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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Surprised you guys didn't post Sin City 2 trailer

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Red Lanterns and Green Lantern: New Guardians have become so good partly because there aloud to be on there own and not tie into any events.

DC does need to give there books room to breathe rather than crossing over every six issues.

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Awesome 3 hours!

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Long done with the Green Lantern books.

And DC will sell nothing but Batman books someday :)

Posted by snarkybits

Yes!!! As much as I miss Jenn on the show, I've been loving this three man team!

Posted by Lee_Everett

Negan's not evil, though.

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Great podcast guys! I have not heard of "neato torpedo" before. But I'm going to use it all the time now. Haha!

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

Great podcast this week, I like that this podcast is sometimes upwards of three hours.

Posted by naylor11

I feel like the rift in the sky will turn into the next big event, Future's End

Posted by G-Man
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Posted by timelord

Longer podcasts are better you can cover most of the books and still answer a lot of questions.

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To a high extent I agree with matt. DC should bring back its war comics line especially Men of War because of Sgt Rock. Also, I would like the Ravagers to resurface. It have a lot of strong, less known Wildstorm charaters with a really good storyline. Plus the fact that they they were a bunch of great looking teens doesn't hurt either.

Gman, are you alright? You gave someone a 2star, are you going to live? Lol

Lastly, is corey (who gave supergirl28 2stars) seriously mocking katz for giving Green Arrow 5 stars? (Rhetorical question. Just trying to keep the big picture in referance. LOL)

I am not trying to cause trouble. I really enjoy listening to you 3 on every weeks podcast. :)

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@g_man: Reason the Syndicate kept the Hooded Man is that he's partly the cause of Earth 3 getting destroyed and Ultraman's intention of throwing him at whatever it is, same way Faust and Necro intends to fire magicians at it.

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longer the better

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

lol, I was playing Mario Kart when I started this :)

Posted by Yung ANcient One

Sweet! My question got answered this week. THANKS!

I woulda liked to hear everyones response to my video selection but whatever.


I think I'm in the minority, but I say they should be shorter. I don't mind them being 3 hours still but it be nice if they were released as a 2 part or 3 part podcast.

I can't listen to people talk for over an hour and not tune out. I have to have input and it is difficult to just listen for 3 hours. I have a need to have a vocal input.

However, I usually just listen to an hour of it a day. I sometimes forget where I left off and thats the only hassle.

But, whatever, Stay AWEsome!


Posted by G-Man
Posted by lifeofvibe

So what happened to nightwing? spoilers exepted

Posted by cobra88king8

I'm pretty sure the Penance to Speedball thing happened in Avengers Academy. I could be wrong though

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[kon-stuhn-teen or for 1, 3, -tahyn; for 2, 3, also French kawn-stan-teen]


1. died a.d. 715, pope 708–715.

2. a city in NE Algeria.

3. a male given name.

Posted by Wardishy

I know it's hard on you guys but I love the three hour podcasts. Heck, I'd listen to a 10 hour podcast by you guys.

Posted by whythelastdan

3 hours is a good length for the podcast. Maybe the time could even be split between general conversation and questions.

Posted by ZbvmX


Are you going to interview Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla in the supermassive podcast? :D

Posted by Daring_Doodads


I liked the newest issue of Forever Evil but yeah not sure how they're going to wrap things up with just one more issue to go.

And will Greg ever be on the podcast? Also, been listening to all of the old podcasts. What ever happened to Sarah?

Posted by k4tzm4n


I liked the newest issue of Forever Evil but yeah not sure how they're going to wrap things up with just one more issue to go.

And will Greg ever be on the podcast? Also, been listening to all of the old podcasts. What ever happened to Sarah?

I would love to, but having two people on Skype causes some very awkward delays.

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@g_man@undeadpool Robbie went back to being Speedball during Avengers Academy and then left the book with Vance after Fear Itself.

Posted by Daring_Doodads

@k4tzm4n: Ah, gotcha. Maybe in a future podcast Tony will give the Coreys a break and have you on.

Posted by iceslick

@daring_doodads: Sara quit Comic Vine last year...I'm assuming she got a new life changing career perhaps.

Posted by Daring_Doodads

@iceslick: Ah, ok. Started listening to all of the old Comic Vine podcasts and was wondering why she wasn't around.

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@daring_doodads: I just started doing that too. I'm on February 2010 and started listening to podcast since the beginning of 2013. So, I got a long way to go, lol. I still haven't figured what happened to Red Lamp or Norm yet. You will probably catch up to where Sara mentions why she left eventually. She announced on the podcast late last year. I really do miss her presence on this site. She did a lot and it hasn't the same without her.

Posted by comiceagle

Signed up just to say I like the 3 hours! I enjoy listening to it on Mondays at work.

Posted by Fenderxx

@g_man: I was dying laughing at work when you guys read my comment !!

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Posted by Carolina574

Love the 3 hour podcasts!