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yay! Podcast! I'm gonna listen to it.

In response to last weeks podcast, I feel that F.E. Blight has been a success. Ofcoause it has its pros and cons, but in all, I feel it was a successful experiment that should be replicated several times again. Here's why:


1. It was a team story that didnt overlook any of the members. Each of the comics focused on that titles lead aswell as the team as a whole. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT

2. You got a HUGE story in a matter of 3 months. Each month you would read 5 parts of this story ( which read very well in large chuncks ).

3. It was inkinda done in as 'Real Time' or at least as 'Real Time' as a comic can get. (Insert obligatory 24 referance)

4. I liked it! I liked the heck out of the story when I got the issues together and read them in order! It qualifies as a classic story For me.


1. You need be sure you have them in order otherwise your going to doubt what you are reading and not enjoy it.

2. You should pick up all the monthly titles connected to it otherwise the story may not make sense or again, you will lose confidence in it.

3. Your buying 4 titles per month to get a huge story which means $$$.

I liked what they did with this. I hope DC does it again with another comprehensive, monster story done in short work. IT WAS NOT BAD! IT WAS JUST FANBOY WHINNERS HATING AS USUAL. Don't listen to them!

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That picture is...what?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

That picture is...what?

the word you are looking for is amazing

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

lol the pics everyweek kill me.

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" Honey, I'll take you out for Valentine’s Day, after I listen to this weeks podcast."

Posted by Timotheus316

I thought it was 2 Cats Comics? Now it's 3 cats? ;)

Posted by SWagner017

@g_man@undeadpool@inferiorego Hey guys! Thanks for answering my question. I think what tricked me up when I was looking into the X-Factor trades was the issue re-numbering that occurred.

Posted by snarkybits

One day short of one year since the "Death of the Family Comic Vine Fight" between Tony and Sara...

Wow. :D

Posted by david_maurer

I'm still listening. :)

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@g_man, @inferiorego, @undeadpool: You guys totally ruined the song at the end for me! XD I always love listening to end of the podcast. First I thought it was Corey, then I hear Tony doing it too, lol. Anyways, I really had fun with a lot issues like Batman, She-Hulk, Forever Evil: RR, etc. I think Rogues' should have their own series as well and is currently the only tie-in I'm enjoying and I hated that Constantine issue. I just want it to go back to what it use to be. :-(

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Haha ha that photo shop

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I'm still listening. I went all the way through that hot jam.

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I listened to the whole thing!

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@lifeboy said:


Thank You!

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Can't wait to listen tomorrow on my way into work..

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@iceslick: the next constantine should be good. When the team takes on what looks like a anime rape mechine that zatanna, orchid and frankenstien are straped to. :)

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Aw man the very end of that song is the best part!!! Let it play that long every time.

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Great podcast guys! And yes, I was still listening. And I was still listening the second time. And scene.

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@lifeboy: I really hope so. I'm just pissed how Nightmare Nurse turned out to not be her at all. I'm kind of confused in a way because I saw her chained up too. All that character development that I like about her went to waste and that's true Forever Evil: Blight did have great character development. It's the only reason why I was enjoying it.

Posted by Mutant God

...And scene

Posted by lifeboy

@iceslick: I think I might be wrong about that iceslick. It maybe the one you read and didn't like. I read pandora7, jLD27 and phantom stranger16. Awww man, if you haven't checked those out, you need to do so, especially phantom stranger. It will destroy you and then build you back up again with confidence that those titles are in good hands of writers and artists! :)

Posted by iceslick

@lifeboy: Wrong about what? I have checked those titles out and I have been liking them too. That's what I meant about the character development. lol

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Still listening.

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Lol I listened all the way.

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Good show guys as always

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Haha that ending aaaandd scene!

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Haha I listened all the way through. :) I love the second part of that song.

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Lmao, this weeks episode had a post credits stinger!

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Dear Agents of S.H.E.I.D; Put some freaking Marvel Universe characters in your stupid freaking show if I am going to watch it. It say's "Marvel's" at the beginning so give us some damn Marvels. Thank you. *********Listened to it ALLLL! I really like the podcasts songs so hearing the whole thing, even with the commentary was pretty cool.

Posted by inferiorego

@lifeboy said:


You were making a good point right until this sentence.

FE Blight is incredibly ambitious, and I give DC a TON of credit for trying it, but there are some huge problems with it.

Ray Fawkes has been having this problem with over-using dialogue, especially in the last issue of CONSTANTINE. The idea is to show and not tell, but I felt like this whole issue was narration and long monologues. It felt like Bond villains talking. I think Fawkes is a fine writer and I loved his set-up for the CONSTANTINE book, when he used dialogue and narration a tad more sparingly.

PANDORA, and to a lesser extent CONSTANTINE, are suffering from tie-in syndrome. Both these books have been around less than a year and both have been involved in two tie-in events. The books haven't had a chance to grow on their own, which is not only important for Pandora, a new character, but very important for Constantine, who is being redefined and reshaped in his solo book, at least he should be. Forcing these books into a larger story disrupts flow these books could have. Example: Remember that one amazing story run in NIGHTWING where he goes to Chicago? Most of the rest of the series was forced into someone else's story arc and it really hurt the book in the long run.

This is subjective, but the idea of Blight is incredibly silly and if they really wanted to make it work, they would have done this in the background of the dark books for months rather than shoehorn it in, in a flash, in order to tie it into a larger event, which doesn't have too much to do with this story.

To be fair, this isn't a Dark books problem or a JM Dematteis or Ray Fawkes problem, this is a DC problem. They don't let books, that aren't Batman, grow on their own. They force them into these long, drawn-out, crossover storylines and lose site of what they used to be amazing at, character development. I'm not reading everything at DC, but to me, there's only two books (again, aside from BATMAN) that have done a great job at building characters and developing the books to their fullest potential: ALL STAR WESTERN and WONDER WOMAN. The rest of the books feel like they get three-four issues of something cool, then some weird cross-over story that destroys everything that was built up. This is where I have to state that I'm a DC fan so I don't get called a Marvel Zombie, right?

Frankly, I wouldn't have even replied if it wasn't for that last sentence. The inverse of that is me saying you have bad taste in comics, which you obviously don't have. Sure, there are genuine people that just hate to hate, and yes, I know your comments aren't directed at me, or at least I'd hope not, but it just makes your whole argument null and void to me the second you attack the opposing side.

Sorry for the essay.

Posted by LiveForever

Favorite part of this podcast was learning that the end music isn't put in in post-production editing. Funny little surprise.

Great podcast fellas!

Posted by lifeboy

@inferiorego: Is that true? Do dc readers go by 'fanboys' and marvel readers go by 'zombies'? That's freakin halarious!

And sorry about the comment indirectly aimed at you. Your points beat my points about FE.

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@lifeboy said:

@inferiorego: Is that true? Do dc readers go by 'fanboys' and marvel readers go by 'zombies'? That's freakin halarious!

And sorry about the comment indirectly aimed at you. Your points beat my points about FE.

Fanboy is universal, but I remember calling hardcore Marvel fans, when I was a kid "Marvel Zombies," which indirectly became an amazing mini-series

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