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Excellent!!! :) You guys rock! 2 hours of podcasty goodness...

...and thanks again for answering my question! :)

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Yeah James Robinson!!!

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Excellent!!! :) You guys rock! 2 hours of podcasty goodness...


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For me, already getting too many comics, I just couldn't add the Shade to my list. I'd love to, but I thought I would also try and read more Starman first since, in my head, I thought eventually this would be a graphic novel. I would be sad to find out that it didn't last to issue 12.

Isn't Baulder's story, even in the actual Norse mythology, that he always dies? Wasn't it that he was kept secret because he was always meant to die? So he keeps dying? Or am I wrong?

I also love how they are making Daredevil show very much that he is a lawyer and knows the law, something I am not sure they always did with him (because I am not that huge a DD reader). But just like how they are showing that Spider-Man is also a genius scientist, it feels like they are now showing that Daredevil is also a great lawyer too. Sort of the same with Clark Kent too, showing that he is a passionate journalist who writes about the homeless and poverty and people in need of help and such.

I'm not sure about public domain, I looked into copyrights and trademarking for my own comic Monkey Boy, and I think I remember something like you can repay for the copyrights. If you own the rights and they run out I think you can buy them again. But I am not sure.

Logos falls under trademarking though. You can own the copyrights to a character featured in stories but trademarks cover the designs like their costumes, the logos, and so on. You can't copyright a drawing of a character and say you own the rights to spider-man, but you can copyright a comic about spider-man, but you can trademark that this is what spider-Man looks like. Again, I didn't memorize all of this so I might be somewhat off.

And Mickey's original name was Mortimer Mouse. I heard Betty Boop used to be a dog person too Sara, with puppy ears and a dog nose and that slit from her mouth to her nose that dogs have. Later she became a human, probably because the pin up models became popular, but her boyfriend remained a dog.

What I didn't like about the Punisher with Jane was that they had him planning too much stuff, how to secretly get at these people instead of just going in and shooting them. Punisher, to me doesn't set up so many traps.

I never freak out about deaths in comics, for one reason its comics so why not just let yourself go and be glad its a world where people come back to life, there are clones, aliens, science experiments turn you into a super being, etc. Its all fun, deaths and resurrections being part of that. Another reason is that I sort of try to go with the flow of the story and believe what the story is trying to tell me. I actually didn't think Johny would come back in FF #600. I thought they would just have stories about him. I try to just go with it. The problem about some of the reboots and relaunches is that some of the things they are changing are the very reason I bought that comic in the first place. I bought JLI comics because I loved the relationships set up between Booster, Guy, Blue Beetle, Martian Manhunter, etc. And the reboot sort of says that none of that happened. I could buy the new ones and find out I liked them, but my budget for comics is small so I have to pick and choose. Judging what comics a person should buy is sort of an impulse thing.

Well, I bet that if Catwoman was a real person, she wouldn't wear outfits where her chest wasn't supported because that wouldn't be good for thieving.

I liked the Tennant Dr. Whos because they had an large story arc through the whole season, but little stories on each episode or a three parter. But you could watch them and not be lost. I tried watching the Matt Smith ones and was totally lost. There are clues here and there about episodes past that I hadn't seen, long and intertwining story elements because he can travel through time so his future self shows up and vanishes and stories aren't told in exact order. Its become a show you can't just occasionally tune in to. You have to watch every episode and you have to watch them in exact order too or your lost. The Tennant ones were more straight forward.

I wrote about this on your site, in a blog. And lots of people agreed it would seem. I would love to see it go to a station like MTV2 or Adult Swim and be something similar to Venture Brothers, only... you know... Invincible.

Invincible the animated series... should happen!


Kirby's Inhumans

I would love to see PIXAR make a CG animated Inhumans movie, and use Kirby's style and design for everything from Characters to backgrounds to effects to color. I big screen, fully Kirby stylized, Pixar made, Inhumans movie. That would be AWESOME!

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Thanks for spoiling Arkham City! D:

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The Shade so far has been a amazing series I will continue to purchase and hopefully more people will it would be a real shame if it ended prematurely. The character is so compelling a character. I also like that the series has a world building element to it with a familiar character exploring it.

Love Matt Smith as The Doctor do not like Eccleston's. If there is a movie I am glad it would be the tv one. In an episode this last season there is a vague reference in the last season that the Doctor now has more Regenrations given to him.

Didn't DC only establish that the JLA was formed five years ago but it was not necessarily the beginning of the DC Universe.

Maybe Marvel should change up some more the continuity they have makes it more non appealing to new readers.

"SPIDER-MAN (1990)

A proposed graphic novel in the wake of the success of Arkham Asylum, with art by Simon Bisley. Morrison expressed a desire to return to the Ditko Spider-Man. "It's not Spider-Man in Arkham Asylum or anything - it's action all the way with things blowing up from page one but it still won't be a great deal like the Spider-Man that everyone is used to"

Mark Millar suggested that Morrison had also completed scripts for a Spider-Man mini-series to be drawn by his Batman: Gothic collaborator Klaus Janson. Neither the mini-series or the graphic novel ever saw print." -Deep Space Transmissions

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YES, YESSSSSS. Finally somebody agrees with me that Tennants death was a bunch of bullsh*t.

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Always love to hear James Robinson on the podcast. Hope you get some rest this weekend and feel better soon, Sara!! Enjoy some gaming time.

I know that trade waiting is a risky gamble, but it works out much better financially. Trades are much easier to keep track. A lot of stories read better as collected volumes, as well.

I had a real problem stopping while I was playing Assassin's Creed Revelations. I started playing at night, but noticed it was 8 AM. I was several hours into that game, and it still hasn't explained that mess up ending from AC: Brotherhood.

.......................How did this podcast suddenly turn to a certain someone's feet and masturbation??

I agree about Anne Hathaway. She doesn't have the level of sensuality that I expect in a Catwoman. Sara also has a point. Nudity doesn't automatically equal sexy. Not that I am the kind of guy to dismiss nudity where I can get it. I'm just also mature enough to know that a woman can be dressed and be incredibly sexy. I like Emma Frost, but I also think Domino is really hot (short-haired version).

Trying to be funny on Twitter is a risky thing. There have been times that I've just tried to be playfully teasing, and accidentally wind up offending. I've tried to pull back on that, because that's never really my intention.

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babs was taking off her shoes becuz she was bored of you guys talking :P

women body language 101

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Fantastic podcast. Totally agree with James on Ann Hathaway's total lack of sexuality -- she always comes off as homely to me. Also, she's a horrific actress.

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Always a pleasure to listen to James Robinson on the podcast. So many comic book writers answer in that "manner of fact" speaking but I like the way James isn't afraid to express how he feels...and why shouldn't he have the same rights because certainly critics don't have any filter to criticizing his work.

To me, Starman did for DCU what Sandman did for what ultimately led to Vertigo.

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I haven't been reading The Shade because I never read Starman... but I like James, so I thought I'd go to my comic shop and see if they still had all the issues... then he ruined Arkham City for me. The jerk.

LOL, but I'll still buy the issues if they're there. :P

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Where in the podcast does James spoil Arkham City?

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Greatest Podcast or The Greatest Podcast?

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James Robinson: My memories are... First, his horrid Kid Miracleman story in the Apocrypha makes it amusing to hear him criticise Identity Crisis (though I agree with him) -- it's like Morrison complaining about Moore's rape/attempted rape scenes, when he did Filth. But then the golden period of Robinson, with STARMAN, LEAVE IT TO CHANCE, and GOLDEN-AGE, was classic. But MAN... I've gotta say, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN's horrid film started with shoe-horning in Dorian Gray (I'll believe Hollywood forced Tom Sawyer in... 'cause us Americans just CAN'T relate to British characters), and by adding his own two-cents to the fouling up of a Moore classic, Robinson SHOULD be ashamed. But we comics fans CAN forgive... but he followed it up with a hiatus (and moore attempts at parlaying his comics career into movies... and when he finally returned, we got what many people consider a horrible Justice League run. If fans are hesitant to support a Robinson return to form, that's a shame, but might be PEOPLE'S (not God's) punishment. PS: Nick Cage collected insurance on Action Comics #1, thus couldn't retrieve the comic.

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Epic Episode!

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what is the url for the comic port website mentioned towards the end of the podcast?

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I have star man waiting in my room and I haven't had time to read it but I have been loving Shade nonetheless.

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What made me laugh is that in Action comics 593 Superman smashes a desk to prove his identity. Even under mind control he still REALLY HATES DESKS