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I just love the podcast

Posted by TheHood

Just about to start listening. I wanted to say though, I really appreciate the longer length of these last few podcasts. I take long walks for exercise while listening to podcasts, so the longer, the better!

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@TheHood: Lately, we couldn't have them run shorter if we tried.

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Very sorry to hear about your Cat.

What I liked about Steel showing up earlier is that maybe he will become more established. He could be part of Superman's circle of friends, he could be the older authority figure Superman looks up to like Batman and Commissioner Gordon. He can be set up to have been a much bigger part of Superman's life this whole time.

I was JUST thinking about that, continuity in comics, today while reading Action Comics. It also just feels like a fun Superman story. I don't really care about the continuity, this could be the only Superman comic and they could leave out completely that its 10 years ago, I really enjoy it. I thought this while reading a TPB of Excalibur. I didn't care about their origins or continuity or anything, it was just a fun comic.

I don't think its insulting to call art simple, me being an artist. I took it to imply simplicity of line, be stylized, and other artistic words that imply using lines sparingly. I have heard that the artist of the Peanuts, Charles Sholts (spelling? name?) was great at showing the most with the least amount of line work.

I agree with Cory, the Vulture story was a good follow up to Spider-Island because it was a bit mellow. Not in a bad way, but to show how things have started to settle down. And it tied into Spider-Island, showing how the public is getting along. The cops find jumpers and immediately tie it into Spider-Island, teens who either lost spider-powers in mid swing or never had them and tried to get them by climbing up a wall and falling. Vulture seems to also be using this in his plan too. I think the most interesting part was Carlie and Peter in it, their interaction. Showing that its not all happy and nice now, and sort of allowing her to have good points but not seeing his side of things.

Not to take anything away from Liefield but its a collaborative process with not just one team of artist and writer but over many teams. Joe Casey, and so on. Same with Superman, it was the radio show that came up with Kryptonite and flying. Over time different people add to, take away from, and shape and mold a comic character until we get the version we currently have. In a few cases, like Mike Allred's Madman, the same artist and writer stick to the character, but most others have different teams who shape them over time. Liefield is seems like a nice guy, from the one time I met him. I stood in line for maybe 2-4 hours, I have maybe 2-4 people in front of me and he spent 1 hour on each free sketch. He drew me a very detailed Cable.

The thing i don't care for about the New 52 Jumbo book is how, because there are SO many pages, that the two page layouts (like Nightwing jumping on the roof tops) gets squashed. In a single issue you can flatten it out but the more page you add to it the hard it is to lay the pages flat and look at the art. I find this from time to time with other graphic novels too.

I can't wait until the Shazam Captain Marvel back up story comes out.

I liked the DCU Animated origin for Harley. I bet her new origin is that she gets turned into a Joker like the Joker was, with the acid chemical bath, making her skin white and her hair a different color. So she will be like a female joker now.

Happy Birthday Comic Vine! Your site is great, I always use it for reference and I listen to your podcasts and watch your videos all the time. The Birthday song talk reminds me of one show, forget which one, where they open with the entire cast celebrating someone's birthday and they are singing "TO YOU!" and then someone asks "Why we start with "TO YOU"?

Good question about how to act at the Cons. I have heard that you should treat it like a job interview, if your an artist. Oh, I got an awesome story about last year's Comic Con. Not only did I get to meet you guys from Comic Vine, but I also got to meet Mike Allred, Alan Davis, and Ben Edlund. With Alan Davis I was too in awe of him and didn't think of anything to say or ask. (If I had thought of it then I would have asked how he is able to draw with thick black shadows on his characters with such confidence.) But with Mike Allred I walked up to him and he said, "I remember you don't I?" Something to that effect, because I had met him a Comic Con earlier. I told him that the last time I saw him I told him that I wanted my own comic to be as fun as his, but since I didn't have it done at the time I was sure he thought, "Sure, OK, if you say so." But now it was done. So I gave him a copy. He flipped through it and asked me about my inking, and then proceeded to give me his tips on inking. What tools to use, how to get started. It was awesome. He was such a nice guy. Later that Con I met Ben Edlund, creator of the Tick, and I told him how heavily inspired my comic and art was inspired by the Tick. Told him about my comic and showed him the rough pages from Monkey Boy #2 I was working on. Told him that it would be a Dream Come True if I could one day draw the Tick comic. He told me my comic was cool and that I should keep trying and maybe some day I could end up on the Tick. Such a great Con, I also met other celebrities, but that was great. Later I posted the picks on my facebook page and he commented on it and wished me a happy birthday since it was also my birthday at the time. He is such a nice guy.

Another year I was waiting in line for Todd Nuak (spelling?) to sketch something, but there were these two guys behind me complaining about the wait, out loud. Eventually I said something like "He is sketching for free." By the time I got to him he said he wasn't sketching anymore, but he would give me a quick Robin sketch. I couldn't believe that these people would wait in line for a sketch but complain he was taking too long, he is not charging and he was doing quality sketches too. And another Con I got Tim Sale to draw ME in his art style, like a Heroes character or a Long Halloween character. It was great.

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Thanks for all the hard work you guys do for us.

Podcasts make my week! :)

Posted by Rise2Ragnarok

Great podcast everyone. Always one of the highlights of my week!

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Loved the podcast. Will you have an update on Hulk's balls next week?

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Happy 5th Birthday, Comic Vine!!

I never liked Cyborg Superman from Reign of the Supermen. He looks like a Terminator rip-off.

That's insane that you'd lose your faith in Comic Vine just because of a review you disagree with it. There are times I agree with Tony and Sara, and other times I disagree with editorials or reviews. Why would I let a minor negative outweigh my opinion of writers I enjoy and respect?

Wow, switching from Joe MAD, one of my favorite comic artists, to Greg Land? That's a harsh turn. I'm not really a Rob Liefeld fan, but I also don't get the aggressive reaction people have against him.

I think people should voice their opinions, but be sure to praise something when you feel it. You also shouldn't be crude or violent. I don't see why you can praise something non-stop, but your critiques are limited.

Superman in armor is ridiculous. One of the problems is that Superman is so powerful. Yet you want to make it even harder for something to hurt him? Wonder Woman in armor is fine. She's a warrior. Batman also makes sense considering people are frequently shooting at him, I mostly like the way Arkham City dealt with Batman's suit.

Anyone wonder if Hulk's Balls is a member of the Tea Party?

Something I always like about manga volumes is that many of the chapters are serialized in other magazines, but the collected volume edition always has an original cover made by the creator. One Piece has great cover art. I can certainly see the value behind that New 52 hardback, but I'd never pay that for a hardback comic. It would have to be something I absolutely 'love'.

A young Cable returning could actually be kind of cool. It's too bad they aren't doing that.

I think you have a reasonable view on the review policy. Having someone who enjoys a series to review it makes sense. They understand the appeal of the book, and are probably part of the target audience. Someone who already enjoys a series is probably going to be far more open to the content than someone who's open in how much they don't like a series.

Thank you for answering my question, and I apologize for my typo. I knew you all would recommend HUSH for an animated series, and I agree on that choice. Making it episodic could really build the tension and the drama. The cliffhangers would have more impact waiting week to week for the next episode.

I completely forgot that I haven't seen Batman: Year One yet. I was really curious to hear how Eliza Dushku sounded as Catwoman.

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That is tough news to hear about a pet.

Last issue seemed like Clark was remembering the events of the past few days so that it all came down on him at the same time. Issue four seemed fairly straight forward.

Online criticism can get bad I haven't posted comments online lately especially comic boards like the DC Comics ones because of the venomous comments. The work should be criticized intelligently not the person.

Picking your own corner in the Bat books is good have no interest in the others but Batman and Robin and later Batman Leviathan.

Multiple Earths can work as long as the book is a stand alone and does not cross over into other books as long as it is in one book then it can survive.

RIP Jerry Robinson you will be missed.

Posted by thewhitequeenofhellfire

OMG! I have to visit Two Cats Comics now, Cory! Always gotta love the tangents, especially when Sara starts 'em. I HAD to follow Hulk Balls after this. :-P

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ib4 rob liefeld Sucks.

Posted by sinful

Rob Liefeld Sucks

Posted by clumsyninja

Getting mad for reviewer opinion doesn't make sense; after all we all have different opinions. Tony, Sarah and Corey you guys are still awesome. Love the podcast every week. Have you guys consider doing a podcast on comic of the year on different categories?

Posted by MisterMollusk

I love Corey. He is such a happy man.

Posted by Rowen545

Thank you for calling out trolls who can't handle other people's opinions

Posted by Hashbrowns

@TheHood said:

Just about to start listening. I wanted to say though, I really appreciate the longer length of these last few podcasts. I take long walks for exercise while listening to podcasts, so the longer, the better!

Exactly the case with me.

Posted by Grim

@Hashbrowns said:

@TheHood said:

Just about to start listening. I wanted to say though, I really appreciate the longer length of these last few podcasts. I take long walks for exercise while listening to podcasts, so the longer, the better!

Exactly the case with me.

agreed. I know its taxing, but we really apreciate it every time you guys do it. and it sucks that Geo couldnt make it in, but the mans got a life. maybe next time...

--- Corey, you are too awesome. Every one of your tangents is terrific. that is all.

--- my 12 year old dog had the same situation with Lymph Node Cancer. She was in great health and young at heart besides that. it sucks cuz the procedures are hundreds or thousands of dollars, and they only buy you a few more months of your pet suffering a little less... I miss her, and im sorry for you Tony.

--- I dont like the troll's either, but at some point it stops being trolling and becomes popular opinion. I dont talk about Liefeld unless someone brings him up, but i feel the same way. It just seems like he's grown complacent with the art style that puts 13 biceps on one arm and gave us Elephantiasis Captain America. Every artist has their weak points, but they usually try to fix them. Rob... doesnt. Good for him if he's happy with himself, but in the meantime I had to stop picking up Hawk and Dove because i just cant get into the story with so many anatomical flaws...

---and lastly, as far as continuity goes, i feel like DC dropped the ball. It should not have been so difficult for them to lay down a timeline of how and when things are happening (like the Superman titles) and stick with it, But it seems like they ONLY did it for superman. Like they initially planned on being stern about it, and then just decided to leave it sloppy and let everyone figure it out theirselves. Also, this whole thing where teams dont know what other teams are doing is ridiculous. I am still upset FOR Gail Simone that DC didnt think she deserved to know what was going on with what is almost unanimously believed to be HER character. They sould have been consulting her on everything. Im just so disappointed in DC that i dont think im going to be A DC for much longer. Im looking at Skybound now...

thanks for the podcasts! cant wait for James to come back!

Posted by sora_thekey

Just finished listening to this! Sorry I couldn't make it... I have to make it up to everybody somehow. I'm in San Francisco for the rest of the week. I might go to 2Cats Comic store out of curiosity.

@Grim said:

agreed. I know its taxing, but we really apreciate it every time you guys do it. and it sucks that Geo couldnt make it in, but the mans got a life. maybe next time...

Sad but true! Maybe...

Posted by RichyRich

Sweet. As soon as I heard my twitter handle, I about passed out