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Nice, bonus podcast.

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Sweet! Thanks guys (and gal!).

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Thanksgiving podcast.

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This is what Im thankful for this thanksgiving... well it would be.. if I didn't live in Ireland where we don't celebrate thanksgiving..

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Thanks comicvine!!!enjoy the weekend

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It is sad how many people predicted that Fantastic Four would return after a year into issue 600 the whole method used sounds a little shallow with no surprises.

James Robinson's Shade is so entertaining. He really seems to have a special voice for the character and he is always compelling to read. The art itself was beautiful Cully Hamner never disappoints. The whole series with this fringe character and amazing artists is something to take note of it. Just call one The Shade and the other guy Shade The Changing Man.

From how Tom Hardy described Bane he sounds very threatening his performance in something like Bronson proves he can be a sinister character on screen. No one said that The Dark Knight Rises was a adaptation of Knightfall I think the series would provide a jumping on point for Bane as a character though. I am not convinced that any references to Robin or Batgirl will be in this last movie.

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Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for the podcast. I'll have to listen later.

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Thanks for putting in the time for this podcast!! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I had pumpkin pie for breakfast today, and as I listen to this I'm eating from a turkey leg. The advantage of being the cook is I get choice pick of the leftovers.

I love Bachalo's art. That's an incentive to buy for me.

The use of this new flamboyantly gay character feels exploitative. I always liked how it was done with Sarah Rainmaker in Gen 13. She was a lesbian, but you didn't know that right from the start. It was only later that is just sort of came up in some conversation. I remember that this caused a huge uproar with readers demanding to "change her back", but they shot back by telling the readers that she was always gay. There was just no reason to bring that up the moment she was introduced.

I actually know of quite a few comic color artists. I follow a few on devArt, and I own books written by others. I always direct people who want computer coloring tips to the book written by Guru-eFX. While I don't use a lot of those techniques all the time. You learn a lot of great fundamental. It's a bit pricey, but it comes with a CD with black and white comic book pages for you to practice on. These are pages from Antacrtic Press comics.

I was really looking forward to this new Batman movie. Though, then I heard Anne Hathaway was cast as Selina. That was disappointing, because I don't see how she embodies the cool Selina Kyle that I like. It was that image of her in the spiked heels and cat ears was way over the line. That looked like 60s camp. The Adam West era Catwoman. No cat burglar would wear spiked heels. More and more, I'm staring to wonder if Nolan just doesn't like women. He does not cast them well.

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AWESOME!!! thanks a lot guys, hope you all had a great thanksgiving, I will enjoy this podcast at work later! :D

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Didn't even listen to it yet but thanks for a Thanksgivin-cast!!!!

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Awesome podcast! I don't think Batman's back will be broken at all in the movie.

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He likes purple. I can see that.

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Flash is huge in the DCU he changed the universe with Flashpoint, saved the multiverse and brought back the original DCU bigger then WW and GL you have to put him as 3 or 4 on the list on importance on the DCU.

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i thought the shade is a 12 issue series

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HEH. I had no clue about any of the FF stuff until I went to the comic store that day. I didn't see it on the news or the internet, even when I looked on Diamond Comics and Marvel.com to see what came out that day. No clue. Ha, but I saw it coming. I remember hearing, "No body, no death in comic."

I wasn't sure it would happen in #600 though. Captain America had a #500 and Steve was still "dead." It was stories about stuff in Steve's life like his former apartment friends, Cap memorabilia auction and so on. But he didn't return till after that. So I saw them doing the same thing for this, looking back at Johnny stories.

I had two FF issues on hold prior to this, and not enough money to get all three, so I got this issue instead. I said something like, "I probably need to read these other issues 1st." Then I though, or I can just read this one and read the others later.

Not sure if they were called NOWHERE, but wasn't there a group like this in a Static Shock story? They were hunting down super powered people. Are they the same group?

One question I have about the New 52, with Marvel's Ultimate comics they sort of made the universe smaller. Things were tied together more. Spider-Man got his powers from an experiment that was connected to the super soldier serum that made Captain America, so was the Hulk, the Green Goblin, etc. But with the New 52 I am sort of waiting for some big thing to tie everything together. Some big over arcing story or element. Is it just me? Do you actually think they are trying to tie everything together and make the DCU smaller or are they just revamping stuff and its still pretty big, and not tied together. We still have various unconnected books.

I think the Superman story might read better as a trade, because I think the repetition of the fighting is on purpose. He is trying to deal with stuff and suddenly an alien creature attacks. I think maybe its meant to be somewhat following the same style. I don't know, maybe I am wrong. As for the cover, I have heard that its easy for artists to forget certain details about a characters costume while drawing it. Jack Kirby used to put a star on Cap's head and an A on his chest, and after the change of shield he would sometimes draw the old one. I thought that was odd until I did it once myself while drawing a comic character. I forgot a certain part of his costume, luckily I could go back in and fix it.

Oh, what if the Batman movie happens like this. He gets his back broken and goes to see Talia and become Batman again? I hope its like what Norm was saying. I like that idea better. And its more complex and more sounding like a movie Nolan would do. I also saw a different picture, spoiler picture I think, of Bane holding a picture of Dent. So maybe what happens is Bane reveals that Dent was Two-Face and killed those cops, and sends Gotham into madness sort of. Or maybe, Bane reveals that Dent was Two-Face and that he is still alive. I am willing to give Nolan a chance, his characters don't always look like the comic version, like the Joker, but end up being really great because he gets the very concept of the character and their personality. He picks actors who know how to do that too, even though they don't always look the part. I mean sure Bane's mask in the movie looks silly, but just a silly as his mask in the comics. If Bane in the movie was wearing that comic mask it wouldn't change much I think. I think what we are going to get is that Bane is a big muscular bruiser, but is also an incredibly smart master planner.

As for him being a Batman from the comics: In the Batman films Bruce even says "I can't know my limits, Batman has no limits." But in the comics Batman knows all his limits. He knows how long he can hold his breath to the very second.

So, with this movie happening 8 yrs later, do you think the next franchise of Batman films will be movies that happened between Dark Knight and this last Nolan Batman film? Showing him fighting criminals that we never saw like Riddler, Poison Ivy, and others that Nolan didn't want to do?

I read Invincible, I used to love Spawn, and I have read Savage Dragon in the past. So I have read Image, and I would go to that convention if it was near me and not too expensive.

I used to HATE tomatoes. I can't smell, and texture in food is very important to me for some reason. So I don't like food with texture like Tomatoes or onions. I used to eat spaghetti with the noodles and the meat and catchup separate. I don't do that now though. But food texture is still important to me. I like tomato sauce blended, blending it helps.

In the comics Xavier lost his hair because of his powers emerging, but in the movies it could be just natural hair loss or they could have him loose his hair battling the next big enemy they face. Perhaps in some climactic scene where Xavier is battling Magneto with all his mental powers and Magneto is fighting back with all his might, all this energy glowing and flashing around the two. The actors cringing to show how painful it all is, and then we see a close up of Xavier as his hair falls out clump by clump, strand by strand. He is able to push Magneto away for the time being. In the end he is now bald.

I would love to see Xavier dealing with the loss of his legs. I have wondered, with his mental powers (he has telekinesis right?) Couldn't he mentally make himself walk by lifting his body and movie his legs with his mind? Maybe they could go into stuff like that in the movie.

I have watched sci fi shows before, I liked Alphas and Warehouse 13. Those Sci Fi original shows are good. They had, till recently, Eureka and Battlestar Galactica too. Sci Fi used to have Dr. Who as well. They used to have that Invisible Man show, I liked that one a lot. I think this could be a good show, its not like its a Sci Fi original movie. I am excited to see this, I think it will be even better than his part on Smallville.

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@ArtisticNeedham: I managed to not know about anything FF related to this issue too, but i also wasnt really following anything in their book too

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Yeah! I finally caught up with all of the podcasts.

Fantastic Four #600: I think it's better to have something like this come out of nowhere rather than be teased and people assume they know what is going to happen. Three and Death of Spider-Man were amazing but we knew how the story was going to end. Here, if what happens in this book has not been spoiled to you, the story (kind of) jumps at you by surprise.

Wolverine and the X-Men #2: This is a great series! Broo is probably the best character to be showcased in this series, aside from Kitty Pryde of course.

I would like to see the Kid Hellfire Club face off Young Avengers or Runaways like Norm mentions.

Teen Titans #3: You say Miguel and I think of Spider-Man 2099. I was very interested in this series but I haven't heard too many good things about the book so I don't know if I should start.

Astonishing X-Men #44: I haven't read this but that cover makes me want to read this so much! Storm has a mohawk and is kissing Cyclops! I want to read this and it's sad that Tony doesn't think too much of it.

TDKR 8 Years Later: Could it be that the trilogy will end with Bane breaking Batman's back? I really can't come up with a assumption as to why it is all happening eight year later but if you think about it this opens a lot of opportunities in the Batman universe.

Say there is a scene in Arkham. Whether the villains are locked up or released by Bane, a lot of Batman's rouges could make a cameo appearance. This could also mean that Selina and Bruce might have a shared history by the time she shows up in this movie. Same goes for other characters like the Gordon or Graysons. By this point in the movie Barbara and Dick would probably be a young teenagers which would allow certain allusion to Batgirl and Robin. (Not saying they should appear and become these characters but rather make cameo appearances that comic book readers will understand).

As for Lady Shiva, wasn't there an actress who will be playing a big role in this movie but the character she is playing has been left unnamed? Everybody assumed she's Talia but maybe she's Shiva.

Booster Gold: I don't know enough about Booster to get excited for this. All I know about this characters is what I saw in the Smallville series.

Wonder Woman TV Show: I think that if they were to take the current New 52 WW story and toned it down a bit for TV. That would be very popular. Spartacus, 300 and Troy are all popular movies and shows, why not take the Myth aspect of the book and take it to television?

Alias: I love that this is going to be part of the cinematic Marvel Universe. I wonder if the same will go for the other Marvel series like Mockingbird and Cloak and Dagger. Hulk might not be since there's already a Hulk in the Marvel movie universe but Mockingbird would probably be the next best thing since Hawkeye is in the movies and Mockingbird has ties to him and Captain America. I'm not saying that Jeremy Renner will make an appearance in the show but it would be so cool if he did!

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Thanks so much for giving us a podcast in Thanksgiving Week, Tony, Sara and Norm. I hope you've all been having fun.

I hadn't even noticed thad I'd read comics with two characters named Shade this week. Have you met anyone who's confused?

Empire's not the only UK movie magazine, there's Screen International that has been going for generations, and Total Film, and probably others.

Valkyrie wasn't in the new Secret Avengers, Moon Knight was with a sex worker.

The Superman cover - yup, it looks odd - is by George Perez and Brian Buccellato, Wil Moss is the associate editor.

@ArtisticNeedham, something tying the new DCU together is the last thing I want to see, I like the origins kept separate. Before the Ultimate Universe there was a spot of that with Heroes Reborn, too.

@FoxxFireArt. who wrote: The use of this new flamboyantly gay character feels exploitative. I always liked how it was done with Sarah Rainmaker in Gen 13. She was a lesbian, but you didn't know that right from the start. It's as if we read different comics - if it hadn't been announced that Bunker was gay I bet loads of readers would simply read him as a very sunny character with no colour sense ... there wasn't a single reference to his being gay in this issue. As was said on the podcast, he's being a bit of a Gar Logan (another character who started out purple). Anyway, I won't go on here, I've already wittered on at length over at my blog.

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with all the bad talking of detective by Tony Daniel issue 2 sold over 100,000 copies. Now you can not like his writing but not all of us do

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@Babs: lol the thing about both Page and Hathaway is that they CAN do great stuff. Page especially. The problem is that she only gets cast as THAT character just because she does it so well. I love Kirkmans image comics, but Savage Dragon and the lot of old schoolers lost me some years ago.

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I finally read flash #3 and was not surprised that G-man's counter part died but sad about it. Babs those actresses are great, for now I say we blame casting unless you can tell me two movies they both performed horribly in that could not have been castings fault. The only image comic i read is Walking Dead. I hope for this week you guys cover the issues you didnt talk about because this weeks stuff was not plentiful. I did have to go back and check with all the people in the 600 issue of FF too. It wasnt so confusing that i was lost but i wondered about the going ons of the characters as i havent been reading closly.