.) Still REALLY weird how Spider-Woman is now Black Widow... totally unexplained. Just seemed rushed and forced for no reason. I dunno, I'm an idiot because I'll probably keep buying this. I wish Bendis was writing these characters, and FF had a different artist. Considering The Ultimates originally had Bryan Hitch... The Ultimate Universe as a whole deserves better than this.

-I'm a "hardcore" gamer as well as a comic fanatic. I don't get how people can hate one particular medium. It's like someone saying they don't like music, which is actually something somebody said to me once. Anyway, I will would kill for more awesome Superhero games. For my money, the Infamous series is the best "superhero" game series. Batman is great but... he's just not very super. Just bada$$. I love how you can "restrain" bad guys if you're good or kill them (and innocent people who just SO HAPPEN to get caught in your blast radius) if you're evil. It's the best Not-Electro game ever, and I'd enjoy more games like it... they don't all have to be open world -- they just have make you feel like that particular character.

-Hipster G-Man was hilarious. "I was in his head."

-Keep up the good work!

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Yaaaaay! We got a mention. Mat was an excellent guest.

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this is awesome

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Two questions answered in the same podcast! Yeah!

@g_man, you can't blame Arkham Origins' poor quality control on Rocksteady, they only made Asylum and City.

As for you, @inferiorego, Arkham Asylum was a fantastic game and was not a sandbox. So There! (I actually very rarely play sandbox games. I prefer story-driven content.)

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@wardishy: I never said Rocksteady had anything to do with the fun glitch-fest experience I went through in playing through the game to write up my impressions.

Posted by Wardishy

@g_man: My apologies then, I mistook your comment as an implication to that effect.

Excited for Arkham Knight?

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Corey "It's a Whole New Ball Game" Schroeder.

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From what I've heard, Ryan stegman is on inhuman now, since mad is out. I think he's only doing covers for upcoming wolverine issues.

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Superman definitely died from Doomsday, but the four supermen(Cyborg-Superman, Steel, Eradicator, and Superboy) got new origins.

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Nice podcast Tony and Mat, I'm glad I got back into listening to these. On the Bendis issue, I'm definitely on the dislike/hate scale. I can see why Ultimate Spider-Man is good but when he writes characters he knows nothing about, he makes stuff up and writes terribly. At least on the comics that are more to my taste like Avengers, Bendis kills it in a very bad way.

And I'd definitely want to see more superhero games. The Batman games are legendary but more diversity and quality in superhero games wouldn't hurt a bit.

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